Australia: Gillard's Caring & Compassionate Shipwreck Funerals

Controversy over shipwreck funerals

“This is a Government whose failed border protection policies have increased the cost of asylum seeker management by more than seven-fold in just the last three years,” he added.

“They need to understand the value of taxpayers’ dollars in this area.”

Mr Morrison says despite running the risk of being seen as heartless, he thinks the expense is unreasonable.

“Are you suggesting that when Australians have to travel around the country to go to the funerals of their loved ones that somehow they should also be getting this treatment?” he said.  (ABC News)

Opposition attacks public funding of flights for families attending boatpeople funerals

Muslims angry over funeral arrangements for drowned welfare seekers….

“It’s not possible, it’s not realistic (to expect them to pay),” Refugee Council of Australia spokeswoman Sophie Peer said.  The Australian

LIBERAL Scott Morrison says taxpayers should not pay funeral travel expenses for relatives of asylum seekers drowned off Christmas Island.

Twenty-one relatives of the asylum seekers who died in the incident last December received payments to attend funerals in Sydney. Mr Morrison was backed by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who said it was a fair point to question the spending, which was “curious”.

Other Coalition figures, including Nationals Senator Fiona Nash, said asylum seekers should not be paid to attend family funerals.  (Courier Mail)

5 thoughts on “Australia: Gillard's Caring & Compassionate Shipwreck Funerals”

  1. I find it staggering they might send the bodies of the island at government expense let alone fly other illegals across the country for a funeral.

    If the invaders families paid the bill, fine, if its the tax payer? Hells bells!

  2. This is really pissing me off.

    I got screwed out of more than $100K when some bloke went bankrupt instead of paying me back, I got evidence that he did have money, but ITSA don’t want to listen to me. Now I’m the one to be threatened with action if I pursue any kind of action. I’ve always paid my taxes and did things legal all the way, and this is the reward I get? As far as I’m concerned, ITSA gave away my money and I’ve suggested to them as much. They didn’t like that revelation, I don’t think…

    Meanwhile, these kinds of people (illegals)get everything given to them, no questions asked.

  3. I dont think anyone is listening to us unless it is the spies for asio who read these sites avidly. Perhaps we will win them over, but I doubt it, they are all brainwashed too. O, yeah, one must have a brain in the first place in order to have it washed. I am just saying…………

  4. Australia Blamed for Christmas Island Shipwreck (Chris Smith)

    (Audio Interview) Every Australian should listen to this pathetic display of Muslim entitlement.

    Chris Smith speaks to Muhammad, who’s cousins were among those victims of the asylum boat crash laid to rest today.

    Muhammed, a cousin of some the victims, touches on this very point in his interview with Chris Smith – and suggests that the Gillard Government’s weakness is seen as an invitation:

    We’re not asking for a red carpet, we’re asking for safety….Mr John Howard has stopped the boats at his time. I don’t know why they allowed back again. If they don’t want them you either stop the boats or if you want them and let them come you have to accept them.

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