Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff faces jail for criticizing Islam, Sharia Law

A Scandalous Judgment

Thannks to Gates of Vienna

In Austria, free speech activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been charged with inciting religious hatred and faces three years in prison after criticizing Islam and Shariah law — comments similar to those recentlyexpounded by major European leaders in the UK, France and German on the failures of multiculturalism.

Russia Today has the story:

Next Up: The Netherlands

First Angela Merkel. Then David Cameron, and then Nicolas Sarkozy shortly afterwards. All three national leaders suddenly discovered and proclaimed the failure of Multiculturalism…..

And now the Netherlands. It’s not the prime minister this time, but Maxime Verhagen (Christian Democrats, CDA) is the current Minister of Economic Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister in the Rutte cabinet, so he’s no small potatoes.

Mr. Verhagen, like so many other powerful politicians in Europe, has suddenly discovered that Multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

Who knew?

11 thoughts on “Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff faces jail for criticizing Islam, Sharia Law”

  1. Geert Wilders. Holland’s Never-Ending Scandal

    “The higher court’s decision that the lower court’s judges had appeared biased has damaged the reputation of the Dutch judiciary. There are no jury trials in Holland; and if judges were incapable of remaining fair-minded when, for the first time in history, the eyes of the world were upon them, what must they be like when no one is looking?”

  2. First they came for the Dutch
    Then they came for the Austrians
    Looks like it will be our turn soon, if Julia the atheist enabler has her way.
    She might look good in a burka.

  3. If Elisabeth does indeed go to jail, I hope she will make good use of her time by ‘educating’ other inmates, if you know what I mean. After all, what will she have to lose?

  4. Is the Austrian law augmented or given precedence behind supernational law from EU or ECH? In that case it is high time to change the crazy process of letting anonymous bureaucrats decide the law. This is part of the nearly dead left trying to pester our life.

    Stand up and actively counter this, and also help bring down the muslim identity sdpreading across Europe.

  5. From a posting over @ GoV:

    “Mr. Verhagen, like so many other powerful politicians in Europe, has suddenly discovered that Multiculturalism just doesn’t work.

    Who knew?”

    He did (at the very least in 2005, probably before).

    Verhagen was the one – in his capacity as Min. of Foreign Affairs, to initiate opposition against the anti-Israel hatefests organized by the UN on the behest of the OIC (Durban conferences).

    He has also been the one to outflank the protestant “Balkenende”-wing in his party and pressed on against massive opposition from former Min.-Pres. Lubbers and even the Queen Majesty herself, to get his party (CDA, christian democrats) into the current government that is supported by Geert Wilders.

    A few of his (2005) quotes:

    “A party that strives to implement sharia law must be prohibited.”

    “I want to be able to nullify mandatory veiling”

    “There are enough signs that radical Muslims are trying to conquer inner city neighbourhoods and city districts through democratic means. I want to be able to stop that.”

    Merkel, Cameron and Sarkozy would never ever have supported Geert Wilders in a “Danish model” government. Verhagen did, practically on his own.

  6. Identities deserve no protection at all.
    The rights of the individual are sacrosanct and should be protected more fiercely than any social, religious, political or psychotic construction of identity.

  7. No citizen or coutry is obligated to help anyone integrate. The Muslims are not in any country to integrate, but to take over. How odd that it takes decades for “leaders” to recognize that multiculturism does not work. It took most citzens a day or two to know it.

    I think a new “Sound of Music” should be filmed where the idiot Austrian kangaroos sing Adelveiss as a joke while showing the barbarity the leaders stick up for. Elizabeth is a hero as is Wilders and the EDL. And Geller and Spencer. Austria will get what it deserves now.

  8. ubaidurrehman, if you want to believe the lies of islam and that paedophile mohammed, do so at your own peril. Don’t bother us with your garbage!

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