Erdogan takes a big dump on Germany

Turkish PM Slams German ‘Xenophobia’, Urges Integration (GoV links)

Once again the insolent, megalomanic caliph of Turkey manages to annoy everyone

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Warns of Growing Racism in Germany

Why has no one told him that Islam is not a race?

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recipient of the ‘Gaddafi Peace Price’, on Sunday slammed “xenophobia” in Germany as he urged Turkish workers there to integrate into German society, but without abandoning their own culture. “We are following xenophobia in some European countries, primarily Germany, with great concern… We urge politicians and especially the media… not to fan it,” he told a crowd of Turkish immigrants in the west German city of Duesseldorf, in a speech aired on Turkish television.

Row Over Treatment of Immigrants Reopens Turkey’s Rift With Europe (too bad Germans will not allow Muslim scum to rule over them)

Addressing the government’s campaign to encourage more Turks to speak German, he added: “Any policy which seeks to revoke the language and culture of migrants violates international law.”

Translation: Turkish is the language of your masters, get with the program, kaffirs. Sharia rules!

“Islamophobia is a crime against humanity as much as anti-Semitism is,” the Islamist-rooted Erdogan said.

Germany is home to 2.5 million Turks, mostly workers living in often closed communities, frequently under fire for a poor integration record despite having settled in the country decades ago. A German central banker sparked a controversy last year when he said that poorly educated and unproductive Muslim immigrants made Germany “more stupid”.

Erdogan Says Germany Must Support Turkish EU Membership

Germany must not. In fact, Germany must resist any further demands for Islamiziation…….

Demands and more demands:

“I want everybody to learn German and get the best education… I want Turks to be present at all levels in Germany — in the administration, in politics, in civil society,” Erdogan told the crowd. “Yes to itegration… But no to assimilation… No one can tear us from our culture,” he said. (And no reciprocity either: Islam is a one way street)

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Turkish femicides up 1400%

Erdogan forgot to mention it during his visit……

Low Expectations of Sarkozy’s Visit to Turkey Fulfilled

French President Nicholas Sarkozy, on his first visit to Turkey and the first visit of any French head of state in 19 years, reiterated Friday his country’s insistence on finding an alternative to full Turkish membership in the European Union.

EU issues statement of “stuttering timidity” in denouncing Muslim persecution of Christians

In so doing, the EU joins the mainstream media and the White House of trying to portray both sides more equally as perpetrators and victims when they bother to denounce the Muslim persecution of non-Muslims in the name of establishing and maintaining the dominance of Islamic law. (JW)

Erdogan’s remarks were similar to controversial comments he made in nearby Cologne in 2008 that assimilation, which he defined as a person being “forced” to abandon their culture, was a “crime against humanity”. Erdogan said Turkey would issue special documents — “blue cards” — for Turks who abandon their Turkish citizenship in favour of German nationality, a procedure required under German law. “We will recognise the blue card as an identity document and make it easier for you to make transactions at government offices and banks” in Turkey, he said.

On Monday, Erdogan was to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hannover, where the two will jointly inaugurate a technology fair. Germany, together with France, opposes Turkey’s bid to join the European Union and advocates a special partnership for the sizeable mainly Muslim nation, an idea Ankara flatly rejects…

5 thoughts on “Erdogan takes a big dump on Germany”

  1. Erdogan Quote: “I want everybody to learn German and get the best education… I want Turks to be present at all levels in Germany — in the administration, in politics, in civil society,” Erdogan told the crowd. “Yes to itegration…

    So he has changed his tune as the pressure builds.

    I say NO. Turks should not speak German and integate, for in the long run, that spells disaster for Germany.

    In the interests of Turks as well, Turks must stay proficient in their own language, as they may be needing it in the future.

    So from any side one chooses to look at this scenario, non- integration is the best policy.

  2. Just compare what he says with what he does: Erdogan has turned the clock back in Turkey, he purged the ‘secular’ military and the judiciary, he brought the veil back in the name of freedom and liberation for ‘religious’ women, and then look at his record and his backers.

    I don’t see any difference between him and Gaddafi or between him and Ahmadinejad.

    There are still a few hindrances like the Turkish constrictution and the secular Ataturk is still considered the greatest Turk ever, but apart from that nothing much stands in the way of the Islamic state.

    A contemptible, disgusting creature, this Erdogan. He needs to be shown the cold shoulder, everywhere in Europe. There is no need to kowtow to this cretin.

  3. Erdogan is a prick! He is edging his country toward the abyss from which there is no turning back. The rest of the muslim world is getting rid of pricks like him. Lets hope his day will come soon and get Turkey back to some democracy again.

    1. Turkey: Thousands chanting “Allahu akbar” throng to pro-Sharia leader’s funeral

      Erbakan was Erdogan’s mentor. The military stopped Erbakan from implementing Sharia and destroying Turkish secularism, but that was fifteen years ago, and a great deal has changed. Now the military may not be able to stop Erdogan. “Thousands gather for Turkey Islamist leader’s funeral,” from AFP, March 1 (thanks to JW):

      Germany’s “Bild” correctly calls Erdogan ‘hate-preacher’

      BILD: “Erdogan wie ein Hassprediger”-

      Resistance Is Futile: We Will Not Assimilate

      ISTANBUL — Thousands of mourners chanting “Allahu Akbar” flocked to a mosque in Istanbul Tuesday for the funeral of the mentor of political Islam in secular Turkey and its first Islamist prime minister.
      Necmettin Erbakan, who was prime minister for about a year starting in 1996 and a mentor to the country’s current crop of Islamist-rooted leaders, died Sunday aged 84.

      The controversial leader had a tumultuous four-decade career, marred by feuds with the army and marked by anti-Western rhetoric.

      Erbakan was to buried in an Istanbul cemetery later Tuesday after a ceremony attended by President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, both former protoges….

      Erbakan became Turkey’s first Islamist prime minister in 1996 in a coalition with a centre-right partner after his Welfare Party won 21 percent of the vote and became the largest parliamentary group.

      But Welfare moves to raise the profile of Islam in social life and seek closer ties with Islamic states such as Iran and Libya quickly irked the staunchly secularist and then-omnipotent military.

      A harsh army-led secularist campaign forced Erbakan to step down in 1997, after about a year in power.

      The following year, the constitutional court outlawed Welfare and banned Erbakan from politics for five years, which eventually led to a split in his movement as moderates, led by Erdogan, broke ranks with their mentor.

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