The Children's Jihad

The following video shows footage from Sudan of a jihad terror training camp for boys, some of them very young. What is particularly chilling about it is that these scenes of brainwashing and weapons training are being used as propaganda directed at Muslims in Europe and North America to induce them to donate their zakatpayments for the maintenance of the camp.

Many thanks to Kitman for YouTubing this video:

I have no doubt that we are importing some of these kiddies into Australia as ‘refugees’….

Vlad Tepes presents (yet another clip from MEMRI)

Egyptian Children’s TV Show: We Must Liberate Jerusalem from the Hands of “the Disgusting Jews”

Child Preacher Delivers a Speech on Children’s Love of Martyrdom on Egyptian TV
“They shall fight for the sake of Allah, and slay and be slain.”

Here’s another one of these sweet little kiddies crying “kill the Jews”

5 thoughts on “The Children's Jihad”

  1. One note of caution:

    Ignore the usual claptrap at the end of the video, that the only way to win the war against terrorism is by NOT antagonising moderate Muslims, and that pressuring Muslim communities, we will increase terrorism. Terrorism is a by-product of the Muslim community. The larger the Muslim population in the country, the more terrorism we will get.

    But in the final analysis, terrorism is merely an indication of the size of the Muslim community. What will kill us as a society is not terrorism but the demographic growth of Muslims.

  2. Well said, DP111. End all islamic immigration and begin “sweep and clear” operations.

  3. Playing dead: The sickening video that shows children recreating suicide bomber attacks as a playground game

    A shocking video has emerged from Pakistan depicting children role-playing a Taliban suicide bombing.
    The 84-second clip shows Pashtun children recreating a terrorist attack, with one boy dressed in black – the ‘bomber’ – being embraced and wished well by his friends before setting off on his deadly mission.
    In the single-take video, the ‘bomber’ then approaches another boy, dressed in white, who appears to be mimicking a member of the security forces and tries to stop him.

    Daily Mail

  4. Given what is going on throughout the world on a daily basis should we be surprised. It began in the 6th century and has had two major thrusts at world power since then. On Sept 112001 they launched the third wave. Let’s hope the Muslim world will get awake up call from some of their more moderate members before they will be finally thrown on the heap of history forever.

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