France: Anti-Burqa Imam Attacked

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We featured Hassen Chalghoumi, the “imam of the Jews”  when his mosque was stormed the first time:

Fanatical Frenzy Watch: looks like this crowd never heard of ‘no compulsion in religion’…..

(ANSAmed) – PARIS, JANUARY 26 – Tension is high in France where Hassen Chalghoumi, the imam at the Drancy mosque, who in recent days sided in favour of a law that bans the use of the full veil has been hit by serious threats. A group of some 80 people stormed the Drancy mosque yesterday evening, making threats against Chalgoumi, a great supporter of interreligious dialogue (above all between Jews and Muslims), who recently declared that he was against the use of the full veil in France.

A group of 80 people, with their faces covered, stormed the mosque where some 200 worshippers were present, a council member of the Conference of Imams, chaired by Chalgoumi himself, told the France Presse agency, asking to remain anonymous. They forced their way in and grabbed the microphones after a scuffle. At this point, they directed threats and curses against Imam, treating him as an unbeliever and an apostate and stating: we will trash his case, this Imam of the Jews… Launched in 2009, the Conference of Imams is a collective that promotes an interreligious dialogue and the promotion of open Islam. In recent days, Hassen Chalghoumi has said that he is in favour of a law that bans the use of the full veil in France, describing it as a prison for women, an instrument used for sexist domination and Muslim recruitment. The parliamentary mission, which has been studying the measures to be adopted against the full veil, has today recommended that France should solemnly declare itself in favour of the ban and has asked for the adoption of a series of measures to ban it from administration offices and public transport. (ANSAmed) .

3 thoughts on “France: Anti-Burqa Imam Attacked”

  1. So I take it that when a Muslim really MEANS “interreligious dialogue” when he SAYS “interreligious dialogue” he is threatened with death?

  2. To the French civil authorities: PROTECT THE DRANCY MOSQUE and its imam OR LOSE YOUR AUTHORITY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

  3. This is one of the areas within the Islamic System that makes it so hiddeous. Even if some of their followers disire to integrate into the nations they find themselves in, the more pius among them enforce adherence to the stricter Sharia. God is blessing the so called “interfaith” ministries because of such programs as “meals on wheels” and other charity projects of the past.

    But, like everything else Islam touches, if Sharia becomes the predominate voice among the “interfaith”, this blessing will turn into cursing real fast. Jesus said we are to love our enemies, true; but not to compromise on what we know to be true. Those who would enforce Sharia and Islamify nonMuslim nations are our enemies, too bad that the pc West cannot see that…

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