Leftist Hack @ WaPo notes the fear of the Coptic Christians in Egypt….

… but Michelle Boorstein wants you to go back to sleep:the problem is extremism, not Islam”.

WaPo notices that Coptic Christians in Egypt are fearing the advent of a Muslim Brotherhood regime

Hard-Left journalistic propagandist Michelle Boorstein of the Washington Post manages a reasonably good summary piece here on the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt and their fears of Muslim Brotherhood rule, but she serves her masters well at the end by glossing over Islamic supremacism and ascribing the problem to “extremism, not Islam.”

“Egypt’s uprising stirs fears of persecution of minority Coptic Christians,” by Michelle Boorstein in the Washington Post, February 3 via JW:

More  rubbish from the New York Slimes:

And Deutsche Presse Agentur has a valium for you too:

With attacks on Christians already increasing in the Middle East, the populist uprising in Egypt has triggered fears among some that the region’s largest non-Muslim population – Egypt’s 7 million Coptic Christians – could be at risk.Copt leaders in the United States said they are terrified that a new Egyptian government with a strong Islamic fundamentalist bent would persecute Christians. They are quietly lobbying the Obama administration to do more to protect Christians in Muslim countries and are holding prayer vigils and fasts, such as one that ended Wednesday evening at Copt churches across the country, including four in the Washington area.

“The current situation for the Copts stinks, but [longtime Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak is the best of the worst for us,” said the Rev. Paul Girguis of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Fairfax County, which has about 3,000 members. “If Muslim extremists take over, the focus will be extreme persecution against Copts. Some people even predict genocide.” […]

After last month’s bombing of the Coptic church in Alexandria, Pope Benedict XVI publicly urged the Egyptian government and other leaders in the region to protect religious minorities. Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said the pope’s comments were “an unacceptable interference” in the country’s internal affairs, and Egypt withdrew its ambassador to the Vatican in response….

A 2009 survey by the nonprofit Pew Forum that measured governmental and societal restrictions on religion found that a number of the world’s least tolerant countries are Muslim-majority. The list included Iran, Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan as well as India, which is majority Hindu. Concerns include bans on public preaching and conversion and the lack of prosecution for religion-based violence.

Some advocates for religious freedom note that moderate Muslims and non-majority Muslims also suffer attacks and that the problem is extremism, not Islam.

Of course! Look at all the extremist Christians massacring non-Christians around the world!

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  1. What is the point of saying “it’s not an Islamic uprising” when you are not believed?
    It is an Islamic uprising.
    It will produce an Islamic revolution.
    Which will give rise to an Islamic state.
    That will call itself “democratic”.
    But it will be as democratic as the German Democratic Republic was.
    Their democracy is the tyranny of the majority.
    Their republicanism is oriental despotism.
    Their communication is lies.
    Their plan is conquest and terror.

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