Free speech about Islam under assault all over Europe

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Thilo Sarrazin targeted by UAF Protest Mob

Sadly, according to the Jerusalem Post, the screaming Trotskyites managed to force the LSE into cancelling Sarrazin’s address, with the University limply claiming that it did not have sufficient security to ensure the safety of the speakers. If this was the case, where were the police? Why were they not on hand to defend Sarrazin?

Thilo Sarrazin targeted by UAF Protest Mob

Straight out of chairman Mao’s little red textbook:

The stigmatization of certain social groups by Mr Sarrazin threatens social harmony and social cohesion…Both warn of an allegedly looming Islamization of Europe and thereby join a group of Islamophobic publicists and politicians across the continent.

Eurabia Alert: Pamela Geller has a useful roundup of battles for the freedom of speech, all revolving around Islam in one way or another, that are currently raging all over Europe: “Free Speech Battles Rage in Europe,” from Atlas Shrugs, February 15. One of the most outrageous challenges to this freedom comes from the unlikeliest of sources: Motoonist Kurt Westergaard has successfully sued Anders Gravers of our sister organization, Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE), for unauthorized use of his Muhammad cartoon in a demonstration:

Denmark: Quisling Kurt Westergaard sues and gets “political judgement 100,000 Danish crowns” imposed on SIOE and Anders GraversPolitical Judgement SIOE

On 15th February 2008 SIOE held a demonstration in Aalborg to defend free speech in Denmark and the rest of Europe here and here.

This demonstration was also intended to show solidarity with the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who was under police protection at the time due to death threats from Muslims across the world following the publication of his Mohammed turban-bomb cartoon.

This internationally famous cartoon may be seen all over the internet and has been seen in various places for various reasons, including demonstrations. It really became public property, morally speaking and is still an icon for free speech.

However, Kurt Westergaard took exception to SIOE using his cartoon, even when the demonstration concerned was in support of him and free speech in general. Therefore, SIOE was taken to court to prevent the use of the cartoon. The court case was a farce as the prosecution did not understand the difference between SIOE and SIAD, and this was made perfectly clear by SIOE representatives.

The court ruled that Kurt Westergaard’s Mohammed cartoon may not be used by SIOE and SID for any political purposes including demonstrations….

There is much more, including updates on the legal ordeals of freedom fighters Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, and Lars Hedegaard. Read it all.

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  1. Geert Wilders show trial coming to an end?

    [AMSTERDAM (AP) — An Amsterdam court said Monday it will reconsider dismissing the hate speech trial of one of the country’s most popular leaders, an anti–immigrant politician who compared Islam to fascism and called for a ban on the Quran.]

    * Interesting statement from the judge (Van Oosten):

    [Van Oosten said Bouyeri doesn’t qualify as an expert.

    “It’s generally known that among the adherents of Islam, as in other religions, one can find some people who aren’t shy to endorse or apply the use of violence,” the judge said. “That doesn’t need any further evidence.”]

    And why then is Geert on trial for opposing the “endorsed or applied use of violence” in islam, if the court accepts the truth of it? Surely the authorities should be prosecuting the endorsers or appliers, rather than the opponents.

  2. Oliver Marc Hartwich is a research fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies. Thilo Sarrazin will be speaking at the centre’s Big Ideas Forum on August 1.
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