Islamic Iran: hate is good, music forbidden….

Iran: “Islamic Propagation Coordination Council” calls for “hatred, wrath and disgust” rally against regime opposition

The real hatemongers are in Tehran. “Iran govt calls for ‘hatred’ rally against opposition,” from AFP, February 16 (thanks to JW):

IRANIAN PARLIAMENT Chants Death Threats Against Opposition Leaders Following Monday’s Protests (Video)

“Mousavi must be Executed! ” – Iranian Lawmakers Condemn the Protests

Hundreds of Iranian Parliamentarians chanted death threats against the opposition leaders today following yesterday’s mass protests.  Iran Press News posted the video but did not mention anything about the death threats.  Via Breitbart TV thanks to GWP:

Iran Bans Music in All Schools

Hadith Qudsi 19:5: “The Prophet said that Allah commanded him to destroy all the musical instruments, idols, crosses and all the trappings of ignorance.”

“The use of musical instruments is against the principles of our value system,” said Ali Bagherzadeh, head of the Private Schools Office in the Education Ministry. Iran has allocated $1.5 billion to promote and enforce moral conduct. Also on the list of banned activities is loud laughter, nail polish, dancing and indecent clothing. These bans are an attempt by the government “to solve the cultural and social ills,” Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said.

Iran’s religious leader, Ayatollah Khomenei, says music is “not compatible” with the values of the Islamic republic and should not be practiced or taught in the country. (Source)

Tareq Fatah on the Michael Coren show, lying his ass off:

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  1. Sir,

    With due concern, I send you the following items, so that you have a deeper understanding of what Mohammed truly was. This will help explain the core basis of Islam and the terrible influence on the minds of Muslims from childhood, and their psychological makeup.

    I would like to start with the scribe Ishaq, who was the only one who wrote what Mohammed stated in his own lifetime. Ishaq, after compiling this info since Mohammed was illiterate, unwisely let someone know that he suspected Mohammed was influenced by a Jhin ( Demon), somehow Mohammed became aware of this and had Ishaq executed. There is very little found of his writings as a later scribe deleted much that was detrimental to Islam.

    Ishaq: 208

    “When Allah gave permission to his Apostle to fight, the second Aqaba contained conditions involving war which were not in the first act of Submission. Now we bound ourselves to War against all mankind for Allah and his Apostle. He promised us a reward in Paradise for faithful service, We pledged ourselves to war in complete obedience to Mohammed, no matter how Evil the circumstances.

    Another Imam Bukhari compiled the info a few hundred years later.

    The Imam’s of Islamic University in a Council stated: “It has been unanimously agreed that Imam Bukhari’s work is the most authentic of all the other sources in Hadith Literature put together, second only to the Qur’an.

    Bukhari : V4B52N44

    States peaceful Muslims are hypocrites, destined for Hell. “The Worst of Creatures.” “ The most Vile Animals”.

    Bukhari: V9B88N174

    “I heard the Prophet saying, ‘Islam cannot change!”

    It cannot be reformed, Islam remains mired in deceit, hate & violence.

    Tabari V111: 122/Ishaq :515

    The Prophet gave orders concerning Kinanah to Zubayr saying, “Torture him until you root out and extract what he has. So Zubayr kindled a fire on Kinanah’s chest, twirling it with a firestick until Kinanah was near death.”

    Muslim’s are indoctrinated that Mohammed is the most noble of all men.

    One great source of inner knowledge of Islam was created through over 10,000 hours of extensive studies of documents. It is Titled “Prophet of Doom”, free on internet. It is lengthy, but I advise that our government officials, should be given this site for reference.

    Finally, Europe is realizing the dire peril to our Nations and Democracy, that this perverted Ideology is developing in their activities.

    Please assist in Guarding our Country.

  2. As an Iranian peace seeker, i have to agree with the notion that islam, in it’s entirely, is a religion promoting hate, stalement, anger and with direct problem with life and all the good things in it. since religion and islam, particularely, thrive on hate, intimidation, death, war, fear and many other negativity, base on it’s history from 14000+ years ago, i firmly challenge who ever believing in islam to be a saviour to mention one, just one muslim country, after all these years, that is on a prosperous path, with a healthy society, seeking progress and promoting love, peace and happiness. as the matter of fact, one can claim surely, islam problem is LIFE and happiness.

  3. peep,
    Amir ubnderstands what islam is – you dont! Islam is a very nasty monster and we dont need soft headed fools like you lying to our faces telling us how “beautiful” the perverted prophet was. islam is a perversion and a blight upon humanity – you are a moron – these are facts – get used to them.

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