From Mali to Tajikistan, from Egypt to Afghanistan: the U.S. finances mosques and internet services for radical Islam

Cyprus. I forgot to mention Cyprus.
Did I mention madrassas?  Never mind, they probably throw them in for free, covered up as ‘educational services’ – at least that’s what Australia’s government calls it:

Just discovered on KGS’s Tundra Tabloids:

Great. While the US taxpayer is fighting for his and her financial life and the jihad rages around the world, the US under the Obama administration is freely spending money it doesn’t have on building mosques or refurbishing them, while building up the Islamic world’s internet infrastructure. What in the hell are these jerks thinking? This will all be used against the West, with imams and jihadis laughing at the US taxpayer while they preach jihad and actively work to carry it out. Calling it a moronic policy is an understatement. KGS

Back to Cyprus:

Erdogan let the cat out of the bag, when he remarked: “I have strategic interests.” Since the Nihat Erim report from 1956, which argued for partition, Turkey’s policy towards Cyprus has been consistent, aiming to maintain a stranglehold on the island.

As Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu explained in his seminal work, “Strategic Depth” in 2001: “Even if there was not one single Muslim Turk over there, Turkey would have to maintain a Cyprus question. No country could possibly be indifferent to an island like this, placed in the heart of its vital space.” If push comes to shove and Turkey has to choose between maintaining its presence in Cyprus and the EU process, Deputy Prime Minister Cicek last year made it clear where Turkey stands: “For those who ask Turkey to make a decision between northern Cyprus and the EU, let me say that we will always, always, always choose Cyprus.”

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  1. “Time”
    Who’s Who on the CIA Payroll

    Allegations that Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s brother worked for the CIA are a reminder of a long list of distinguished and not-so-distinguished assets
    There was little surprise among Afghanistan experts and longtime CIA watchers at the New York Times report that claimed Ahmed Wali Karzai, brother of the Afghan President and alleged drug kingpin, has been paid by the CIA for eight years. Whether or not Karzai fits the bill — and the allegations against him remain unproven — it would come as a surprise if the CIA did not have any number of shady Afghan politicians on its payroll.


  2. You can’t buy an Afghan, you can only rent one…..

    Anonymous American official:

    “If we decide as a country that we’ll never deal with anyone in Afghanistan who might down the road … put his hand in the till, we can all come home right now.”

    Sounds like a plan to me. I don’t mean to be flip (well, maybe I do), but how much more evidence of the fundamental contradictions bedeviling our war effort do we need? We say corruption is endemic and is making the Karzai government unpopular, yet our own CIA is busily buying off Afghan politicians. We say our real goal is to defeat or destroy al Qaeda, yet we are spending billions on anti-corruption efforts and “nation-building.” We pour millions of dollars into a very poor country, which then flows into the pockets of Afghan politicians and back out into private bank accounts in Dubai and elsewhere. We add more troops in order to quell violence, but that makes us look like foreign occupiers and leads to additional civilians casualties, no matter how careful we try to be. And we never seem to have a serious discussion of the actual stakes in Afghanistan, the costs of an open-ended effort, the definition of “success,” or the likelihood that we will achieve it.

  3. The West should not be in any Islamic country .

    We should be home and defend our own borders – and we should send all Muslims back home to their hell-countries –

    and we should close ” our doors ” for all Muslims !!

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