From Tunis to Kabul: Riots, Murder, Kidnapping & Jew Hatred

Arabs shoot their people, but the UN throws hissy fits about Jewish housing (Andrew Bolt)

Tunisia: Islamist party condemns slaying of priest

Why do they even bother with their fake apologies? The good man is dead……

TUNIS, Tunisia — The Tunisian government and a long-banned Islamist party both denounced Saturday the grisly slaying of a Catholic priest, while several hundred people gathered outside theFrench embassy in the capital to demand the recall of France‘s new ambassador.

Tunisian Jews Threatened with Slaughter…

The Jews, the Jews… the Mohammedan obsession with the Jews is a bottomless pit…..

Tunisia’s new govt grants general amnesty to imprisoned Islamic supremacists

“The opposition and human rights groups have long complained Tunisia’s anti-terror laws were far too broad, targeting anyone with a strict interpretation of Islam.” But no more: they will all be freed and able to work to help create the New Tunisia.

Afghan imam: “The Jews and Christians are our enemies. No doubt about it.”

The resistance to the American presence in Afghanistan centers on Islam. “Afghan imams wage political battle against U.S.,” by Joshua Partlow and Habib Zahori for theWashington Post, February 17 (thanks to JW):

KABUL – For the U.S. government, and for the 100,000 American troops fighting in Afghanistan, the messages delivered last Friday could hardly have been worse.

(Mr Claptrap, head of US intelligence, still cannot figure out why they hate us…)

‘Moderate’ Qaradawi Urges Egyptians to War with Israel…

February 19, 2011 – In a Friday sermon delivered by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, perhaps the leading current intellectual force behind the Muslim Brotherhood, the imam delivered a blistering diatribe to an estimated crowd of 1M gathered at Tahrir Square, Cairo, urging war with Israel and conquest of Jerusalem.

“Qaradawi is very much in the mainstream of Egyptian society, he’s in the religious mainstream, he’s not offering something that’s particularly distinctive or radical in the context of Egypt,” says Mr. Hamid. “He’s an Islamist and he’s part of the Brotherhood school of thought, but his appeal goes beyond the Islamist spectrum, and in that sense he’s not just an Islamist figure, he’s an Egyptian figure with a national profile.”

Qaradawi, is unfortunately an extremely popular Muslim apologist, for more about his politics see, The Investigative Project: “Moderate” Qaradawi Defends Hitler And Nuclear Terror.

Pirates hijack yacht, kidnap 4 Americans; U.S. mulls responses

Not blowing these creeps out of the water has serious consequences….

The pirates earn multimillion dollar ransoms from the hijackings. They were holding 29 ships and roughly 660 hostages before the latest seizures. (Fox News)
Arab world protests at a glance

WaPo cooks the news:

Muslims Kidnap 18 Year-Old Christian Woman, Threaten Her family in Egypt (Pamela)

The Coptic Christians in Egypt have been bending over backwards in subservience to Muslims (going so far as “protecting” Muslims while prayingduring the protests)  since the increasingly  Islamic revolution began in some futile attempt to exact some measure of mercy in the new order of post-revolution Egypt.

As if ………..

The persecution, slaughter and oppression of Coptic Christians in Egypt by Muslims is well documented — scarier still, it could get worse under a Qaradawi, Muslim Brotherhood influenced regime. Who will protect the Christians from the Muslims?

Muslims Abduct Coptic Christian Woman in Egypt AINA