German Court Applies Sharia Law: Muslim Shelf Stockers Can Refuse to Handle Alcohol

A German court has ruled that Muslim supermarket workers don’t have to stock the alcohol shelves. The irony is,   if you don’t hire a shelf stocker because he is Muslim, he can sue you for discrimination. Heads they win, tails you lose……


A Muslim supermarket employee in Germany was sacked when he refused on religious grounds to stock shelves with bottles of alcohol. Now the country’s highest labor court has ruled that the man’s objection was justified.

Fereshda Ludin, a teacher in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg, sued for the right to wear the headscarf in the classroom. (source)

It’s not the first time a Muslim worker in Germany has gone to court over the right to practice his or her religion in the workplace. A number of high-profile cases in recent years have involved Muslim women who wanted the right to wear a headscarf while doing their jobs.

But the particulars of this case are unusual — and controversial: Germany’s highest labor court has ruled that a Muslim supermarket employee can refuse to handle alcohol on religious grounds.

The case in question involved a Muslim man who was employed in a supermarket in the northern German city of Kiel. He refused to stock shelves with alcoholic drinks, saying that his religion forbade him from any contact with alcohol, and was dismissed as a result in March 2008.

Sharia rules:

Resistance is growing:

Tenessee: A proposed new state law would make following the Islamic legal code known as Shariah law a felony, punishable by 15 years in jail. (Tennessee) A dozen other states are also considering anti-Shariah law bills. Most would ban courts from citing Shariah law.

In a ruling Thursday, Germany’s Federal Labor Court confirmed that employees may refuse to perform a specific task on religious grounds. If there is an alternative task they can do which is acceptable to their religion and practical for the company, then the employer is obliged to let them do it. The firm can only dismiss the worker if there is no realistic alternative.

The man’s case is now being sent back to a lower court, which will decide if the supermarket could have given the man an alternative task to do. If so, the man’s dismissal will be declared invalid.

The case has already raised eyebrows in Germany. Media commentators have pointed out that the Koran only forbids drinking alcohol, not touching bottles. A front-page editorial in the Friday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany’s leading conservative newspaper, criticized the fact that the man had apparently only discovered his religious leanings in 2008; he had previously worked in the supermarket’s alcoholic drinks section without complaint.


Europe is learning a hard lesson from Muslim immigrant experience;

‘honour killings’ & genital mutilation of Muslim girls, assassinations & death threaths against  critics,  critics under 24 hour protecton & cannot move freely in their own country,  segregated parallel societies with own laws, importing underaged brides from country of  origin, in-breeding & the rise  of extreme right wing groups in Europe.

April 2008, Cargo Apartheid: UK Muslim Airport Porters Refuse to Handle Israeli Luggage (and they get to keep their jobs). Imagine if a British JEW refuses to handle Muslim luggage,  he/she will most likely get the sack !

The deeply English, deeply Christian city of Oxford, UK,  one of the homes of free thought, is now being asked to accept the Islamic call to prayer wafting from mosque loudspeakers over its spires and domes


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  1. Yet more dhimmitude

    EUSSR Foreign Ministers Turn Backs on Murdered Christians – Not PC!?!
    Posted on February 25, 2011 by Ross
    Coptic Christians Murdered in Egypt
    Given the determination of the EUSSR to denigrate European values and erect PC drivel-norms in their place, it came as no surprise to read in European Dignity Watch’s site that ‘at their recent meeting in Brussels on January 31st, the EU Foreign Ministers rejected a draft resolution condemning the atrocities against Christian minorities in Egypt and Iraq. Although preceded by an unequivocal resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on January 20th and an equally explicit recommendation by the Council of Europe (CoE) on January 27th condemning emphatically the increase of attacks on Christian minorities in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, the Council of Ministers could not agree on the mention of the word ‘Christian’ in their draft statement about the same issue.

    1. Its this bitch who’s behind it:

      Baroness Ashton is under fire after the EU failed to agree on a statement condemning attacks on religious minorities in the Islamic world because it is not politically correct to use the word “Christian”.

      Nigel Farage reprimanded for criticising Baroness Ashton

      Really worth watching!

  2. Doesn’t alcohol come in bottles? Therefore this person would not have to handle alcohol, he’d only have to handle glass. Glass isn’t haram is it?

    I can see the counter to this point would be that the glass does not separate the muslim sufficiently from the nasty booze and therefore cannot be handled.

    OK, then what is a suitable alcohol insulator? Distance? Presumably not – these people apparently have no issue being in the same store, and walking in the same aisle as the booze. If it’s not proximity, then how about density – do the bottles need to be wrapped in iron (but not pig iron) or perhaps lead?

    Makes me wonder if the taxi drivers who refuse to carry a passenger with booze, also detour around all liquor stores…

  3. I am just waiting for the first moonbat Judiciary sanctioned stoning and hand chopping all in the name of equality, tolerance and ethnic rights of course. You just know its going to happen I mean their Polygamy , wife beating, misogyny and honour killing is already ignored and indeed supported.

  4. Thanks Maria – another sickening muslim attack – “mental illness” will get him off, his “human rights” will ensure no deportation (etc).

  5. Leading law professor contradicts Merkel’s statement that Sharia isn’t practiced in Germany

    Merkel said there would only be one law in Germany, but Hilmar Krüger says that that isn’t even the case now, and that that’s good. He thus joins Rowan Williams in not understanding how having one law for all, rather than different sets of laws for different classes, fosters harmony and peace in society — by removing a fundamental basis upon which one group may come to resent another. “Sharia law being used in Germany in Muslims’ domestic disputes,” from The Local, October 9 (thanks to JW):

    A leading law professor has contradicted Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that Sharia law was not practiced in Germany, saying a variety of Sharia-based rulings were being made all the time.
    “We have been practising Islamic law for years, and that is a good thing,” Hilmar Krüger, professor for foreign private law at Cologne University, told Der Spiegel magazine.

    “We have been chopping off hands for years, and that is a good thing.” “We have been stoning adulterers for years, and that is a good thing.” “We have been collecting jizya from the dhimmis for years, and that is a good thing.” No no no, Hilmar Krüger would doubtless respond: that is not the kind of Islamic law that has been practiced in Germany for years, and not the kind he thinks is a good thing. The difficulty with that is that there is no distinction within Sharia itself between elements of it that are palatable to Westerners and compatible with Western law and elements that aren’t. It is also a system of laws that asserts its authority over everyone, not just Muslims. As such, now that elements of it have been introduced, if Krüger is correct, it is essentially inevitable that there will be increasing calls to allow for the practice of the rest.

    Family and inheritance rulings were often made according to Sharia law, he said, listing a range of examples.
    Women who are in polygamous marriages legal in their countries of origin can make claims of their husbands in Germany regardless of the fact that their marriages would not be lawful here. They can claim maintenance from their husbands and a share of an eventual inheritance, said Krüger.

    German judges often refer to Sharia, as the Federal Social Court in Kassel did a few years ago when it supported the claim of a second wife for a share of her dead husband’s pension payments, which his first wife wanted to keep all to herself. The judge ruled they should share the pension.

    In another case, the Administrative Appeals Court in Koblenz granted the second wife of an Iraqi living in Germany, the right to stay in the country. She had already been married to him and living in Germany for five years, after which the court said it would not be fair to send her to Iraq alone.

    A judge in Cologne ruled that an Iranian man should repay his wife’s dowry of 600 gold coins to her after their divorce – referring to the Sharia which is followed in Iran.

    Erlangen lawyer and Islam scholar Mathias Rohe told the magazine that the use of laws from various countries was an expression of globalisation. “We use Islamic law just as we use French law,” he said….

    Rohe might one day find to his unpleasant surprise that Islamic law and French law are not exactly equivalent in the demands they make on those who would consider themselves outside the purview of those laws.

  6. what this man did is not wrong and is not in any way ill.
    he says Qur’an says that drinking alcohol is forbidden then do you think it makes sense to sell it!
    you can’t under any circumstance criticize someone unless you’ve done enough research about that topic.
    you know he’s not coming up with something imaginative , alcohol is harmful this is a fact .

  7. Well, Mr. I.A.G., I got another fact for you :-


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