Gillard wants Cory Bernardi to resign for telling the truth….

It has come to this. Feeding the crocodile in the hope it will eat her last. Future generations will curse this barren creature for selling out to a criminal organization in the guise of religion.

Here’s the link to last night’s ABC Q & A with a warning: painful to watch!

Some attacks on a faith are fine

Andrew Bolt

There is a baying for the blood of Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi for saying this:

“Islam itself is the problem – it’s not Muslims,” he told radio station MTR.

“Muslims are individuals that practise their faith in their own way, but Islam is a totalitarian, political and religious ideology.

“It tells people everything about how they need to conduct themselves, who they’re allowed to marry and how they’re allowed to treat other people.”

Julia Gillard demands the resignation of Bernardi:

Ms Gillard used Question Time on Monday to call for the heads of Coalition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison and outspoken South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi….

Ms Gillard says the politics of the past week have raised the “spectre of One Nation”.

“It is the job of national leadership… to explain to people there is ultimately nothing to be afraid of,…There is another path, and that is seeking to channel that fear and that resentment into political gain… that spectre of that ugly politics. That grubby path is before us again and the principal task of this Parliament this week is to banish that spectre again.”

But here’s the odd thing. I have not seen a single word of criticism from Gillard, Labor, the Greens, the ABC or the Fairfax media for this even nastier attacks from Independent MP Nick Xenephon – attacks in which just one detail has been altered:

Xenophon adjournment speech, 17 Nov 2009

What we are seeing is a worldwide pattern of abuse and criminality. On the body of evidence this is not happening by accident; it is happening by design. Islam is not a religious organisation. It is a criminal organisation that hides behind its so-called religious beliefs. What you believe does not mean you are not accountable for how you behave.

Xenophon questions whether Islam deserves support:

I ask my fellow senators: do these things sound like religious activities to you? Does this sound like an organisation that should be receiving support from the Australian taxpayer in the form of tax exemptions because they claim to be a religion?  In the past Islam has claimed that those who question their organisation are attacking the group’s religious freedom. It is twisted logic, to say the least. Religious freedom did not mean the Catholic or Anglican Churches were not held accountable for crimes and abuses committed by their priests, nuns and officials—albeit belatedly. Ultimately, this is not about religious freedom. In Australia there are no limits on what you can believe. But there are limits on how you can behave. It is called the law, and no-one is above it.

Xenophon speech extracts, Senate Chamber, 18 March 2010

I do not want to stand in the way, and nor should this place stand in the way, of questioning a person’s belief systems, but when we have mounting evidence of cases of abuse, of cases where this organisation says it is above the law because of its own court system—a parallel court system, it seems, to the laws of this nation—then I think that is worth looking at. I think it is worth looking at because no-one should be above the law; no organisation should be above the law. … It has a separate court system…

The detail altered here is the word “Scientology”, which I’ve exchanged for “Islam”.  Scientology indeed has questions to answer about the breakup of families and the apparent use of psychological manipulation of its members, although I have not done the research to establish guilt or innocence. But at least none of its members have been convicted of terrorism, called for terror attacks on Australians or its allies or formed bikie or drug gangs. Nor do they fill our jails out of proporation to the size of their community.

So the difference is…?

10 thoughts on “Gillard wants Cory Bernardi to resign for telling the truth….”

  1. Stage 1: Close your eyes and (hope that) it will go away.
    Stage 2: Put a blanket over your head and hope that it will be taken care of (by a bigger ‘daddy’ in the sky?)
    Stage 3: Duck and cover – sit under the table.

    If, during the 1950s Cuba crisis, children could be taught that “a table can protect you from at atomic or hydrogen bomb” (and with a straight face too!), why should anyone be surprised that politicians are willing to sell out a few million people for a few years of power and lots of cash?
    The 1940s Nazis just reckoned on being able to go to Brazil, where I wonder will these people go?

  2. Maybe time to demand the resignation or dismaissal of Julia the enabler, together with the extremist muslim MP Ed Husic, for what appears to be a threat of economic blackmail against Australian free speech:

    [Labor has accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of harbouring extremists, as debate heated up over MPs’ comments on Muslims and immigration policy.]

    [“The extremists continue to cloud commonsense and decency within the coalition,” Mr Husic said.]

    [He said there was a potential impact on $30 billion of Australian exports to countries with large Muslim populations.

    “Do we believe that people in these countries would not react?” he asked.]

    * Bring it on!

  3. Go to hell, Gillard, you bloody fabian communist.
    How the hell does approximately 50% of the Australian people vote for this woman and the damned Labor party?
    A communist, carrying out the global communist agenda on the sly, flooding Australia with mohammedans as part of that agenda – and the media covers for them!
    Damned sickening!
    Barren creature is right – a barren, Godless , communist creature.

    Senator Cory Bernardi is absolutely correct in his assessment of islam as the problem.
    And Spineless Speedo Abbott should support Bernardi.
    Bernardi for PM!

  4. Madame Gillard and “The Party” aka the Marxist ACTU, Union financed Australian Labor Party are enemies of the truth.

    The light of truth is akin to a Cross to a Vampire to Madame Gillard and her Comrades and her financiers the ACTU, Multicultural Industry,Professional Students,MSM,Minorities.

    TRUTH is the LIGHT what Marxist Cabal would tolerate the TRUTH , the LIGHT been shone on their FILTHY Communist UN sponsored ideology?

    Madame Gillard a Welsh Communist Immigrant elected to the highest office in Australia by Greens, Independents , Unionists and WIMMIN.

  5. Xenophon (xylophone) this soft cock gets a dream run at least once a week on the Chris Smith show midday to 3 pm Monday to Friday on Radio 2gb 873 Sydney.
    He is about as independent as the federal house of Reps. Speaker is.

    He should be rooted out and exposed, he knows when to come out with what Australians want to hear and then sucks Labor dick come voting time.
    He should be called xylophone the way the left is able to play their tune and have it come out of his mouth is an insult to Australians and the useful idiots who vote independent.

  6. Well Julia, you have me nakkered, Have you not even the slightest comprehension of what an ever increasing and huge percentage of Australians question in government policy every day?

    You denounce those who even discus it in an open society? What a biggot!

    How can a supposedly educated person deny the historical facts about islam, the bleeding obvious of the current day, and thus inherent current day risks it brings, and then have audacity to denounce people who question its place in the very society that adopted her from her from some shitty Welsh backwater town place of origin where she could not breath the air?

    Julia, you are a stupid, stupid, stupid, ungrateful, ignorant, destructive bigoted wanker, pi*s off back into the mist and smog from where you came. Emigrate back home, go and see what islams done to your country!

  7. According to the Australian Constitution NO one from the legal profession can represent the people as a POLITICIAN and also written in the CONSTITUTION, ONLY A CHRISTIAN CAN BE THE PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA. How the hell did Gillard, a lawyer and an atheist enter politics and was sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia?
    This is the reason why our nation is going backwards. She should be expelled and imprisoned for her strange views regarding muslims who are a curse and a blight on our landscape.

  8. I agree she is such a disappointment. I keep on having to make excuses for her to overseas friends who are watching Australias problem with waterborne bacteria headed for Christmas Island.

    She is having a dream run for being such a clutz. Just give her a cyclone and she’l be there embrasing a tradie, knocking down a goldie, or changing a baby’s bum. Putting OUR FLAG ON IN PARLIAMENT WAS LAUGHABLE. It was also embarrassing. And it just keeps getting better for her. Now New Zealand has an erathquake, and boy what a tragedy for them. We love our Kiwi brothers and sisters, but she got onto that act real slick. Talk about an ambulance chaser.

    She is as baren as her promises, but I bet she is praying for another catastrophe to throw herself headfirst into the fray and start cuddling people. This is all she has done since taking office. AND BOY,. I BSHE IS THANKING HER LUCKY STARS FOR SO MANY TRAGEDIES. You cant get scriptwriters to do such a great job as Mother Nature.

    She aint my idea of Mother Australia either.

    And, there is there is Tony, POOR TONY, CANT TAKE A TRICK.

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