Islamic myths, poverty, moonbats & crime

Egypt’s Economic Apartheid

More than 90% of Egyptians hold their property without legal title. No wonder they can’t build wealth and have lost hope.  (source)

What did Churchill say?

Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

The Arab World’s Uncertain Future

If Islam is the solution, then how is it that after 1400 years, the Arab world is mired in poverty, illiteracy and oppression? ((AINA)

Fjordman: Medieval Myths

by Fjordman

For some reason, allegedly “anti-imperialist” Marxists in the Western world just love brutal, aggressive and oppressive imperialism — as long as it comes in an Islamic shape. There is no hint of an understanding of why the Spanish and Portuguese fought so many centuries for their liberation, nor of the plight of the Balkan Christians or those who suffered under Muslim rule elsewhere in the world, for example following the extremely bloody Islamic conquest of India. Islamic advances must be celebrated; the West demonized and ridiculed. European medieval peoples are invariable portrayed as barbarians with no culture of their own.

Wrongly….... Continue reading . . . .

Even in Dubai: Islamic Revolution Good, Democracy Baaaaad…..

DUBAI ( – A group of Muslim preachers issued a statement supporting the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt while slamming democracy and “un-Islamic” political parties.  More from eye…

The UN Security Council Debacle: Forget Arab Democracy, Let’s Pretend It’s about Israel

The UN keeps proving what a fraudulent and useless organization it is.

UN Wankfest with Ban Ki Moonbat: “World Day of Social Justice”

“No one should live below a certain income level…..”  (CNS News)

Lets spread the wealth around. How can we sleep when the beds are burning……. Bolt  speaks to Hillel Neuer of UN Watch Listen here.

Just another day for Islam in the UK

(UK) People and NGOs keep on banging their little tin drums over how they feel that ‘Muslims’ who comprise around 3% of the population are underrepresented in all walks of life. Be it serving as a police officer, a Judge or even as an MP, questions are often raised about the lack of Islamic faces in the British way of life. Except for one category which, for some strange reason, the liberal world remains very silent on… Crime. Here are a number of stories taken from today’s bBC News website. (Remember 3% of the population): eye on the world has more>>

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  1. Like an old gramophone record, Iran predicts Israel’s destruction yet again …

    ‘Islamic awakening heralds Israel’s fall’

    [Senior Iranian lawmaker Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi-Fard says the Islamic awakening in the Muslim world heralds an imminent collapse of the Israeli regime.

    “The ongoing uprising in the Muslim world promises speedy collapse of the faltering Zionist regime (Israel) and the establishment that depends on it,” said the first vice-speaker of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) on Tuesday, quoted by the IRIB.]

  2. To Eye On The World: There’s another area of society which sees an over-representation of muslims: Anything connected to *airports*. I wonder why …

  3. To Eye On The World: There’s another area of society which sees an over-representation of muslims: Anything connected with *airports*. I wonder why …

  4. I just wanted to thank the sheik for those links on this mega-thread. I just read the Fjordman piece, which led me to another piece about hyping islam’s role in the history of science. And I just got done reading the Aina piece on the arab world’s 1400 year morbidity. Great information.

  5. What happens to a Tulsa police captain who refuses to order his officers to be “guests” at an appreciation day at the moske:

    (gets transferred pending investigation for failing to obey order)

    [TULSA, Oklahoma — A Tulsa Police Captain has been disciplined because he refused to order officers to attend the Islamic Society’s law enforcement appreciation day next month.

    He is being investigated by TPD’s Internal Affairs for violating the department’s obedience policy.]

    * Could it turn out to be some sort of “misunderstanding” on the part of his superiors?

  6. This Tulsa thing has got to be stopped.
    So the dictates of the Islamic Society are more important than secular law?
    Do the Oklahomans feel themselves to be subdued yet?

  7. Islam demands submission.
    Just as Nazism demanded submission. It was not enough just to stand, you had to march, yell, brutalize and shoot along with the zealots.
    Islam is profane.

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