Glenn Beck vs the Caliphate

Glenn BeckJanuary 31, 2011 (Part 1/2)

January 31, 2011 (Part 2/2)

Unfortunately for most Americans there are a lot of Tingle types who are all too eager to deny and obfuscate any attempt to bring the truth out in the open:

Tingles Attacks ‘Fear Mongering,’ ‘Looney Tunes,’ ‘Completely Crazy’ Glenn Beck

“Beck is trying to terrify people and ultimately blame – guess who – President Obama and the liberals.”

Last time we checked we were told there’s no place for homo’s in the caliphate…..Read More

15 thoughts on “Glenn Beck vs the Caliphate”

  1. I still don’t think Beck is that strong a man. If push came to shove, and if forced to submit, he would knuckle under.
    He would favor the side with the most power.
    He is also a Mormon, and there is deep sympathy between his church and the objectives and practices of Islam.
    Let him answer for that before wearing the mantle of ‘savior of Western civilization’.

  2. Beck lost me where he said in that … paraphrasing, “They hate us because we support tyrants like Mubarak”.
    That is bullcr#p.

    Couldn’t watch any more.
    These self-indulgent maudlin humanists will be the death of the West.
    Bush suffered from the same bleeding-heart humanist view of the islamic world – and now we have sharia law in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
    An effin’ disaster.
    God save us from bleeding-heart humanists.

  3. I just don’t see how a person who makes 32 million a year and lives in a 4 million-dollar house in Connecticut can pretend to be a fundamental authority on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Aristotle’s Politics, the Athenian Constitution and the Funeral Oration of Pericles.
    God is not on Beck’s chalkboard any more than he is in the hatred of the Koran.

  4. Shame how we all get a different perspective on Glen Beck. Personally, I think he is telling the truth and trying to make us infidels, hate the description of decent living people, wake up and smell the coffee. We only have to look at a once sophisticated Iran and Afghanistan to see how islamic fundamentalism can turn a country upside down and inside out in a heartbeat and usually on the threat of convert or die at the end of a gun. For those who don’t know, Africa is also going down the islamic pan, and it is very possible Egypt will be the next as I don’t believe the Egyptian people have woken to the devil within their country who will sneak out and before the Egyptians know it they will be living under strict islamic law, which is not the case at the moment. This is not a conspiracy theory but an opinion based on past facts of how islamists operate and an acknowledgment that their declared aim is a world caliphate. fact. Let’s not be so quick to damn Mr. Beck.

  5. Allen West, yourself, Baron, Dymphna, Zenster, Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer, and Trencherbone are far more coherent and well-researched in critique of Islam that the supposedly inspired Beck.
    I don’t trust Beck. I don’t think he’s the real deal. He has paid no price for his words– and I think he would choose not to.
    I would trust you in a bloody second.
    Beck has always wanted to bring the apocalyptic tone to everything he says.
    I don’t need the apocalypse.
    I need meaningful and persistent resistance to ISLAM!

  6. Fuck the apocalypse!
    That is what Muslims want any way!
    To be a Westerner is to love life.
    And you know it.

  7. Right now Beck is reaching one hell of a lot of people and making them seriously think about the dangers of islam. That’s good enough for me.

  8. I am a great admirer of Glen Beck. He can put across simply and succinctly, what many of us are trying to say. He reaches a huge proportion of the population who would otherwise remain uninformed.

    If anyone will awaken the sleeping infidels, it’s Beck.

    He spelt it out clearly what the Muslim Brotherhood, which birthed Hamas, stands for. That it is a huge threat to Israel and Jews everywhere.
    For that he deserves a ten out of ten.

  9. eib,

    I don’t know anything about Mormons, and would like to have some evidence to support your statement “He is also a Mormon, and there is deep sympathy between his church and the objectives and practices of Islam.”

  10. I grew up in Salt Lake City.
    A non-Mormon among Mormons.
    I know first-hand what religious coercion is, and Mormons are very good at humiliating people who choose not to convert to their faith.
    They are also misogynistic to the Nth degree.
    Lots of rough parallels– but nothing bloody. Mormons are too Western for that.
    It’s just that when I see a man who makes 32 million a year, who lives in a 4 million dollar house in CT claim that he speaks for me and my interests, I get a little suspicious. He’s never been humiliated for even one goddamn minute for not submitting or converting.
    He hasn’t paid a penny for his thoughts.
    I have paid much for mine. MUCH!

    1. I would suggest you refrain from ad hominem attacks and stick by the subject matter, like Glenn Beck does.

      If you find fault in his lectures or falsehood in what he teaches about the constitution, history etc you are welcome. Nobody forces you to like him, and this is not a fan club. Glenn Beck plays an important part in taking America back from Socialist deviants.

      There are many others who make more money than him; Rush Limbaugh comes to mind, and then there are many worthless ‘stars’ and starlets in Hollywood who make absurd amounts of money too.

      You somehow have a problem with Mormons and with people who make a lot of money. Why?

  11. If Beck passes muster when the knife is at his throat, or when he is forced to actually argue his beliefs against the Koran, then I might drum up some respect.
    I don’t hate him, but I don’t respect his anti-Islam stand either. He has gone off on too many tangents. He has not dug his feet in, looked the mohametan in the face and cursed Islam straight to hell.
    But then, all of our MSM figures are cowards– so he’s just one of the crop.

  12. Of course, this could have to do with my own belief that the Book of Mormon, like the Koran, is profane.

  13. Quote:
    Glenn Beck plays an important part in taking America back from Socialist deviants.
    end quote.

    That takes no courage at all, because the socialist deviants are cowards.
    The threat of Islam is completely different, far more dangerous.
    I don’t think Beck is going to succeed in arguing for a counterjihad; the way I see it, he’s talked so much about the apocalypse, this is just a drop in the bucket.
    There’s no sense of proportion to him.
    He seems not to understand that he should have concentrated on this top and spoken about none other for the last 10 years at least!
    It’s not that he’s obtuse.
    It’s just that he’s an opportunist.
    And I find opportunists of every stripe to be shallow.
    But I’m not going to argue about this any more. Most of the people I know who have espoused conservatism in the name of Western Civilization seem to really like Beck.
    I’ve heard him a few times, and the very sound of his voice turns me off. I can just sense manipulation, manipulation and then more manipulation.
    I don’t want drama on the radio.
    I want the Koran read out loud.
    I want the Hadiths read out loud.
    And then I want them refuted out loud.

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