His Brothers Keeper

Litigation Jihad With a Twist: Turk takes rejection to court

Bielefeld/Germany (thanks to PI)

A young Turk launched a lawsuit with reference to anti-discrimination and equal treatment law against the fact that his application was rejected as a law officer. The plaintiff had concealed in the application discussion that  both his brothers are convicted murderers.

Just a coincidence that he applied  for a job in the same Bielefeld prison where one of his brothers serves a long detention. (more in German)

Türke klagt gegen Ablehnung als Justizbeamter

In Bielefeld hat jetzt ein junger Türke unter Berufung auf das Antidiskriminierungs- und Gleichbehandlungsgesetz dagegen geklagt, dass seine Bewerbung als Justizbeamter abgelehnt wurde. Der Kläger hatte im Bewerbungsgespräch verschwiegen, dass seine beiden Brüder verurteilte Mörder sind. Er hatte sich ausgerechnet in dem Bielefelder Gefängnis beworben, wo einer seiner Brüder eine lange Haftstrafe verbüßt.

Türke klagt ...

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  1. Ever wondered why Mohammedans always seek jobs in security firms, as baggage handlers and airport workers?

    Muslim ‘refused job because of his name’ accuses airline bosses of racism

    Islam is not a race. Cathay needs to make it clear that Mohammedans are unsuitable for security reasons, because of their violent ideology:

    A Muslim airport worker has accused airline Cathay Pacific of racism after he was refused a job interview – only to be offered one when he applied two days later using a fake white British-sounding name.

    Algerian-born Salim Zakhrouf applied to Cathay Pacific for a job as a passenger services officer at Heathrow Airport. (Daily Mail)

  2. No Muslim should be permitted to work in any western airport in any capacity at all.

    I cringe when I see Muslim security and baggage handlers at Sydney Airport.

    It’s a sick joke, like the Teachers Federation insisting that paedophiles be employed in schools to show how diverse their Union is.

  3. Quote:
    Muslim ‘refused job because of his name’ accuses airline bosses of racism
    end quote.

    It’s not racism.
    Islam is not a race.
    It’s reason.
    It’s knowing who is dangerous and who is not.

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