Gone Missing: Devout Muslim Taxi Jihadist Who Drove Into San Diego Nightclub Crowd Disappears

Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Taxi Jihad and Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar’s SUV jihad all rolled into one:


Devout Muslim Osama Hassan Daly Drove Into San Diego Nightclub Crowd

As we’re told in every single case in which a Muslim attacks Americans, the usual narrative is already in place here, with Osama “Sam” Hassan Daly, a devout Egyptian Muslim cab driver, who drove into a crowd of Americans at the San Diego nightclub where he’s been a frequent patron.  Daly is now missing, and he may have fled back to Egypt, after being released from a hospital by police.  Daly injured 36 people in his attack.

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Don’t ask the police or anyone in the Obama administration to connect the dots:

Beck: Who Is the 12th Imam? FAITH
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7 thoughts on “Gone Missing: Devout Muslim Taxi Jihadist Who Drove Into San Diego Nightclub Crowd Disappears”

  1. Oh, shit. The storm keeps getting less and less perfect ~ more and more out of control.

    Still, do not be afraid. Seek and trust truth. Be willing to die for your right and honorable convictions and never surrender to the lies of Islam.

  2. Read what the muslim criminal did to an innocent mother – and like all cowards he ran away – hassan -you will be found and you will be dealt with.

  3. its funny guys,almost sad at times, the size of the blinders worn by liberals in general…if this is purposely done to appear sympathetic or can chances be that, they “really” are that stupid? what has driven people to the pathetic idea that a “group hug” will cure what sickens us? as a middle aged “white” american, i have grown tired of being the cause of all hatred, all failures, missed opportunities and basically the foundation towards the root of all evil…be it from blacks, Mexicans, Muslim etc…the cry for revolution comes from many and eventually, they just might get what they are looking for….

  4. If Hassan finds himself in the hands of authorities and under the jurisdiction of secular law, he will be fortunate.
    The exercise of informal authority is not unknown in American history. I seem to recall that thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands or more of people were lynched in the U.S. between 1800 and 2004. Don’t think that race is the only category that could dictate such a crime.
    And where there is mutual sympathy, even formal authorities will and have looked the other way.

  5. Let’s hope the Mafia got him. Things were a lot safer when they had control of the streets. My neighborhood was never safer than when the Gambino Family ruled. Get rid of the corrupt Feds, and let the Mafia deal with all these scum.

  6. Osama Hassan Daly is a blatant Muslim Terrorist but the leftist politically correct media, as usual, has gone to great lengths to hide this obvious fact. I somone gets this coward before he escapes.

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