Indonesia: Islamic leader on trial for inciting attacks against Christians threatens Christians again in fiery court speech

A speech “peppered with verses from the Koran.” “FPI Leader Fires Up Court With Anti-Christian Screed,” by Elisabeth Oktofani for the Jakarta Globe, February 16 (thanks to JW):

In a fiery speech in court that moved some to tears, a suspended Islamic Defenders Front leader on trial for inciting attacks against a Christian group in Bekasi continued to issue threats against church leaders on Monday.Murhali Barda, a former chapter leader of the hard-line group, also known as the FPI, warned the Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) against holding prayers in Bekasi, a predominantly Muslim district in West Java.

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He was suspended from the Islamic organization after his arrest in September.

“There are two messages I mean to send off to the HKBP. Do not repeat the same mistake again. Do not be stupid sheep wandering into the same yard after being asked to leave,” Murhali said, reading from a prepared defense statement at the Bekasi District Court.

“If you do not listen, do not blame the owner of that yard if he forces you out by throwing stones at you or beating you with a block of wood,” Murhali said.

The defendant is accused of inciting an attack against two HKBP leaders in Ciketing village on Sept. 12 through his anti-Christian statements on radio, text messages and his personal Facebook page.

Twelve others were brought to court in separate trials for the assault, which saw Asia Sihombing stabbed and the Rev. Luspida Simandjuntak beaten.

One of the suspects, Supriyanto, admitted in court that he had been inspired to violence by Murhali’s Facebook postings.

On Monday, Murhali denied spreading messages of hate through the social networking site, but described the 13 men on trial — including himself — as icons of “anti-Christianization.”

“Don’t you know Jesus had [only] 12 disciples? There are 13 of us,” he said.

“There will be 313 mujahids [holy warriors] who will be ready to fight against you. All we want is for [the HKBP] to respect us. We will not bother you if you do not bother us,” he added.

“I am not a crazy person. I am not going to blacken my [reputation] by doing something stupid [like inciting people to violence],” he said. “All I did was just an attempt to prevent efforts to Christianize people in Bekasi.”…

He ended his statement with a plea to judges “not to issue the wrong decision” in the case.

A plea, or a threat?

Murhali’s speech, peppered with verses from the Koran, brought many in the courtroom to tears, including his mother, his supporters and at least two police officers….

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  1. Hi Sheik, does your site forward any of the information on to our PM or is it Verboten?

    Cant we send it en masse to her. To All Politicians, Feds and State.

    How would KKeneally, handle a bombardment of stories like these, as well as confronting photos like this one.


    We need to let our people that this is a reality for Christians living in the Middle East.

    1. We need to get organized. The politicians who support us need to hear from us, loud and clearly, all the time.

      And the Labor loons who believe they can import Muslim stormtroopers to establish their Socialist utopia need to learn what its like to work in a chain gang….

  2. So Mohammedans are anti Christian as well as antisemite who’d have thunk it. LOL . Wake up guys Mohammedans are anti anyone who is not Mohammedan and even anti other Mohammedans too e.g. Sunni vs. Shia Sunni/Shia vs. Ahmadis. Just think how can a CULT which considers the opposing sect be they Sunni or Shia or the much smaller Ahmadis NOT to be Mohammedan still spout off about the 1.5 billion Cult members. So next time you see or hear a Mohammedan spout this rubbish ask him do you mean Sunnis or Shia or do you just lump them all together to get the bigger number then watch him disappear up his own fundament trying to justify it.

  3. Is it possible to get petitions, suggested letters and email addresses to send to the politicians?
    I have sent numerous, unfortuntely my writing skills leave a lot to be desired! I only received one reply telling me that as far as she was concerned the honour killings, gang rapes, stabbings can’t be contributed to culture???

  4. Indonesia: Jihadist bombs hidden in books entitled They Must be Killed for their Sins Against Islam and Muslims

    Somehow the senders of these book-bombs have gotten the idea that someone who “sins against Islam and Muslims” must be killed. And where are all the peaceful, moderate Muslim voices working to convince them that that isn’t so? How many hundreds or thousands of times must they be AWOL on occasions like this before the non-Muslim world begins to get a clue as to the reality of the situation?

    Pancasila is the official philosophy of Indonesia. It is not strictly Islamic, and Islamic supremacists view it as a rival to Sharia; hence the other book title, Does the Pancasila Still Exist. “Bomb for Yapto disguised as book on Pancasila,” from The Jakarta Post, March 16:

    The book containing a bomb sent to Pancasila Youth organization chairman Yapto Soerjosoemarno on Tuesday bore a different title to the book-bombs sent to politician and Islamic Activist Ulil Abshar Abdhalla and National Narcotics Body Chief Gories Mere.
    While bombs sent to Ulil and Gories were put in books titled Mereka Harus Dibunuh Karena Dosa-dosa mereka Terhadap Islam dan Kaum Muslimin, (They Must be Killed for their Sins Against Islam and Muslims), the book-bomb addressed to Yapto was titled Apakah Masih Ada Pancasila (Does the Pancasila Still Exist).

    Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Sutarman said Wednesday that the bombs, however, were similar types.

    He said the Jakarta Police were yet to determine the group responsible for the bombs, “But they are definitely terrorists” he added….

    No kidding, really?

    Indonesia: Bomb explodes at office of “Liberal Islam Network”

    Here is yet another chapter in our ongoing series, Why We Don’t See More Genuine Islamic Reformers: “Bomb explodes at Indonesian Islam group HQ: police,” from AFP, March 15:

    JAKARTA — A bomb exploded at the office of a moderate Islamic group in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Tuesday, injuring four people including a police officer, police and a witness said.
    The device was in a package sent to the office of the Liberal Islam Network (JIL), a grouping of religious intellectuals, in East Jakarta, national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar told reporters.

    “We suspected that it was a bomb. Our officers were trying to tame it when it went off,” he said, adding that the police are investigating the motive.

    A witness told local television station MetroTV that the package was addressed to the group’s former director and liberal Muslim scholar Ulil Abshar Abdalla….

    Abdalla, who graduated from a US university, is a well-known liberal Muslim figure who espouses pluralism and religious tolerance.

    He regularly speaks out against Islamic hardliners through the microblogging website Twitter, where he has 50,000 followers….

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