How much Marxist Moonbattery and Islamic Deceit Can America Bear?

“I, Hussein Obama, command you to spread the wealth around…”

“Greater profits… should be shared by American workers” Read More » (Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson are licking their chops….)

Why would you want to see the  Marxist moonbat on TV when you can’t stand listening to him?

Obama continues to defend the Muslim Brotherhood… as the unemployment rate continues to set records and the deficit continues to grow

Obama Wants to Force His Way on TV During an Emergency (GWP)

Just like Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama wants to ram his way onto your television sets.  His leftist fan club is delighted.

Socialism: the snake oil of African witch doctors and dictators….

Socialist in Chief: Obama Tells American Businessess That Profits Must Be Shared With Workers (Video)

Obama told the Chamber of Commerce today that, “Corporate Profits “Have To Be Shared By American WorkersVia Real Clear Politics (GWP)

Obama offered a flat “no” when Bill O’Reilly asked him Sunday whether he had moved to the center since his party’s blistering defeat in November. (Fox) Press pushes Obama pivot story for him, even while he himself flatly denies it (its no longer journalism, its all Marxist propaganda for the enemedia/eye on the world)
Obama Elevates Islamic Vile Propaganda Network, Al Jazeera (Atlas)

Al Jizz is an Islamic propagandist organ dedicated to propagating virulent anti-Americanism and vile Jew hatred. They make no secret of who and what they are.

Everything Obama does,  reveals to us what he is.

U.S. mends frosty relations with Al Jazeera FOX News Bonus: “Terror Television” Breeds Terror Regimes