Ibiza: 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome' Breaks Out, Shoplifting Jihadist Runs Amok…..

Update: the inevitable “mentally disturbed” escape hatch, with a good measure of  “money problems” thrown in for free. Go back to sleep, infidel:

“…the assailant was a 41-year-old Moroccan and the motive of the attack was unknown, but that the man may have been mentally disturbed. A police statement said he lived in Sant Antonio and had money problems.” (source)

This is the sanitized version from Al BeBeeCeera:

A (Musel-) man wielding a knife has wounded at least nine people at random on the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza.

As usual: nothing to do with Islam, lets not jump to conclusions, can’t blame all muslims….. fill in the rest…..

Barenaked has more:

The drama began in the Suma supermarket when workers accused him of shoplifting. He is said to have stabbed a number of workers before running out of the store. He then attacked more people in an internet cafe and a hairdressers.

The stabbings began in a supermarket in the main town, Sant Antonio, then continued in nearby streets.

The alleged attacker, a 41-year-old Moroccan man, is now in police custody.

At least four of those stabbed were reported to be seriously wounded, including one man who was knifed in the neck. The victims’ identities are not yet known.

Ibiza is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands, among Europe’s most popular vacation sites and it is particularly popular among young British holidaymakers.

A British embassy official in Madrid has said the consulate in Ibiza is not aware of any Britons being among the injured.

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