Infiltration Watch: Muslim Brother Suhail Khan declares that there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

Yep. Islam means peace, Obama is not a Muslim and the moon is made of cheese:

Suhail Khan is a (Grover Norquist plant) and an member infiltraitor of the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. ACU hosts and operates the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual conference, and during this week’s CPAC conference in Washington, Khan has come under fire for alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood. During a panel on conservative inclusion at CPAC on Saturday, Khan flatly declared that there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. The Tatler has obtained video of Khan’s remarks, below.

The Muslim Brotherhood identifies many front groups in their own internal documents, documents which were entered into evidence by federal prosecutors in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism trial. A simple Google search of “Muslim Brotherhood United States” also easily proves Khan’s assertion to be false. Numerous groups working in the United States, in various capacities, have been provably linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. To note but one prominent example, the Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, has been identified by the FBI as a group connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas. Hamas itself is the Palestinian affiliate for the Muslim Brotherhood.

The video was shot and brought to PJTV by the Florida Security Council,, led by Tom Trento, J. Mark Campbell and Randy McDaniels.

CPAC is now a colorful mix of homosexuals, islamists, atheists, and advocates of drug use, prostitution, paedophilia and the like (ie, libertarians). Their distance from the extreme left is quite tiny; the libertarians want total anarchy whereas the leftists want total government control just like the nazis and the commies of old.

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  1. Article from an old friend from bygone LGF days.

    Do Western Authorities Care More About Hamsters Than About Europeans?

    EuropeNews 11 February 2011
    By Fjordman

    A person born in 1970 in Sweden, a country which has no colonial history outside of Europe, would have started school in a nation that was still nearly 100% ethnically homogeneous. If current trends continue, he will be a minority in his native land as an old man. Not only does he have to endure this or be socially vilified and maybe fired from his job or worse, he has to fund his own colonization and publicly celebrate it as a great and positive development. There has been no full-scale armed invasion here, nor has any deadly plague devastated the native population, unless, that is, you count Multiculturalism as a plague, and perhaps you should.

    White Westerners have given other peoples, including actively hostile tribes, the tools needed to multiply beyond their native capacity, the transportation needed to travel to our countries, the human rights legislation needed to settle here and the welfare states needed to exploit us.

    My personal opinion is that this situation is so unnatural that it cannot go on for much longer, nor will it. For one thing, the Western world simply no longer possesses the physical capacity to fund all of this madness even if it wanted to. I strongly suspect that the current Western-created international political order will soon implode and may take many of the networks it created down with it.

  2. Fjordman

    If you are reading this – it will take a war, a true world war, to change the world order.

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