"Interfaith Week" in Indonesia leaves 4 Ahmadiyya dead in the mud….


Unfortunately, Google takes the videos off faster than we can post ’em. So much for free speech and free expression in todays world. Barenaked has more on this story and some awful pic’s….

Just in from Aussie/Telegraph

Content Warning! You are witnessing religiously mandated terror and murder on this video!

Murder of Ahmadiyahs by ‘Allah Akbar’ Mob Coincides with ‘Interfaith Week’…

Ah, the spirit of tolerance and interfaith dialogue!  Remember when Hussein Obama visited Indonesia and praised its “spirit of religious tolerance” as an “example to the world?”

DISTURBING video has emerged of a bloody religious mob attack in Indonesia that killed three members of a minority Muslim sect, showing extremists beating and stoning their victims to death.

The incident, involving more than 1000 Muslims who stormed a house in West Java yesterday to stop the minority Ahmadiyah Islamic sect from holding worship, has been condemned by the government and rights activists.
Footage of the attack – which came at the start of “interfaith harmony week” in the mainly Muslim country – shows police doing nothing as scores of Islamic fanatics go berserk with stones, knives and sticks.
Shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) and “kafir” (infidel), the mob brush aside a lone police officer and launch a sustained attack on the house, as a small group of Ahmadis try briefly to defend the property.

The problem of Islam in Indonesia

Note the second man at bottom left of screen is still alive. Hussein Obama claims Indonesia is an “example to the world” in its ‘spirit of religious tolerance” remember these poor men ARE Muslims,but they are members of the the wrong sect.

Defenceless and half-naked Ahmadi men are then shown being beaten and stoned to death in the mud outside the house. Their bodies are pelted with stones and desecrated as members of the mob laugh and take pictures.
Throughout the attack police are either absent or standing amid the mob doing nothing to intervene, with the exception of a lone police officer, who is seen attempting to stop people beating and stoning one of the dead men, but he is ignored.
National police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said eight people are being questioned in relation to the violence but no one had been charged.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has instructed police to capture the perpetrators and “haul them to court if need be”, his senior adviser, Daniel Sparingga, said.
“The president is deeply concerned and condemned the violence and said that the country must be firm in defending the constitution, that would never allow small groups to use religion to attack groups of different faiths,” he said.
Ahmadiyah spokesman Zafrullah Ahmad Pontoh said the mob committed murder and appealed to the government for protection. Similar appeals have been ignored in the past.
“We’re saddened because innocent people were killed. The mob committed murder and Islam never taught people to attack and kill,” he said.
“We hope the government can provide us with protection so we can practise our faith in peace.”
Indonesia’s constitution explicitly guarantees freedom of religion and the country of some 240 million people, 80 per cent of whom are Muslim, has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
But a government decree adopted in 2008 under pressure from Islamic conservatives bans the Ahmadiyah sect from spreading its faith, which includes the belief that its founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was the final Muslim prophet.
Orthodox Muslims hold that Mohammed was the last prophet of Islam.
The group, which claims hundreds of thousands of members in Indonesia and millions in South Asia, has been repeatedly targeted with violence by Islamic extremist organisations.
National Human Rights Commission chairman Ifdhal Kasim said the incident was “embarrassing” as the police had made no effort to stop the mob.
“The police are biased and ignored their ultimate responsibility which is to protect the people,” he said.
“The government has no right to make judgments on whether a religion is heretical or not. Its job is to protect the people.”
The violence comes less than three months after US President Barack Obama visited Indonesia and praised its “spirit of religious tolerance” as an “example to the world”.

“President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has instructed police to capture the perpetrators and “haul them to court if need be”
“haul them to court if need be” I think says it all , we have three people beaten stoned hacked dismembered and defiled and good ole President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono seems to think that there maybe other means of punishment other than facing trial in a court, Is arrest and charged with murder a last resort?
How many more of these Godless Savages is the Australian Labor Party going to insist on importing into Australia ? and WHY?

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  1. Islam must be eradicated from this world. Period. Evil savages, just like their “prophet”. If there is a hell, Muhammed is in it.

  2. * The mob committed murder and Islam never taught people to attack and kill,” he said

    Must have missed out on 8:12 (beheading & maiming), and 8:18, where allah claims it uses its followers to do its wet work.

  3. Indonesia– a moderate, civilized country. NOT!
    According to our president, it is a moderate, civilized country. Thank God the Indonesians are showing up the lies of our multicultural would-be master.

  4. God bless all the animists, Buddhists, and other non-Muslims in Indonesia.
    As for the Muslims, they think they’re blessed already, so what’s the point?

  5. Speak up Muslims!!!!!! Muslims murder and the brain dead ummah keeps is miserable mouth shut!!!

  6. kaw….they support their ‘troops’.
    They only protest when the truth about Islam may get out to a wider audience. That’s when you will see the protests. (those are usually barbaric as well)

  7. I severely condmned 3 inosent Indonesion Ahmadies murder.
    This is horrendous act as continuation of the process of extremist.
    we demand that justice be carried out.

  8. Ahmadi Muslims beleive that Imam Mahdi and Messiah as prohecised by Syedna Muhummad (pbuh) has come. This is the only differnce. Unfortunately other muslims want a fighting Messiah and Mahdi. They are in for a surprize. History repeats itself.

  9. All the muslim extremists should be eradicated somehow from this world as early as possible, otherwise there is a risk that such cases become common in the whole of the world.

  10. * saifullah (sword of allah)

    All muslims are in for a “surprize”, saif. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of God, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, and much more.

    “The next day John sees Jesus coming to him, and said, Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world.” (John 1:29)

    Time is running out for allah, islam and muslims, saif – when it hits the fan, every man’s “saif” will be against his brother:

    “And I will call for a sword against him throughout all my mountains, saith the Lord Jehovah: every man’s sword shall be against his brother.” ( Ezekiel 38:21 )

    (The destruction of the alliance described in Ezekiel 38 / 39 )

  11. “In the name of Allah, I swear that until the last drop of my blood, whatever the risks, Ahmadiyah must not exist in Indonesia”

    Note the threat: he is demanding that the government destroy the Ahmadiyya, or he is going to do so himself. So if the government is inclined to be more moderate, he is going to do all he can to force it in a more Islamic supremacist direction. Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia: “FPI Vows to Disband Ahmadiyah ‘Whatever It Takes,'” by Rahmat and Markus Junianto Sihaloho in the Jakarta Globe, February 18 via JW

    Makassar. The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) is threatening to disband Ahmadiyah, regardless of the risks, if the government does not take action against the Islamic sect.
    Speaking in Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Friday, FPI leader Habib Riziq said that Ahmadiyah was deviant and “must be disbanded.”

    “On that basis, the government must know which one is freedom of religion and which one is desecration [of religion]. In the name of Allah, I swear that until the last drop of my blood, whatever the risks, Ahmadiyah must not exist in Indonesia,” Riziq said while giving a sermon before Friday prayers at the Al Markaz Al Islam mosque.

    Riziq said he was not afraid of anyone who supported or defended Ahmadiyah, be it the police, the military, nongovernmental organizations, ministers or the government.

    “We are not afraid of them,” he claimed.

    Riziq said Ahmadiyah was a form of desecration of Islam and the government had to know the difference….

  12. Indonesian regional chiefs to crack down on Ahmadiyya for stirring up trouble

    Here’s a recent Jihad Watch headline:

    Indonesia: Machete-wielding Muslim mob attacks Ahmadi Muslim “heretics,” murdering three

    That was from February 6. And now authorities in Indonesia are claiming that the Ahmadis have “stirred up community conflicts.” This is exactly the same Islamic supremacist evasion of responsibility and tendency to blame the victim that we saw yesterday in Zawahiri’s blaming of the Copts for the jihad attacks against the Copts in Egypt.

    Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia, and more on this story: “Regional Indonesian Politicians to Ban Or Curb Ahmadiyah,” by Fitri, Eras Poke, Heru Andriyanto and Antara in the Jakarta Globe, February 26 (thanks to JW):

    Regional chiefs in some Indonesian provinces are moving ahead with plans to either ban completely or restrict the activities of Ahmadiyah followers in their areas, claiming the Muslim sect has stirred up community conflicts.
    The mayor of Samarinda, Sjahrie Jaang, said he would curb all Ahmadiyah activities in the East Kalimantan capital and would also soon move to close down its mosques.

    “The regulation on halting the activities of the Ahmadiyah was signed today,” he told reporters after a meeting with local police, religious leaders and community representatives on Friday.

    He said he would meet with Ahmadiyah leaders in the area to enforce the regulation, advising them to halt their activities and close their houses of worship.

    “This decision was taken as a form of firm action by the city administration on the Ahmadiyah issue in order to maintain security by preventing potential sources of conflict in society,” the mayor said.

    When asked about the size of the Ahmadiyah community in Samarinda, Sjahrie said it was “insignificant” but if no firm action was taken immediately, it was likely to grow. “This is why we need to stop their activities now,” he said.

    Representatives of the Indonesian Council of Ulema in Samarinda lauded the administration’s plans.

    “The mayor’s decision is a relief to us all,” said Zaini Naim, the local chapter’s chairman. “This will stop the people from taking the law into their own hands.”

    According to M. Faozal, a spokesman for West Nusa Tenggara’s provincial government, the governor was about to issue a bylaw that would outlaw the spread of Ahmadiyah teachings. “Ahmadiyah often triggers conflict in many regions, including West Nusa Tenggara,” the spokesman said on Friday. “The governor wants to prevent conflict; We’re calling on the Ahmadiyah to stop causing conflict.”

    Limiting the Ahmadiyah community’s activities was necessary as a way to prevent potential conflicts, Faozal said, adding that the government hoped its followers would return to the “rightful path of Islam.”…

  13. Indonesia: Members of frenzied mob that killed 3 Ahmadis get a few months in jail

    The attack was videotaped as a crowd shouted “Allahu akbar!” and young boys recorded it on their mobile phones. The savagery of the murders did not lead, as one would logically expect, to enhanced protection of Ahmadis within Indonesia, but to the opposite. They were essentially blamed for causing the attacks by existing, and banned outright in multiple provinces. In West Java, they cannot identify themselves as Ahmadis.

    And now, this, from Modern, Moderate, Tolerant Indonesia. “Indonesian court lets anti-Ahmadi mob perpetrators off ‘lightly’,” from Agence France-Presse, July 28 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

    SERANG, INDONESIA: In what seems to have been a light sentence, an Indonesian court on Thursday sentenced religious fanatics who killed three members of the minority Ahmadiyah Muslim sect in a frenzied mob attack to between three and six months in jail.
    Dani bin Misra, a 17-year-old who smashed a victim’s skull with a stone, received three months for manslaughter. While Idris bin Mahdani, who led the mob of more than 1,000 Muslims in the February attack, was convicted of illegal possession of a machete and received five months and 15 days in jail.
    Twelve people stood for trial, but none faced murder charges in what human rights activists termed was a travesty of justice in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.
    The unprovoked violence against the Ahmadiyah sect members in Cikeusik, western Java, was one of the most horrific in a long line of attacks on the minority group in Indonesia in recent years.
    Ahmadiyah, unlike mainstream Muslims, do not believe Mohammed was the last prophet and are regarded as heretics and blasphemers by conservatives in places like Indonesia and Pakistan.
    A secretly filmed video of the attack brought religious violence in Indonesia under the international spotlight, and provoked condemnation from the United States, Italy and international rights groups.
    “When the Cikeusik video went viral, people around the world were shocked and appalled by the savagery of the mob kicking and slashing three men to death,” Human Rights Watch Deputy Director for Asia Phil Robertson said.
    “But instead of charging the defendants with murder and other serious crimes, prosecutors came up with an almost laughable list of ‘slap-on-the wrist’ charges.
    “The Cikeusik trial sends the chilling message that attacks on minorities like the Ahmadiyah will be treated lightly by the legal system. This is a sad day for justice in Indonesia.”
    It’s not the first, and it won’t be the last. One will also recall the equally laughable sentences given to the members of a mob that went on a rampage against Christian targets in February. And by rewarding bad behavior, as the judiciary must know, it is encouraging more of it.

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