Is it just incompetence and delusional or is the left doing it deliberately?

“The strange stories that Glenn Beck creates…”

Frances Fox Piven Turns to UK Paper to Launch Broadside Attack on Beck

“The strange stories that Glenn Beck creates with his chalkboard gain traction with Americans, who are made anxious by the large changes that have overtaken the United States, including the election of a black president and the increasing racial diversity of the population, deindustrialisation and the decline of American power abroad, as well as cultural changes in sexual and family norms.”

“Strange stories that Glenn Beck creates?”  He is using your own words.   Read More »

Glenn Beck rips the incompetent Clapper:

Don’t resist, lie down and surrender:

Cameron’s scapegoating will have a “chilling, toxic impact

Blaming Islamists and multiculturalism for the backlash from US and British wars risks fuelling violence on the streets, Seumas Milne argues @ the Guardian, 10 February 2011

Harry’s Place:

John Pilger informs us that “The Egyptian revolt is coming home” and that “Western leaders should be quaking in their boots.”Wishful Thinking

Muslim Brotherhood hearts Neturei Karta

Who would be more qualified to drive the Jews into the ovens?

BBC: You reassure Netanyahu that you would not tear up the peace treaty?

El-Helbawy: No, we will not tear it – but we will discuss, as I said, we need justice and the freedom, not only for us, but for everyone. There are many Jews – Neturei Karta [sic], and I have very very high relationship profile [sic] with Dovid Weiss  – he’s a Jew, a rabbi, but he’s anti-Israeli atrocities and aggression.

The loons around Dovid Weiss are so despicable that even their own mothers hate them….

While el-Helbawy assures Badawi that the organisation is committed to democracy and freedom of religion, and would only implement an Islamic state if supported by the electorate, he does acknowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to govern by Sharia law. Read more »

6 thoughts on “Is it just incompetence and delusional or is the left doing it deliberately?”

  1. Regarding John Pilger. For those who know this man’s record of over the last forty years in journalism, he has been a consistant torch of freedom shining into dark places. For all or you who dont know your history or even care, this man should be honoured, not jibed at by those of low intellect. He has been awarded so many peace awards and is up there with Mandella, Ang Sang Suchee. He has been a frerless fighter for our freedom, yes our freedom – even in our so called democracy.

    1. BS. Pilger is a far left loon and a dyed in the wool commie. Only his reports from East Timor were accurate. I don’t give a f*kc for ‘peace awards’ because they were also given to Yasser Arafartbastard, Muhammad al Baradei and Ho Chi Minh.

      The great Mandela is rather quiet about black South Africa’s genocide on the white farmers, isn’t he? Paying lipservice to Burma’s oppressed people is no different from the demands of the ‘free Tibet’ brigades: you know it will not happen.

      In the end, these matters are decided by the gun, not by the Pilgers of this world.

  2. Pilger? John Pilger ? “…………….a consistant torch of freedom shining into dark places” ? Boom Boom

    Oh Cathy Gee you are a card arn’t you ?
    I am sure some will deal with you in due course,Boom Boom

    Now go sit in the corner until you grow up.

  3. Pilger in full flight. His name might have become a verb, if Fisk wasn’t easier to spell…

    [Every subsequent “war” Israel has waged has had the same objective: the expulsion of the native people and the theft of more and more land. The lie of David and Goliath, of perennial victim, reached its apogee in 1967 when the propaganda became a righteous fury that claimed the Arab states had struck first.]

  4. Beginning to wonder if I’m some kinda freak, I’m ENGLISH and don’t read the guardian (wouldn’t even use it as loo paper!). Think john pilgers an arrogant prat along with all the other left wing loons and actually enjoy watching Glen Beck. What I like about Glen is he doesn’t talk down to me as if i’m an ignorant peasant, he actually encourages his audience to go out and find the truth for themselves and not just listen to him, how many leftie commentators manage that? Don’t agree with him all the time but at the moment fell he’s spot on with his reporting on the Egyptian situation and like him I hope he’s wrong!

  5. Oh it is deliberate. Take a look at what islam does to its followers, does anyone need any more evidence than this virtual lobotomy of the muslim mind and the wanton control the left inspires for us all under their one world Utopian fantasy..?

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