Islam Rising

Freedom for Muslims means more Islamic jihad

US Ambassador Susan Rice Excoriates Israel on Behalf of Obama Regime (WZ)

She casts the lone vote to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel gnashing her teeth the whole way….

The ME is in turmoil. But the UN security council is hot &  bothered with Jews building apartments in Jerusalem: US vetoes UN resolution condemning settlements

The US ambassador to the UN, (Obama inflicted Jew hater,) Susan Rice, said Washington was ‘regrettably’ vetoing the draft resolution and warned it should not be seen by Israel as US backing for continued settlement building in east Jerusalem and the West Bank. (Source)

Just to top it off:

Willary Clitman: Israeli settlements “illegitimate” (ZIP)

Despicable: (ABC News) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Israeli settlements “illegitimate” shortly before the United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning continued Israeli settlement expansion as illegal.


Bloodshed in Bahrain

Shocker: “Islamist role rising” in post-Mubarak Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood has role on committee redrafting constitution

The Muslim Brotherhood begins its own post-Mubarak transition, after deliberately downplaying its religious message during the uprising, waiting to make its move.

Religion on the rise in Tunisia

Post-revolution Tunisia is witnessing a rebirth of religion after constraints on worship were removed following Ben Ali’s downfall.

Mosques in Tunisia now receive exceptionally large numbers of worshipers, from a host of social classes and affiliations, after all restrictions on freedom of faith were lifted following the ouster of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

“People must be allowed to embrace faith freely without restrictions or supervision,” Hadi Meftahi told Magharebia. “It is time we respected the religious legitimacy and implemented rules of Islam that we were deprived of in Tunisia, just as they were ordained in the Qur’an.” (Source)

The virus spreads:

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Djibouti to call for President Ismael Omar Guelleh to step down.

No Sex for Muslims?

Islamists attack Tunis red light district: police

TUNIS (AFP) – Islamists tried Friday to set light to a street of brothels in Tunis but were dispersed by police and the military using helicopters, a police official said.

“About an hour ago Islamists tried to get into Abdallah Guech Street to set it on fire,” the official said. “Residents kept them out until the security forces arrived.”

7 thoughts on “Islam Rising”

  1. I didnt realize brothels wereo legal in the perfect islamic state. Now there are two posibilities here, 1. the police were trying to stop the fires, as they love to visit them frequently. The would lose a lot of income in graft, or 2. The women would try to burn it down so their husbands would stay home and there may be a little money left to feed the kids.

    I saw the actual man in the photo in hospital on ABC24 last night and he siad his friend was shot in the head by police when his friend was sleeping. So they not only have wealthy policeman, they have compassion too – how difficult is it to shoot a sleeping man. God I hate Muslims!

  2. Foolish people you should know that Jewish HOUSES are far more world shakingly dangerous than Megalomaniacal Mohammedan Theocrats Nuclear Bombs.

  3. Diversity, tolerance & community cohesion in Londonistan:

    [The ‘hate’ stickers declared a ‘Gay Free zone’ warning that ‘Allah is severe in punishment.’]

    [It is the second hate campaign to hit the East End in just eight weeks, after posters appeared in Poplar in December referring to Christmas as “evil” and carrying an extremist Islamist message.]

  4. Every time the Islamic world attacks Israel for building apartments in it’s own country(Judea) the Western world must attack Turkey for invading Cyprus and occupying it and flooding it with Turks from Anatolia.

  5. These no-go zones and all the activities that take place in them that provoke unease and offense must be documented and remembered. The best, first-line defense of Western Civilization is offending Islam.
    As I’ve written before, we can turn every advantage Islam has taken for itself from us into our advantage if we think carefully and strategically.
    This is not a skill many of our stellar elites have not cultivated, and their indolence and stupidity will be their downfall.

  6. It’s no coincidence that this is all exploding like a volcano at this time.
    To those who do not understand who is behind Islam I encourage you to do a careful read of Revelation chapter 12 .
    Israel is the woman and the dragon knows his time is short so he is extremely angry as we can see by the pictures of his followers on the streets.
    I don’t have any doubts that what we see now will SOON lead to nuclear war.
    Israel, weakened by the false U.S. led peace scam will have to use nukes on Cairo,Lebanon and Damascus to survive.
    Ezekiel 38 leaves these 3 Muslim gangster states out of the Confederation of nations coming against Israel after the radiation levels decrease.

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