Jihad, Bombings, Riots, Gaddafi: where's he gonna run to? Switzerland?


Afghan police: At least 28 killed in suicide blast

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Police in northern Afghanistan say a suicide bomber has killed at least 28 people, including civilians, at a government office in Kunduz province.

What goes around comes around:

Shiite rafidite dog drives  explosives laden vehicle into a righteous Sunni mosque:

(CNN) — At least two people died and six others were wounded Sunday when a suicide bomber drove an explosive-laden vehicle into a Sunni mosque at the conclusion of a birthday celebration for the Muslim prophet Mohammed, according to local police.

Well, at least our females are doing their duty in the proper Islamic fashion:

American troops, wearing headscarves rather than helmets, patrol through a bazaar in Afghanistan’s Zabul province last fall, as part of the U.S. Female Engagement Teams. Wa Po via Vlad

Libya Protest Comedy Moment

Muammar Gaddafi’s son, who’s probably not sleeping well right about now, got on state TV to ramble his way through an impromptu speech demanding protesters stop. (More)

Just some of the horror in Libya today (Vlad Tepes)

Pakistan: Christians stage protest after police, hospital collude to cover up murder of Christian by Muslim

Christians have great difficulty getting justice in Pakistan if Muslims have committed crimes against them, because Muslims are taught to protect one another and never side with non-believers against fellow Muslims. “Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers…” (Qur’an 3:28)

More on this story. “Pakistani Christian Killed by Muslim Employer, Relatives Say,” from Compass Direct, February 16:

Tunisia’s new govt grants general amnesty to imprisoned Islamic supremacists

“The opposition and human rights groups have long complained Tunisia’s anti-terror laws were far too broad, targeting anyone with a strict interpretation of Islam.” But no more: they will all be freed and able to work to help create the New Tunisia.

“Tunisian grants general amnesty,” by Bouazza ben Bouazza for The Associated Press, February 18

“The army is flirting with Islamists at our expense”: Egyptian Copts march to demand a secular state

Coverage of this event has so far been almost non-existent. These protesters deserve the full support and attention of Washington and the rest of the world, but alas, they are not a fashionable group. “Egypt’s Copts march to demand a secular state,” from Al-Masry Al-Youm, February 20

Coptic bishop: “The court imposed one death sentence because one Muslim was killed, and the Egyptian judiciary wasted the blood of the six murdered Copts”

Even in death, Sharia confers greater value upon the Muslim than the non-Muslim, whether retribution is sought in blood money (diyyah), or in another form. There is perhaps no more cynical or mean-spirited expression of Islamic law’s subjugation of unbelievers than its discrimination even among dead bodies.

“Egyptian Christians Enraged Over Court Acquittal in Christmas Eve [sic] Massacre,” from Assyrian International News Agency, February 21:

2 thoughts on “Jihad, Bombings, Riots, Gaddafi: where's he gonna run to? Switzerland?”

  1. * Christians have great difficulty getting justice in Pakistan if Muslims have committed crimes against them …

    It would be a UN / “human rights” issue if a Christian (or atheist etc) refused to employ a muslim, or argued that Mo was a false prophet, or …

  2. All I can say from watching & reading about all this
    That not many in the Islamic world or Arabs world
    learning the lesson yet.
    I expect more trouble, change do not come without blood
    since many try to pretend that this is a form of Jihad & not
    freedom & democracy

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