Jiziya Alert: Egypt would like EU debt cancelled

Yes of course. Lets reward them for rape.

Bono be pleased. KRudd would call it “the greatest challenge of our time”. Lets give ’em a few additional billions just to get started.  Why not cancel the debt to Algeria, Libya Tunisia, Yemen, Iran, Irak and all the other failed states too?  Ah yes, since we’re at it: why not throw in some subs, helicopter gunships, German tanks and French nukes so we can finally wipe Israel off the map. Good Dhimmis!

Feb 21 (Reuters) - Egypt said it would like European Union states to cancel its debts to them but has not made a formal request, the EU’s local delegation said on Monday, citing the Egyptian finance minister.

The minister, Samir Radwan, made the comment to the European Union ambassador in Egypt, Marco Franco, in a meeting on Sunday, said a spokeswoman for the EU in Cairo.

“The ambassador met the minister of finance yesterday and they did discuss the financial situation,” the spokeswoman said. “The cancellation of debts was mentioned as something that Egypt would like to see, but there was no formal request. (Reporting by Tom Pfeiffer)

EU-Invasion from Libya:

EU condemns Libyan repression, worried on migrants

Glenn Beck is guilty of spoiling a “joyous and hopeful moment.”

Why Did Glenn Beck Shoot Santa Claus?


Muslim accused of planning to attack Michigan mosque has history of psychiatric trouble, violence

Hugh Fitzgerald explained many times — see, for example, here — how Islam attracts the psychically marginal. In any case, it is noteworthy that the person responsible for this alleged attempted attack on a mosque was a Muslim himself — and yet Hamas-linked CAIR, which touted it as an anti-Muslim hate crime, has not apologized for or retracted the misinformation it spread.

More on this story. “Mich. mosque plot suspect’s criminal past examined,” from AP,

Assclown of the Month:

James Clapper,Intelligence Genius

Clapper Discovers ‘Flashpoint’ in Karabakh

The unresolved conflicts of the Caucasus and the fragility of some of the Central Asian states provide the most likely flashpoints in the Eurasia region, said James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence.

Clap Trap Watch

“This is obviously something we’re going to watch. We’re going to have to step up our observation.” (James Clapper, Obama’s director of national intelligence)

Muslim Brotherhood agenda unclear: Washington

Hussein Obama’s top US intelligence official has pledged to step up “observation” of the Muslim Brotherhood after admitting to ignorance of its agenda in Egypt. James Clapper, the President’s director of national intelligence, conceded yesterday that he was unclear about the group’s attitude to Iran, Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel or arms-smuggling to Gaza.

Challenged by members of the US Senate intelligence committee yesterday, Mr Clapper said: “It is hard to, at this point, to point to a specific agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood as a group.” (Source)

Saudis shaken, not stirred: “great bulwark of religious and political conservatism “

Sowdis feel ‘encircled’

Washington: As pro-democracy Islam uprisings spread across the Middle East, the rulers of Saudi Arabia — the region’s great bulwark of religious and political conservatism — are feeling increasingly isolated and concerned that the United States may no longer be a reliable backer, officials and diplomats say. (Source)

Good News:

Jews who meekly accept the jihad against them in Israel will not be “demonized,” but will instead contribute to a “positive perception of the Jewish community.” How wonderful!    California mosque distributes literature accusing Zionists of complicity with Nazis in Holocaust

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  1. Glen Beck of all the tv presenters actually seems to get it, he’s become required watching for me over the last couple of weeks (as i’m in the UK, I need some alternative to the bias of al-bbc!!). I hope, as he does, that he’s wrong but get the feeling he’s not far off with this one.

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