Jooliar's Act of Infamy

Update from Bolta:

“Stop Gillard’s carbon tax!”

The conservative Menzies House is running the petition here.

Lying Gillard must give us a new election before her taxNOT even supporters of Julia Gillard’s new carbon tax can dare forgive her for lying so shamelessly about it.

Andrew Bolt

This isn’t just about the virtues of a tax that will in fact make us poorer without changing the weather by a single storm.

Leave aside arguments about whether the world has even warmed this past decade (it hasn’t) or whether our useless sacrifice will at least persuade the big emitters to do the same (they won’t).

Let’s at least agree on the deceit.

At least four times in the fortnight before the last election, a desperate Gillard and her deputy, Treasurer Wayne Swan, swore they would not impose a carbon tax – a tax on carbon dioxide emissions that will drive up the cost of power.

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On August 12, Swan insisted there would be no carbon tax if Labor won: “We have made our position very clear, we have ruled it out.”

On August 18, he added: “What we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax.”

On August 16, Gillard was categorical: “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Two days before the poll she said it again: “I rule out a carbon tax.”

Why those promises? Because the Liberals were campaigning against the tax, and Labor knew if it had to rule it out to save itself.

And so, in the August 21 election, more than 80 per cent of voters backed parties that had promised no carbon tax. The trouble is, one of them was lying.

Flanked by the triumphant Greens, Gillard this week revealed she’d cheated her way into office. The public will now get the tax that most voted against, and which she’d promised not to introduce.

What Gillard has perpetrated is an insult to every voter. It destroys the trust we place in politicians to do as they promised and as we’ve charged them. It puts politicians beyond the power of the voters, undermining what is democracy’s great boast.

If Gillard has changed her mind on her tax, there is just one honourable way to introduce it – to ask voters at the next election for a mandate, as John Howard did when he changed his mind on a GST.

That means not introducing the tax next year, but after a new vote.

But Gillard’s way is a betrayal of democracy. A brazen fraud. An act of infamy.

10 thoughts on “Jooliar's Act of Infamy”

  1. My biggest question about the carbon tax is when was the decision to introduce the tax made? Was it a month ago? Two months ago? Or was it made behind closed doors with the greens and independants in a desperate attempt to win support to form government?

    If this was the case, then The Government has no mandate to hoist this insidious tax on us. Especially as they received the minority of the primary vote .

    l have noticed that the independants have been incredibly silent on the issue since it was announced.

  2. This administration never had a legit mandate in the first place. They maneuvered themselves into position by bribing 3 turncoat ‘independents’, all of them oxygen thieves.

    Just make sure that they are removed from power at the next election. We cannot afford these socialist experiments.

  3. Does anyone remember Johny Howard saying very emphatically, “THERE WILL BE NO GST”. Well I do folks. Politicians are a bunch of liars, and deceivers feathering their own nests. i CAN THINK OF NO LOWER FORM OF LIFE. I could not believe it when John Howard did it, and Abbott was in that Government bringing it on, so one can only assume ALL POLITICIANS ARE LIARS AND TURNCOATS. KEEPING THE BASTARDS HONEST WAS A DREAM OF THE DEMOCRAT LEADER DON CHIP.


  4. Catherine, in my view Howard was a kneejerk operator.

    Still, he did not set out to deceive, like Gillard did.

    He did the right thing on East Timor, and he did stop the boats.

    (Perhaps that is why we are paying for mosques & madrassas)

    The gun buyback was a stoopid thing to do; but all in all the Howard Costello team was economically savvy, it created a surplus and didn’t squander the resources of the nation, like the Fabian commies do.

    Speedo is not up to the job, we need someone who tackles the Mohammedan invasion instead of taxing us for breathing.

  5. Gillard is shit scared. She knows, along with those two independent turds that helped her form government that should Australia go to an election, they will all be kicked out. Oakshott and Windsor are to blame for this debacle, besides the waterborne bacteria entering our country. No one gave this fruit cake government the right to do as they are doing.
    Bring back Peter Costello. The only man with the political savvy to run this country well into the future.

  6. * Bring back Peter Costello

    One of the few who showed any leadership on islamisation, sharia law etc.

  7. Can’t say I was particularly fond of Peter, but considering what we’ve all ended up with…He’s the best option we’ve got…or maybe Joe?

  8. I think there’s going to be something on the news this evening in which this horrible bag (Gizzard) admits that she’s lying to the people of Australia.

    Or maybe she’s thought up another lie?


    Proof that Bob Brown has zero understanding of the most basic ways a market economy works, starting with how producers set a price to make a profit:

    Greens leader Bob Brown told Channel Ten: ‘’Our job is to ensure that the average Australian householder and car user is not punished by a carbon price. The idea here is to make the polluters pay – the big corporate pulluters.’’

    This man, who does not believe producers pass on costs to consumers, now shares control with Julia Gillard over the Australian economy.

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