Scum Vilifies Wilders While Islamization Continues

When scum hides behind ‘decency’

During Wednesday’s meeting, Junior farm minister Henk Bleker was quoted as saying the PVV’s call for a ban on Muslim headscarves make him feel sick and that party leader Geert Wilders’ suggestion that anti-social families be placed in special ‘scum villages’ was against all forms of decency.  (Source) Henk Bleker doesn’t think of himself of being scum….

Cartoons that vilify Wilders are cool, though:

The cartoon likens Wilders’ plan for ‘scum villages’ to Nazi death camps.

Dutch broadcaster removes anti-Wilders cartoon after threats to staff (Bunglawussi is inconsolable)

Islam in Europe:

Aarhus: Immigrant ghetto could become a ‘state within a state’

“We are heading towards a 100% parallel society, if we don’t intervene now.”

Ed Miliband to open a new chapter with the Muslim community

Young Miliband takes a dip in the sewers…..

Austria: More Muslims mean more sheep farmers

Recent surveys have shown that around 10 per cent of the Austrian population are Muslims.(source)

Belgium: Halal beer

This is the first malted drink – not beer – with a halal certificate in Europe. An Algerian imam certified Sultane.

Catalonia: Muslims ask to ban dogs from streets

Muslim associations say that the presence of those impure animals violates their religious freedom and the rights of Muslims to live according to the Koran.

Quote: “We can’t deny that today Islam is regarded as the biggest threat to Europe for many Europeans”

“It always comes back to that people are afraid of Muslims taking over their countries.”

2 thoughts on “Scum Vilifies Wilders While Islamization Continues”

  1. Anyone familiar with Islamic institutionalized pedophilia as witnessed in the PBS documentary about Afghan dancing boys in make up and girl’s clothes can any longer rationalize the sick cult aspect of this ideological exploitation of innocence? It is standard fare in any gender apartheid culture such as Islam? These perverts cover the women in tents for their entire lives while they dress the young boys as girls, There is a saying in Islamic countries:
    “Women are for children; boys are for pleasure”.
    NAMBLA is just wild about this, by the way.
    For some time now I have suspected that the reason so many on the left and otherwise in the West defend Islam so adamantly – while ignoring its litany of horrors against women and children, not to mention their romance with its terror – may well be that Islam is a darker a mirror reflection of many of the most depraved and darkest wishes of the warped Western mind. The ONLY difference is that terror misogyny, rape, pedophilia, murder & honour killings are a LEGITIMATE and inescapable fact of life inside Islam where abuse & hatred are institutionalized & from inception were transformed into a virulent ideology which pretends to be “virtue”. Islam grants the “believer” permission for all manner of abuse with the stamp of official religious authority. How the West views such activities is not all that different : The same actions in the West are officially scorned and quasi illegal but still represent the sick underbelly of society and Western religion, where obsession with children used for sex fetishistically in the West is officially frowned upon. For instance the media describes as shocking such stories as the one about the father who kept his daughter in a basement dungeon from the age of ten on & abusively made use of her sexually as well as impregnating her. He was punished, by law. Yet ALL of this and far far worse, stoning, hanging, etc, is an everyday occurrence in Islam countries and not a whisper is uttered by MSM or most who adamantly defend this sickness on the grounds that anything religious must be inherently inviolate. That is more than one can say for Islam’s children, who are violated from birth onward.

  2. i have a better idea…how about we just ban islam and muslims? who the hell are they to come to any of OUR countries and start banning dogs or anything else WE like? They are only in our countries to take over and each quisling concession by retarded “leaders” is cowardice and stupidity and not looking out for the lives and welfare of its CITIZENS and countrymen/women…..I am sick of their demands. Do these idiot leaders think that they won’t come killing anyway? What about getting a damned backbone already? I can’t believe this. I have a good idea…more and more and more PIT BULLS on the streets trained to sniff out the IMPURE moslems…they call OUR dogs impure…they are the impure murderers, the Nazis of our time. PIT BULLS it is.

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