Just tell us which lies, Muslim Pillagers!

Muslim Village, Muslim wankers:

If only they would tell us what lies Fox is telling about them?

Muslims are behaving like ‘spooky dude’ Soros, who pays  Muselputz Fareed Zakaria to put his pissweak denials on air, here:

Soros: Tea Party activists are being ‘used and deceived’

“Tea Party  people have been hit by a force that comes from somewhere which they can’t fully understand. And they are being misled.” (Source)

Soros: Beck & Murdoch Traffic Deceptive Orwelian ‘Newspeak…Falsehoods‘ Leading Gov’t in ‘Wrong Direction’

Muslims, if you don’t like the news, at least tell us who lies:

Fox News isn’t just `negative’ about Islam, the network tells non-stop lies about it Muselvillage

Now that the truth is slowly seeping out, the  soldiers of Allah throw hissy fits because the gig is up, the cat is out of the bag: Muselmaniacs can no longer deceive us.

No, it no longer works  to call us ‘racist, bigot, Islamophobe, rednecks and xenophobes’, because even those who are reality resistant  can no longer deny the ugly facts about jihad, terrorism, hostage taking, apostasy, pedophilia, rape of infidel women, polygamy, misogyny, honor killing, FGM,  the jiziya, dhimmitude, the caliphate, religiously mandated assassinations, killing of homosexuals and all the rest ;  like the stoning of adulterous women, wife beating,  public flogging and chopping off arms and limbs, beheadings of hostages and all the blackmail and piracy and and and……

The infidel machine may be rusty and needs a lot of oil to get started, but now  we cranked it up.

Its sputtering. No one can stop it.

Feb 19 2011

Following up on  the poll from the Public Religion Research Institute showing “a significant correlation between trust in Fox News and negative attitudes about Muslims,” Alex Seitz-Wald posts a chart that helps illustrate just how much more focused Fox News is on negative portrayals of Islam.

A conservative might argue that this just shows how complacent other networks are in the face of the “Islamofascist” threat. The problem is that much of Fox News’s coverage of Islam over the last year has been focused not on actual facts, but on the sort of fringe ideas about Islam in the United States that are rapidly becoming a permanent feature of the right wing culture war. Fox News spend a significant amount of time in the past year furthering the baseless conspiracy that most American mosques are radicalized, that the Obama administration has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and that Muslims in the U.S. are trying to impose Sharia law.

Last year’s debate over the proposed Islamic community centre blocks away from the ruins of the World Trade Centre provided another opportunity for Fox News to peddle this stuff ad nauseum, with on-air personalities accusing the Imam of trying to impose Sharia, of having “ties to the Muslim Brotherhood” (at this point, who doesn’t?) and that the project would be funded by terrorists.

The events in Egypt have produced some similar results — but because conservatives have been less unified on the matter, there’s been more balance than usual in their coverage of the protests. Nevertheless, if you want to hear about the coming European caliphate Fox News is still the channel to watch.

The problem isn’t that Fox News viewers hear a lot of negative things about Islam, it’s they hear a lot of false things about Islam. Then, as the poll suggests, Republican viewers of Fox News come away thinking they’re genuinely informed about Islam, when the opposite is the case. That’s the worst part, because those views, once entrenched, are hard to dislodge. Conservatives frustrated with the right’s support for deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak might want to consider the monster they’ve helped create.

2 thoughts on “Just tell us which lies, Muslim Pillagers!”

  1. FOX is the only news station that has the cojones to actually tell the truth. The rest of the MSM are worthless IMO. I will not expose myself to one moment of their brainwashing & lies. I boycott them all , as I would any liar and traitor. That is my personal choice and weapon of protest.

  2. Soros: Egypt would have been violent if Bush was in charge

    By Bridget Johnson

    Liberal financier commie bastard George Soros said in an interview aired Sunday that if President George W. Bush had still been in the White House instead of President Obama the Egypt revolution would have been violent.

    “President Obama did an outstanding job,” Soros said on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” “Just imagine if Bush and Cheney would have been in charge. I don’t think you would have had a peaceful revolution in Egypt.”

    “…President Obama sees it in terms of people asserting their right to be more in charge of the government,” he added.

    Soros said he believed that the regime in Iran will fall and that “Obama did actually there, also, a very good job by refusing to get involved and to be instigating regime change.”

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