No wonder the boats keep coming: 94% of illegal welfare seekers arriving by boat get their residency


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94% of illegal welfare seekers arriving by boat get their residency

(the rest sleeps with the fish..?)

Of course our inept Immigration Minister thinks it’s good and that the numbers of visas granted to the illegal arrivals are getting somewhat smaller.

ALMOST all asylum-seekers arriving in Australia waters over the past three years have had their refugee status applications approved, adding weight to claims that people-smugglers are taking advantage of the federal government’s immigration policies.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the recognition of asylum-seeker claims was made independently and on a case by case basis.

“Recognition rates do move around from time to time and have fallen since the beginning of 2010,” he said. (source)

A case by case basis????

What case is he talking about?

8 thoughts on “No wonder the boats keep coming: 94% of illegal welfare seekers arriving by boat get their residency”

  1. Keep them coming Australia. You can create a “truly multicultural society.” Just like the wise UK Labor party did over there.

    Yup. Just keep em coming. In fact, just get rid of your borders.

  2. I agree. I think our politicians all live in the same bubble.

    I have always proposed that all asylum seekers be housed in the same street as where our polician’s families reside, preferably in the neighbouring houses. And go to the same schools as the ones their children attend, and so on.

    1. Not only.

      Those who want them should be made to pay for them and provide personal guarantees to ensure their well being and behavior. Apart from that I would insist that no believing Muslim is given the right to settle here behind what he believes is non Islamic land to be conquered for Allah.

      A Muslim has 56 countries to chose if he needs refuge or asylum.

      Why should a soldier of allah be given asylum paid for by infidel sons of apes and swine?

  3. frakked – Enoch Powell warned your country forty years ago. Remember. Your countrymen, didnt like it – I was living there then – I know they didnt like it – but they did nothing. They are still doing nothing. Or hardly anything. It has become too big to handel as Mr. Powell warned his people.

    He was branded as the worst racist in history. I hope his family get some consolation from this today.

    Now, we are doing the same. Those politicians who bring evil to us, must be being paid. I think an investigation into their monetary affairs should be undertaken. It is just too suspect when politicians put their people at risk. They are like Gadaffi, bringing in outsider to mow his people down. This will happen to us.

  4. Exactly.

    There is a lot of social silencing to prevent any open discussion on this in our countries. Anyone who dares to is flagged as ignorant and xenophobic.

    I believe a lot of immigrants find Australians ‘naive’ because they are actually settling our country rather than integrating into it. Anyone who speaks out is socially humiliated and labelled a racist. Multiculturalism is promoted against the wishes of the mainstream by sychophantic policians because it allows immigrants to basically settle Australia. They can arrive and set up replicas of their homelands and a similar social lifestyle and campaign for the agenda of their own country and community.

    I suspect that democracy was never set up for ‘multicultural’ countries with high immigration rates because the immigrants start to control the politicians, and politicians feel they won’t get voted in if they don’t pander to their ethnic constituencies even if the policies are not going to benefit future generations of Australians.

  5. Honey

    John Adams once said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    The religious people he refers is to are Christians.

  6. Did it escape most Australians notice that the young boy who lost his parents in the refugee boating accident off our coast had RELATIVES ( uncles, Aunts), who attended the TAX PAYER FUNDED funeral, who are ALREADY residents in Sydney having got here, no doubt, as refugees at an earlier time.. After much hoo haa and wailing, beating of breasts, and histrionics for the cameras to beat up media sympathy by the rellies, this boy has already been released from detention , into their care! This PROVES that these so-called “refugees “are just queue jumpers who pay people smugglers to get here to join existing families who have also rorted the system!! ENUFF! whats the bet the funds to pay for the people smugglers were sent from these relatives who most likely are on welfare! SO its OUR TAX DOLLARS keeping this system afloat with more and more boat people! (no pun intended) JOOOLIA needs to get her brown nose out of the butts of the Multiculters, like the Greens and Obamas of this world . and listen to Tony Abbott, Zarkozy, Merkyl, and Cameron.. They all know its a failed policy!

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