Muslim Lies, Fake Surveys & False Accusations of Racism

An update from this:
Frantic flurry of activity in Australia as Muslims and Islamophiles defend Islam from perceived ‘attack’

In the past three days – in the wake of reports that some members of the Liberal-National Party had begun to pay attention to the unhappiness of their non-Muslim constituents as regards Islam and were wondering whether there may not be Votes to be gained in that quarter, and the plain speaking of politicians such as Cory Bernardi, and the release of a study on ‘racism’ that shows (seemingly) that some 48 % of Australians have ‘anti-Muslim’ feelings ( never mind that Islam is an ideology not an ethnos, so the fact that those conducting the study included questions about Islam and Muslims in a survey allegedly studying ‘racism’ doesn’t say much for their academic credentials), there has been a flurry of activity in the press.

The Muslims and Islamophiles are rushing to defend Muslims, representing Muslims in Australia as poor persecuted victims of evil racist Islamophobic bullies; politicians are ducking and dodging (even Mr Bernardi has backpedalled somewhat, alas); and the comments sections of newspapers and the ABC are hopping like ants’ nests (many of the comments still reveal total cluelessness, or are Muslims and their dhimmis spinning like mad; but sprinkled amongst the naive and the apologists are others that reveal that a good deal of the anti-Muslim feeling so deplored by the producers of that study on ‘racism’ is the result not of ignorance but of knowledge: knowledge of Muslim texts, knowledge of how Muslims generally treat non-Muslims).

To give some idea of what has erupted Down Under in the past week, I will post here, over the next day or so, some of the more telling items; closing with columnist Andrew Bolt’s blast of commonsense as regards the one million dollars that the Federal Government is allocating to try to prevent Muslim young people from becoming ‘extremists’, that is, from Going Jihad.

I will begin my series with two  reports on the results of the ‘racism’ study, one from the ABC and one from the Courier Mail.

The ABC:

‘Nearly half of Australians are anti-Muslim: study’.

‘A decade-long national study has found that nearly 50 percent of Australians identify themselves as having anti-Muslim attitudes.

‘Researchers from universities across the country polled thousands of people about their attitudes to different cultures and whether they had experienced racism.

Query. ‘Race’ is genetic; you don’t get to choose.  Culture is a construct, a thing chosen and deliberately produced and maintained. The people doing this study appear to have conflated two entirely different things.  It is one thing to fear or even hate a person who appears physically different due to skin colour, etc, things over which the person has no control; it is another to fear that person because of behaviours that are learned, taught, and consciously persisted in, and which can be changed, and replaced with other behaviours. – CM.

‘The research found around one in 10 Australians identified themselves as prejudiced against other cultures.

‘About one-quarter of those surveyed said they had anti-Semitic or anti-Asian attitudes, while a slightly larger number were prejudiced against Aborigines.

‘Anti-Muslim sentiment was even higher, at 48.6 percent.

‘Lead researcher Professor Kevin Dunn from the University of Western Sydney says recent political rhetoric has not helped.

Wait a minute. This study has been going for ten years. During that ten year period, the bulk of public discourse has not been anti-Muslim; if anything, it’s been pro-Muslim – CM.

‘If you continue to speak about a group as a problem, whether that be asylum seekers or Muslims (‘asylum seekers or Muslims’? – these days, it’s pretty much a distinction without a difference, as the overwhelming majority of ‘asylum seekers’ are …Muslims – CM) that will [be] cast within the public mind.

‘New South Wales was the state most intolerant of Muslims, with just over 54 % of people expressing prejudice.

NSW hosts Australia’s largest Mohammedan colony – expanding, aggressive and full of organised crime gangs – concentrated within Sydney’s southern and western suburbs.  How interesting that the state in whose capital city many residents have thad extensive up close and  personal daily contact with Muslims, is the state in which more than half those surveyed admitted to disliking Muslims. – CM.

‘The president of the Council of International Students, Robert Atcheson, says the survey is another blow to Australia’s already damaged reputation.

“If you’re an international student that’s looking at coming to Australia, or Canada or UK or the US, that could definitely sway their decision to go somewhere else”, he said.

I’d be sad if Israeli, or Malaysian Chinese Christian, or Indian non-Muslim students decided, on the basis of a study suggesting that a quarter of Australians harbour some anti-Jewish or anti-‘Asian’ feelings [nota bene: in Australia, the term ‘Asian’ means ‘East Asian’ – Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and perhaps also Indian or Thai] not to come study in Australia.

But if a report that more that 54 % of New South Welshmen and about 48 % of Aussies in general, are leery of Muslims dissuades Muslims from coming here to ‘study’, well, I see that as a good thing.   We can do without ‘students’ such as the Nigerian Muslim bloke who studied in the UK…and became the Underpants Bomber.   And we can do without ‘students’ such as the Turkish Muslim who was arrested last year in Queensland for engaging in pedophile grooming of what he thought was an underage moppet at an online kiddy chat room (the moppet, alas for him, was in fact a big hairy policeman) and the Libyan Muslim who had no sooner set foot on Australian soil, in South Australia, than he started grabbing and groping the Australian barely-legal ‘uncovered meat’.

The ABC permitted comments to this report.  Read them: some are very interesting, and revealing. – CM.

Now for the Herald-Sun and Courier-Mail’s take on the subject,  one Evonne Barry reporting.

Note the headline, subliminally suggesting the ‘Muslims are the new Jews’ trope.

‘Australia a land of racists: Survey finds many anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic’.

If one dislikes Islam and Muslims, one may be described as ‘bigoted’, perhaps; but not as ‘racist’.   Please repeat after me 1000 times, Ms Barry and your editor: ‘Islam is not a race, Islam is a belief-system’. – CM.

‘Biggest survey done on racism in Australia’

‘One in three racist towards Aborigines’

‘Victoria one of the most tolerant states’

Victoria the most tolerant. Interestingly, Victoria, or more correctly its capital, Melbourne, also contains Australia’s largest concentrations of Greeks, Italians, and Jews. – CM.

‘Half of Australians harbour anti-Muslim sentiments and a quarter are anti-Semitic, according to the biggest survey ever done on racism in this country.

If the study was intended to measure racism, strictly speaking, it should not have included questions about Islam and Muslims; measuring attitudes toward Muslims and Islam should have been the task of an entirely separate study. – CM.

‘One in three also admit some level of racist feelings against indigenous people, reported the Herald Sun.

‘The survey of 12,500 people, conducted by leading universities (it would be worth knowing which ones, and whether any of them have a strong Muslim presence and influence on campus and in the faculty – CM),

found Victoria to be one of the most tolerant states.

‘But comparisons between 15 regions statewide show stark differences.

People in Melbourne’s outer north, including the shires of Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Hume, recorded Victoria’s highest rates of negative sentiments against Jews (31.4 %), Asians (26.8 percent) and Britons (12.8 percent).

In the comments to the Andrew Bolt column which discusses this study on ‘racism’ (I will post Mr Bolt’s excellent piece at the end of this series) one CB of Seaford  pointed out the following interesting detail: “Not forgetting that Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs have the highest rate of anti-semitism. Don’t those suburbs also contain the highest rate of Muslims? So who’s racist?’ – CM.

Anti-Muslim feelings were highest in outer western council areas of Melton, Wyndham and Brimbank, but these areas also reported the state’s lowest rates of racist attitudes to Asians [i.e. non-Muslim Asians, such as the Chinese or Vietnamese – CM] and Italians.

Hmmm. So it seems that the same people who dislike Muslims, have no problems with Asians and Italians (that is, with non-Muslims). – CM.

‘The 12-year-study found 84 percent of people have seen evidence of racial prejudice.  And more than 40 percent believed “Australia is weakened by people of different ethnic origins sticking to their old ways”.

‘Study co-author Dr Yin Paradies, from the University of Melbourne, said racism against minorities was most common in areas that were more highly populated by those minorities.

‘”There is a general finding across the world that ethnic density tends to be related to levels of racism, but not always”, he said. “The inner (Melbourne) suburbs tended to have very tolerant attitudes, but there is quite a bit of ethnic diversity there”.

It depends on which diverse ‘ethnic groups’ we are talking about...- CM.

‘The council areas of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Yarra boasted Victoria’s highest levels of “cross-cultural relations” and fewest calls for “pro-assimilation”.  However, inner Melbourne residents surveyed for the Challenging Racism Project also recorded the highest levels of anti-Christian (21.3 percent) and anti-Italian (12.6 percent) sentiments.

What?  So these ‘scholars’ classified ‘Christian’, like ‘Muslim’ as a “race”??  Questions about attitudes toward practitioners of a religion or belief system do not belong in an academic ‘project’ that has the title ‘Challenging Racism’.  And here’s another logical problem: the groups ‘Italian’ and ‘Christian’ are not mutually exclusive.  So what is this ‘study’ doing asking people how they feel about ‘Italians’ and then asking them how they feel about ‘Christians’??  And I would love to know whether Muslims took part in this study, and were asked how they felt about Jews, Christians, blacks, Chinese polytheists, etc… – CM.

‘Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke praised Victorians generally, but admitted concern at some of the findings.

“Multiculturalism isn’t an end point.  It’s something we have to keep working on”, she said.

Good luck persuading the Muslims to drop the ‘dar al Islam’ vs. ‘dar al Harb’ enmity and fit in with the rest of us. Won’t happen.  You’re in for a most unpleasant awakening one day, Ms Szoke.

The only consolation I draw from all this is that, despite the enormous propaganda effort on behalf of Muslims and Islam that has been churned out in our press and academia and spouted by politicians in the past twenty years or so, about half the Australian population doesn’t seem to have bought it.  The $64 000 dollar question, of course, is whether the percentage of Australians who are leery of Islam is decreasing or increasing.

What is also clear is that Muslims appear to be disliked a good deal more than any others, whether those others be defined ethnically or by belief system. – CM.

8 thoughts on “Muslim Lies, Fake Surveys & False Accusations of Racism”

  1. “‘Nearly half of Australians are anti-Muslim: study’.”

    This is truly appalling that only 50% of Australians are anti Muslim.

    With Islam and it’s followers been exposed day after day,year in year out as the vicious,savage anti human Godless cult that it is,in more enlightened times this figure would have been at least 80%.

    Shame on those Australians who are NOT Anti Islam / Muslim

  2. My experience is that Australians are the most easygoing, a-political people in the world.

    9 out of 10 are clueless when it comes to politics, some of the really great people I know in my area never watch TV, (the state run media is really the worst in the world) and I have long given up buying newspapers.

    The schools indoctrinate the kiddies with luvvy things like glo-bull worming and the ‘fair go’, whereas the Muslim schools teach the kidz (at our expense) how to annihilate the kuffar.

    The glass is still half full, Aussie.

  3. I agree with you Sheik, my take on it most Aussies don’t tend to worry about things to much unless it effects them directly, thus they are happy to let minority groups have what they want if it is deemed to only effect else where or not be a major issue.

    This has been abused for decades by well organized lobby groups all and sundry, business interests, anti smoking groups, Regional TV network owners, unions, whoever, and no body in particular, but also by muslim groups and islamic enablers.

    The politicians are happy enough to give most lobby groups what they want and keep them quiet because the general public are not too concerned and thus its does not cost votes. On top of that they get the vote of the lobby group followers.

    Of course, now the games up with islam, now its effecting every one, even in forgotten regional towns, and now they ask “who said we agree to let this lot in, they aint nothin like the rest”.

    Possibly the biggest shock for the islamics is many Aussies have started not listening to them any more. Every day more an more Aussies (still not enough) are consulting the history books and genuine islamic texts, and realising these people not only promoting a contrary to normal and rather questionable ideology, but they are also unashamed and expert bullshitters!

    Every day the odds are getting better the moslem supremacist bigots have trouble comin… The odds are still a bit long right now though!

  4. Australia will go under.

    There is way too much ignorance and “she’ll be right mate” or “it’s none of our business, don’t get involved.”

    Australians will end up Dhimmis unless some kind of formal resistence is organised.

    Remember I said this.

  5. Kotsiras? No surprises here.

    As for the white supremacist stickers and anti-refugee slogans: how do we know they are not inflicted on us by our enemies?

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