Patel whines

Religious prejudice gone ‘beyond a joke’

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Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel says the vilification of Muslims in Australia is getting ”beyond a joke”.

Mr Patel, who was named last month the ACT’s Australia Day ambassador, was dismayed to learn ACT senator Gary Humphries had tabled a petition on behalf of three Sydneysiders calling for a 10-year moratorium on ”Muslim immigration”.

”For God’s sake,” Mr Patel said. ”All in the name of Christianity, and all its values of generosity and inclusiveness.”

Mr Patel is disappointed Senator Humphries tabled the petition on behalf of voters outside the ACT, without canvassing his intentions with the capital’s Muslim community.

Last Wednesday three prominent Liberal parliamentarians former immigration minister Kevin Andrews, Senator Cory Bernardi and frontbencher Mitch Fifield made headlines when they raised the spectre of hardline Muslims encouraging separatism in Australia.

Senator Bernardi cited the Halal meat industry as an example of ”extreme” practices that should be opposed by non-Muslims.

”I, for one, don’t want to eat meat butchered in the name of an ideology that is mired in sixth century brutality and is anathema to my own values,” Senator Bernardi said.

Mr Patel said the petition tabled by Senator Humphries was all the more damaging because it was tabled the day after newspapers printed the claims by the three parliamentarians.

”We have a $6 billion Halal meat trade in Australia, which is nothing to baulk at,” he said.

I have serious doubt about that. Can anyone verify this?

”We have half a million Muslims in Australia, the chief executive of Australia Post is a Muslim, a federal parliamentarian is a Muslim, a member of the Australian cricket team is Muslim.

That doesn’t mean anything. Its a worry. So if a few of them are gainfully employed and pay taxes does that make them special?

”I mean, what more can we do? It’s beyond being a joke now.”

Losing our lands, our culture and civilization to invading soldiers of Allah is no joke. Our very existence is at stake.

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  1. Screw the Muslims. I am sick of that backward 9th century primitive bunch. I will speak up whenever I want to and I will not be silenced about evil Islam.

  2. Patel whines, Gillard responds?

    The answer to growing resistance to multiculturalism on Gillard’s Isle is …
    more multiculturalism (well, more islam, by the looks of the pic):

    [THE Gillard Government will beef up a campaign supporting multiculturalism in the face of what is seen as growing resistance to new arrivals.

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen tonight revealed the campaign would salute what he called “the genius of Australian multiculturalism”.]

    * Reason enough for me to vote Coalition, if it chooses to resist this crap.

  3. Naturally, there will be a “strategy” to deal with and punish opponents of failed multiculturalism …

    [“We will also establish a National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy to design and deliver an anti-racism strategy.” ]

    I wonder what “race” they have in mind?

  4. Yes indeed, Ahmed Fahour has been appointed Australia Post MD and CEO. But what did he do when he was CEO of Australia Bank? He concentrated his efforts to make Oz banking sharia compliant….

    Lebanese-born Australian aims to build first global Islamic bank

    I for one am not impressed.

    Neither am I impressed with Ed Husic, a Labor prop:

    Australia: Ed Husic, “non-practising Muslim”, to be sworn in with …

    Australia’s Keith Ellison, to put it mildly.

    And I don’t care for ball-players of any sort…..

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