Power to the EDL!

Tommy Robinson Addresses EDL in Luton’s St George’s Square

In the first of these videos Tommy Robinson addresses EDL protesters in Luton’s packed St George’s Square. The second shows the EDL under police escort to the town centre. The crowd appears well behaved and orderly. Finally, the third video features Robinson speaking to an ITN news crew and stating that he too regrets the cost of today’s police operation, but points out that the EDL has to make a stand because our politicians have not been addressing the issues with which the EDL is concerned. It’s been a very busy week for Robinson and media attention for the EDL has never been higher, testimony to the resonance of its message with the general public.

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Here’s a smug knob from Al SKY talking down Tommy Robinson:

Following his interview with Jeremy Paxman on Wednesday evening in advance of today’s EDL demonstration in Luton, Tommy Robinson yesterday put up a good performance against a smug grinning Sky News presenter named Adam Boulton. In this he drew attention to death threats against him and his family which have been made by Muslim militants and the fact that he and some other leading members of the EDL such as Guramit Singh have to live with 24-hour police protection. Despite clearly outlining the threats to his personal safety and his reading out a police message advising him to keep out of Luton today because of death threats, Boulton kept asking him why he thought it necessary to assume a pseudonym and initially to have worn a balaclava at the first EDL demonstration. Might not the communication at the beginning of the interview have rendered such questions superfluous Mr Boulton? A video of the interview is posted below:

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  1. Funny how the 4th estate wants to demonize the EDL members for hiding their faces, but it ok for Muslims to force their women to wear veils. Thanks for standing up against the horrid threats that Islam brings against the west Shiek 🙂

  2. How could be sooooooooooo stupid like the TV-host?

    “A ‘moderate Muslim’ can become an extremist and terrorist overnight” Page 229
    “SHOW ISLAM NO RESPECT … It’s all about the Koran stupid Kafir” (Page 271)
    Chapter 21 “Teaching Islam To Children Is Child Abuse” 1.3 MB
    By An Unknown Kafir (son of a 9-11 victim) But Not Yet A Dhimmi of Islam

  3. Great Job Tommy! Put that smug bastard in his place!!
    I wonder if he’ll feel and act the same if one of his female relatives wanders into one of the “No Go Areas” and the “Asian” gangs wanna have a go?

    Posted on 29/07/2011 by KGS
    First published at the Gates of Vienna, and republished here courtesy of Paul Weston himself. KGS

    The BBC, Breivik, the EDL and Islam

    The English writer and former UKIP parliamentary candidate Paul Weston weighs in on the state of the BBC, as evidenced by the treatment of Tommy Robinson by Jeremy Paxman on a recent Newsnight program.

    The BBC, Breivik, the EDL and Islam
    by Paul Weston

    The BBC regards itself as a politically impartial organisation, but their behaviour in the fallout of the Breivik atrocity shows them to be nothing other than the unapologetic propaganda arm of the hard Left and Islam.

    There are atrocities and there are lesser atrocities in the peculiar thinking of BBC executives. After 9/11 they went to positively surreal lengths to disassociate Islam from terrorism. They publicly asked what we had done wrong to arouse such animosity and scoured the length and breadth of Britain to produce Muslims who would denounce the airliner attacks as terrible yes, but Islamic? No, no and no again.

    Just two days after 9/11 those decidedly un-impartial bosses at the BBC contrived to fill a Question Time audience with a large number of handpicked haters of America who reduced Philip Lader, former United States ambassador to the Court of St. James, to tears as they chanted anti-American slogans while the BBC moderator remained outwardly impassive, but inwardly exultant.

    Much the same happened after the Islamic transport bombings in London on 7 and 21 July 2005. Question Time was again the culprit, but this time they filled the audience with Muslims in numbers totally unrepresentative of their population share, or as the BBC so disingenuously put it:

    “In order to ensure a range of voices on these issues, the studio audience contained a higher proportion of Muslims in the audience than in the population as a whole — around 15% — but the rest of the audience — around 85% — included representatives of a number of other different ethnic and religious groups, including Christian, Hindu, Sikh, African Caribbean, English, Irish, Kashmiri and Turkish.”

    Although we should perhaps be grateful that a handful of English people and Christians were even allowed into the BBC studio, it seems clear that the purpose of the exercise was to excuse Islam for actions carried out in the name of Islam, whilst shutting down any robust criticism by making sure any potential critics were numerically outnumbered by a hostile majority.

    This brings us to their rather different attitude in the wake of the Norway terrorist attack where the perpetrator — as described ad infinitum by the BBC — was a blue-eyed, blond-haired, right-wing Conservative/Christian fundamentalist. BBC newsreader Kate Silverton went the extra mile in ensuring a Norwegian interviewee repeated the word “Nazi” three times in his description of the physical looks of Breivik — just to make sure we all fully understood her subliminal point.

    To the BBC, the EDL are the Nazis reborn and thus just waiting for any old excuse to go on a murderous rampage against all the non-Aryans in their midst. How they must have salivated at the thought of getting EDL leader Tommy Robinson onto Newsnight, where the poor little lamb would be soundly taken apart and exposed by their Attack-Dog-In-Chief, Mr Jeremy Paxman.

    Unfortunately for the BBC, that turned out not be the case (see video courtesy of Vlad Tepes blog). Mr Paxman’s clear intention was not to discuss why Breivik had run amok, or how such an atrocity could be prevented in the UK, but simply to associate — by any dishonest means possible — Tommy Robinson and the EDL with Breivik.

    It was hopelessly one-sided. The gurning, grimacing Paxman went down all sorts of disingenuous trails in his quest to expose Mr Robinson and the EDL as being somehow complicit in the actions of Breivik, but was bulldozed by the unflappable and indefatigable Tommy Robinson who took Paxman apart by utilising a number of things in his possession which Paxman had rather foolishly neglected to bring with him. Memo to Mr Paxman, they are called truth, facts and reality. Poor old Paxo, who admits to knowing little about Islam, was publicly shamed and ritually stuffed.

    But his humiliation is no cause for celebration. The result of the interview is to a measure irrelevant; it was the intention of the interview which was both shameful and potentially calamitous in the way it deliberately skirted around a monumentally important issue in order to indulge in politically-driven character assassination.

    Breivik was driven to mass murder in his own mind because he felt he was no longer represented by the political process; that his opinions either counted for nothing or that he could be jailed for even voicing them. The BBC is only too aware that Breivik’s views on Cultural Marxism, mass immigration and Multiculturalism are shared by millions of Europeans and Britons, yet they wish to shut these views down in the full knowledge it will drive future Breiviks to just such a course of murderous action.

    If the BBC high command were not filled with aged yet adolescent Marxist Useful Idiots, Paxman might have raised and debated the following points with Mr Robinson:

    1. Do the white working class British feel alienated from the political process?
    2. How many share the political concerns of Anders Breivik?
    3. If it is a large minority, what can be done to politically salve them?
    4. If it is a majority, ditto the above.
    5. If nothing changes, could there be a similar incident in Britain?
    Mr Paxman of course asked no such questions. So far removed from intelligent adulthood is he that when Mr Robinson warned that a similar atrocity could occur in Britain in the near future if we continue on our present route of Islamic appeasement, Paxman’s immediate response was to accuse Mr Robinson of making a threat!

    Astonishing, absolutely astonishing. Here was a chance for the BBC to sit down and discuss a matter of supreme importance with an articulate and knowledgeable man who, unlike the gilded socialists, actually lives within a Muslim area, and who represents the views of millions of working class people the BBC class warriorsprofess to embrace, but unfortunately so rarely get to meet in the bijoux cafes and latte-drinking establishments of Islington, Hampstead and other such liberal environs.

    There is nothing to be done with the BBC. They think the Religion of Submission is a religion of peace, and propagandise endlessly to that effect, whereas legitimate grievances exhibited by Brits who actually live cheek-by-jowl with Islam are not just wrong, but evil, and anyone who resents their country, culture and freedoms being incrementally wrested from them can be labelled as a conservative/right-wing racist, capable of murder.

    Bear in mind the pre 9/11 mindset of a typical vowel-dropping, glottal-stopping, Champagne-quaffing, lobster-scoffing, intern-boffing BBC Class Warrior. They used to revere the working class and were constantly propagandising for equality for women and homosexuals (although not perhaps, Jews…) but then along comes Islam with its less-than-liberal approach to the objects of Socialist deification, and next thing you know they have disowned the working class and turned a blind eye to Islam’s appalling treatment of anyone not bearded, straight or male.

    Why? What happened to them in order that this extraordinary moral and political hypocrisy could come about? My personal view is that the upper echelons of the BBC, who number only in low double figures, have betrayed their principles and their country at the altar of typically hypocritical Socialist greed and the petro-dollar.

    Saudi Arabia is reputed to have invested $90 billion in the West. Ten-million quid each or even a hundred-million quid each to a handful of BBC higher-ups is peanuts to them. The BBC is the most influential media outlet in Britain, indeed the world, and is still viewed by millions of the less politically aware as a bastion of truth and decency. He who controls the BBC sets the agenda for much of the rest of the British media — and thus the dissemination (or non-dissemination) of information — so it is clearly in the interests of the Saudis to control the BBC.

    How else to explain the BBC’s promotion of a religious/political ideology that should be repellent to their liberal views? Why did they appoint the controversial Muslim, Aaqil Ahmed, to head up the BBC Religious Broadcasting Department, when he had already been accused of making programmes with a pro-Islamic bias? Why does the BBC vilify the white working class as racist bigots? Why has Director-General, Mark Thompson omitted mass immigration from the public debate?

    Why do National Union of Journalist guidelines seek to hide the truth in racial/religious attacks when the perpetrators are foreign, whilst committing to the destruction of “right-wing” racism? Why does the BBC require that Islam be treated more sensitively than any other religion? Why does the BBC promote Islam as a female-friendly religion of peace, but Christianity as a hot bed of imperialism, racism and murder? Why is the BBC so deeply and passionately enraged by the existence of Israel?

    One could go on, but that is probably enough. Were Prime Minister David Cameron a proper Conservative, he would order his top policeman to take a long and detailed look into the bank accounts and holidaying habits of high-level BBC executives. That they have betrayed their country is unarguable, but it would be nice to know whether they had done it for money rather than through an adolescent and wholly misguided revolutionary fervour.

    When Jeremy Paxman chose to take Tommy Robinson’s genuine fear of a Breivik style attack in Britain as a personal threat, he exposed his intolerant, elitist and bourgeois attitude to what he perceives as the inherently violent and racist lumpenproletariat. And he did much more than just that — he also shut down any debate on how such an attack could be avoided.

    I have written before that a future religious civil-war will be preceded by tit-for-tat small scale atrocities, and now we have seen the start. By shamefully closing down a desperately needed debate in order to pursue perverse and politically-driven objectives, Paxman, the BBC and the entire political liberal/left have ensured the inevitability of potential carnage and thus have the blood of future innocents on their hands alongside those of the inevitable psychopathic perpetrator.

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