Spencer on the Glenn Beck Show with Eric Bolling, on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

Disgusting!… Michael Scheuer Says: “Israel is Going to Cost Us Blood & Lives As Long As We Pursue Relationship With Israelis

What a despicable, worthless cretin this ex-spook Michael Scheuer is! Scheuer has a long history of making anti-Semitic statements, but this one is the straw that breaks the camels back:

“Israel is such an enormous detriment to the United States. Our relationship with the Israelis. That it’s going to become clear to the Americans that this is just going to cost us blood and lives the longer we pursue this relationship with the Israelis.”

What a disgusting statement. Spencer rips him a new one….

Zuhdi Yasser is delusional: he remains a Muslim who cannot, or will not come clean. At present there is no alternative to the MB, and he knows that. The fact that he still tells us the Islamic revolution is all about the people speaks for itself. That means he wants a clerical regime, blood on end and all the trimmings of sharia.

I’m done with Yasser. He’s either a complete moonbat or a jihadist snake.

wtd  on GWP digs into his box of treasures and reminds us:

“. . .intelligence agents who operate at the level of Michael Scheuer: a schoolboy, with a schoolboy’s understanding of Islam, and his worldview vitiated by his peculiar views on assorted Jewish cabals here and there. . .”link

“. . .Think, for example, of that simpleton Michael Scheuer, who was actually put in charge of something called the “Bin Laden” desk, and who knows nothing, absolutely nothing, about Islam. What’s more, he appears to be touched by the same pathological view of “Jewish power” which, by now, we all recognize not as something merely unpleasant, or deplorable, but nowadays, as in the 1930s, given the nature of the enemy, renders Scheuer and others like him positive security risks. . .”link

“. . .Mr. Scheuer at the conference stated that there were no Terrorists at Guantanamo, only insurgents. At the prison in Afghanistan where John Walker Lindh was captured, all the prisoners were insurgents, not terrorists. Then Scheuer had the audacity to claim “tha Al-Qaeda’s strength is not in religion but American policies which are not popluar in the Muslim world”. . .I doubt if Mr. Scheuer, and others like him, have ever met a Terrorist they didn’t like.” link

Caroline Glick’s insights into the region are really on-target. She was interviewed by Mark Levin yesterday (1st hour) about the uprising in Egypt:http://tinyurl.com/4o7y6uw

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