The Enemedia: Cheerleaders For Islam & Jihad

Deja vu.

Egypt’s Mubarak steps down

The liberal fools who have been hailing the “democratic revolution” and the “fall of the dictator” will soon learn more about the true nature of Islam.

Now the real revolution begins.

Pray for Israel and pass the ammunition.

For us, and for Egypt, comes a highly dangerous and unstable period:

1. The extent of the implementation of Islamic law in the coming months and years. Obviously, the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t in the game for just a little Sharia.
2. The rights of non-Muslim religious minorities and the basic physical safety of the Copts, which was deplorable even under Mubarak.
3. The rights of women, and the practice of female genital mutilation, which is widespread in Egypt.
4. New Egyptian foreign policy and a new regime’s dealings with Hamas, Iran, Hizballah, Syria, and other jihadist regimes and organizations. Also, its relationship with northern Sudan, bent on its own renewal of Sharia.
5. The peace treaty with Israel.
6. The potential domino effect of uprisings in other Islamic countries.

Those are but a few — there are others. “Egypt’s Mubarak steps down,” from CNN, February 11:

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned Friday, relinquishing power after three decades of iron-clad rule in the powerhouse nation of the Arab world.(Via JW)

“Egypt is free! Egypt is free!” Egypt is free?

All I hear is “Allahu akbar…”

Stuck in a hotel on the Gold Coast, (no FoxTV, only sports coverage, what could be more important?) the ENEMEDIA  relentlessly cheers the Egyptian uprising: freedom, (under Islam?) democracy (under Islam?) joy (under Islam?) and the usual BS, which is identical to the arrival of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran back in 1979.

Same clueless, mindless enthusiasm, as if an Islamic revolution was a good thing. Anyone who believes Egyptians will get ‘freedom & democracy’ out of this believes also that the moon is made of green cheese, Islam is peace and global warming the ‘biggest challenge of our time”.

Our enemies are laughing:

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  1. Egypt is free to do what?
    Go back to the 7th century?
    There is no freedom where there is a tyranny of the majority.

  2. Agreed,eib.
    And the same goes for the tyranny of the minority,which seems to be the condition of the good ol’ U S of A.

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