The Rabble That Keeps Deceiving Us

Andrew Bolt

Liar in chief: Jooliar Dillard

80 per cent of Australians at the last election voted for parties that specifically promised not to impose a carbon tax. One of those parties lied.

YOUR Prime Minister  Joooliah lied six months ago and she lied again yesterday about a useless new green tax that will drive up your power bills.

Here she is with Alan Jones who rips her a new one (a pleasure to listen, he really lets fly)

Here she lies again:   Gillard flip-flops on carbon tax

Gillard refuses even to explain her big lie

Update: “The Lies Are Necessary”- the enemedia backs the liars:

Your economy in their hands

Dennis Shanahan on the rabble now ruling Australia, and deciding that what it needs is a great, green and utterly useless tax:

Can you tell who is the PM of Australia?

Tim Blair:

Seriously. Just look at them.

Terry McCrann:

Gillard’s carbon tax will not only push up electricity prices; it will increase the price of everything.

Professor Bob Carter:

It is difficult to decide whether to be more astonished by the scientific ignorance or the political stupidity inherent in today’s announcement by the Prime Minister and her Multi-party Climate Change Committee (MCCC) that a tax on carbon dioxide emissions will be introduced on July 1st, 2012.

Beware of Bob Brown’s “green jobs”


At yesterday’s joint press conference to announce a new carbon tax, Greens leader Bob Brown claimed that Germany showed how switching to green power would create thousands of jobs.

In fact, the US Center for Policy Analysis warns that creating green jobs with massive public subsidies actually kills jobs elsewhere in the private sector, as we’ve seen in Spain, Denmark and Germay: Six studies cited in the report found that the net job effect of Germany’s green job policies were either negligible or negative.

3 thoughts on “The Rabble That Keeps Deceiving Us”

  1. Vicious. But who ever claimed the left had morals or ethics?

    This ‘carbon tax’ will create more dependency on the government and will give Labor the power to buy votes from the proletariat that invades us.

    The Evil Right reminds us that Julia Gillard did not simply misspeak when she promised days before the election not to introduce a carbon tax. It was a promise she made several times – and by Treasurer Wayne Swan as well:

    12 August 2010 – Swan on the ABC:

    Treasurer Wayne Swan has promised a re-elected Labor government will not put a tax on carbon during its next term of office.

    Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey pressed Mr Swan on the issue on Thursday, demanding to know whether Australia would be hit with a carbon tax in the next three years under Labor.

    ”We have made our position very clear, we have ruled it out,” the treasurer told ABC Television

    18 August 2010 – Swan on Meet The Press:

    What we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax.

    16 August 2010 – Gillard on Channel 10:

    There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.

    20 August 2010 – Gillard in The Australian.

    I rule out a carbon tax.

  2. Julias talking like a moslem leader, or Mr Gobels, tell the same lie enough people think its unquestionable true fact

  3. Love that photo!! laughed my head off! A line up of Dumbells… The one on our right scratching his head exemplifies the “Leadership” “what the hell am I doing here?” from right to left we have Joooliah( Dumb) one who remains nameless.. Partially Dumb, then Bob Brown (Totally Dumb) then the woman( who the hell is she?) Dumber, and faceless guy Dumbest… this is the fools gallery running our country! God help us all!

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