A bullet would be so much more efficient…..

Another mosque rat exploits liberal  Yuman Rites largesse to the max:

Just what is it with radical Muslims who openly hate everything about the West but fight tooth and nail in which to remain here?

Germany strips Egyptian imam of asylum rights over hate speech (M & C)

Muenster, Germany – An Egyptian-born imam lost a court fight Wednesday to stave off his expulsion from Germany after he was accused of preaching hatred towards Christians and Jews.

The superior administrative tribunal in Muenster, northern Germany, agreed to a federal government demand to strip his political asylum. A lower tribunal must now review whether to order his actual deportation to Egypt.

His lawyer said he would appeal, adding, ‘This may take years.’

Germany ordered him stripped of asylum rights in 2006 but the Muslim preacher fought the order in the courts.

Lost in translation. He’s not doing it anymore:

He has filed papers insisting that he ceased preaching in favour of jihad, or holy war, in 2000. He asserts that a German transcript of him calling for violence against Jews and Christians is a mistranslation of what he said in Arabic.

But the Muenster judges said he had lost his right to asylum through past actions that breached the United Nations prohibition on terrorism.

4 thoughts on “A bullet would be so much more efficient…..”

  1. All this was predictable from the start. Muslims are required to stay as a cohesive community just as any invader needs to, to repel any opposing force. For hundreds of years, Western writers and thinkers have warned of the dangers that Islam poses the West and Europe. But what did our politicians do? They ignored all that and quite literally invited millions of Muslims to settle in the West, many of them on Welfare.

    Present day writers on Islam are not very different except they still have to call for an immediate cessation of immigration of Muslims. The reason to stay quiet, which could be understood a few years ago, is now not operable. We are sleepwalking to a catastrophe – civil wars breaking out all over the West, a veritable bunch of Bosnias.

  2. I can see that Muslims are only taking advantage of the idiocy of our political elite. Cant blame them. But what of professional Muslims?It is astonishing that Muslims, specially the educated and professional ones, despite being fully aware that they are not wanted in the UK or in the West, are still here. Don’t they have any shame? If I was not wanted in any country, I would be off. The idea of forcing myself on other people’s hospitality is deeply repugnant, and should be a matter of great shame to any honourable person.

    But here they are, from Warsi to the asylum seeker, they won’t leave. If they are thrown out, they fight tooth and nail, right up to the European Human Rights court. If they are still deported, they try to sneak back illegally. No shame – none at all. And then I’m told that Islam is a “shame” culture, and they value their honour above all.

  3. There is NO honor in islam, and no honor in being a muslim where one use violence, deceit and dishonesty to achieve ones goals, and one cannot complete against others without threatening them with death if you loose.

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