Australia: NSW Police counter-terrorism team are now investigating 12 cases

Top cop tells of shift in terror threat

Bear in mind that this is a threat that’s been almost entirely imported over the past 30 years, yet restrictions on further such imports are considered too rude for serious debate:

Just months after ASIO director-general David Irvine revealed that his agency was investigating hundreds of terrorism leads, Mr Dein said the number of live investigations hinted at the scale of the counter-terrorism challenge that still confronted authorities more than 10 years after the September 11 attacks on the US, and the destructive potential of violent extremists.

All’s well, kafir. Go back to sleep:

But he emphasised that none of his command’s 12 investigations was at the stage where it represented an imminent threat to the community. Are any of these threats from Buddhists or Presbyterians?

The Australian/thanks to Mullah

Neighbourly tosh from Sally: “Its complex”

[Criminologists say that, like previous ethnic crime spikes, this one reflects a systemic lack of social, economic and logistical support for vulnerable new arrivals.

“If we’re going to take migrants from diverse backgrounds we have a moral obligation to support them as much as possible,” says Paul Wilson, head of criminology at Bond University.]

* What about the “vulnerable” victims of rape, bashing & the like?

* Since when did we have a “moral obligation” to take migrants, let alone to support them?

[Superintendent Mark Wright, the local area commander, says there is no crime problem among the local Sudanese. Reports of gangs forming turned out to be simply groups of young men hanging out in public, conspicuous because they are tall, black, physically imposing and often loud.]   Migrant groups going gang busters/Sally Neighbour


Ethnic Crime, Australia

It is not the denial of ethnicity in organised crime but the denial of Islam which is very stupid

Please note that in this article the geographical term “Middle Eastern” is now wrongly being associated with “ethnicity”.

While individual Assyrians, Jews, Indigenous Egyptians or Syriac people  may  indeed be involved in criminal activities, they are not the problem here (all these ethnic groups can fit the label – ME appearance).

None of the police or experts interviewed by The Australian supported the assertion that multiculturalism leads to crime, but most argued ethnically based criminal activity was a reality that must be acknowledged.

“Complete denial of ethnicity in organised crime is very stupid,” said Paul Wilson, head of criminology at Bond University. “There is a lot of evidence . . . that some gangs are ethnically based, and while it may be politically correct to say they’re not, I think the facts fly in the face of that assertion.” He said crime was often fuelled by socio-economic disadvantage in new ethnic communities, which lessened over time.

When we however invite a religion, which calls for total destruction of the Kuffar and keeps the followers convinced that the people they rob and rape are inferior beings we ensure that the perpetrators do not even feel a morsel of guilt when they get involved in, what we call criminal activities.

Just like Muhammad who became all  powerful by robbing Meccan caravans.

He cites as an example Vietnamese gang crime, which flourished in the 1990s but has largely disappeared.

Detective Superintendent Wallace said she hoped Middle Eastern crime would go the same way..”(source)

No it won’t.

To win a war you must clearly identify your enemy and this enemy is not “terror” or “people of Middle Eastern Appearance” but Islam.

4 thoughts on “Australia: NSW Police counter-terrorism team are now investigating 12 cases”

  1. When I spoke to Deb Wallace, and in her talk beforehand, she was asked “Why do we have a special force (Middle Eastern Crime Squad) if there was not a big problem within this community? It was named this way so it would not offend (as usual) Lebanese, Or Turks, or Egyptians and Jews etc., Now it was not aimed at Christians from this same area. It was aimed at Muslims from this area. She spoke to us as if it was the next “big thing” in criminology in Australia. Well it has been, and the coppers like other members of the Australian community are just as vunerable as we are.

    When I have been in various police stations around New South Wales, my word is challenged. In spite of at that time, an unblemished record. The crim, had a rap sheet as long as my arm. But I was challenged. We are told we cannot make accusations like what I was doing. Well why not? What is an accusation? An accusation is evidence from a victim or witness making against the criminal who has hurt the victim in some way. But, we are not allowed to do this. The victims must remain silent. When and if we are brave enought to go to the police with our accusation (many times at great risk to our families and ourselves) we have to prove what we are saying, but the criminal does not. Taqiyya is used by the criminals, and we the victim become the raving lunatic we are portrayed as by the crims.

    Multiculturalism, when it does this to her natural citizens, or “Australian born” citizens, is not working in our favour and should be stopped immediately for the common good. We are paying a high price. We were never asked. They are not invited. They are foistered upon us at a great cost to the community and great fear among the community. When sentences are handed down, when you get lucky enough to get this far, they are too light and, the fear of repercussions are very real. If it has not effected you personally, it would be impossible for you to judge. Hiding at every sound in the night. Not answering your phone in case it is another threat. Especially those calls from a public phone, you know it is them. Looking in the rear mirror of your car, never parking in a car park unless you cannot get out and are surrounded or assaulted. Constant fear of hearing that your family has been wiped out.

    Avo’s do not help a woman at all. If the criminal gets into your house and you make any attempt to go for the phone, it will be ripped from the wall – you will be king hit or head butted, and kicked half to death while you are down. Dont forget, many of these countries where these criminals come from have paramilitary training – which is ongoing. I defy any woman, and most men to fight them, to even attempt to hit a Muslim man, may be the last thing you ever do. They show off about your body will never be found. They are correct of course. Then, the young constable sent around to the victim will ask you, “You have an AVO, why didnt you phone us”. The answer, “Because I wanted to live”. So, most of the information the police are working on, gives them a false indication of what is really going on in the community. If a victim knows what is best for them or their family, it is better to remain silent. This makes the Muslims the winner every time.

    When I talked with Officer Wallace, told her vaguely about my situation (after all, how do I know who she is friendly with, or who she speaks to) she invited me to come to the Crime Squad at Hurstville and talk to her. Easy, Peesy? No, not that easy. When I emailed her a few weeks later for an appointment, the only reply I got was an automated message saying “She was out of the office, the message was important to her, will get back to you as soon as I return to the office in a few days”. That was two years ago. Still have her card, if you want to see it. Useless. Why would anyone go and talk to a member of the NSW Police Force? Loose lips, sink ships – that’s why.

    With ever increasing recruits to the force from the Muslim brotherhood, it is unsafe. They have been known to access the screen of a victim or a criminal and give out information to their friends. I know this to be true, but no one will ever be able to prove it. Screens must be flagged in the police force computers, and access denied on current cases and files and witness statements, and details of their whereabouts hidden. It is easy to do this by the force. But this would hurt the feelings of the Muslims, and do nothing to help the victim. I had a girlfriend of 40 years standing and she had seen the aftermath of my beatings, many times. When it came time to go to the court, she refused to go because she was afraid. What the hell did she think I was?

    I have spoken to many psychologists who work in gaols amd reps from Enough is Enough who see this all the time. They know it is exactly as I say. The genuine police officer knows it too. Those in charge know it, but no one is speaking about it, and this is a crushing blow to a victim. So we sit alone, and weep for the life and family we have lost.

  2. DP 111, I have just taken a look at the vision you supplied. Yes, it is horrifying, but I sware before God, my photos are worse than these images, and they happened right here in Australia. Sometimes I look at them and think, “Did this really happen to me?”. Yes it did, and apart for a persistent witness, (yes, I had a witness to it from outside) who phoned the police for over two hours, I would probably be dead. I was dead bolted in, and could not move. I had been kicked with boots on for over half an hour. Chipped skull, broken ribs, broken collar bone, still unrepaired, multiple bruising, I dont know why I am alive. This to me is the most amazing part that “it can happen here”, is happening here and our politicians are in denial and the womens groups are only interested in what gives them Kudos. I could tell them plenty, but they dont like the truth.

  3. Catherine, i’m so sorry for what you have been through!! I get so very angry at what this government is doing with muslim immigration!! look at yesterdays RIOT of detainees on Christmas island! setting fire to everything, violent and running amok!! this should NOT be tolerated1 they should be sent STRAIGHT BACK to their islamic caves as a loud and clear message that if you break our laws you are not welcome here! they come here then complain and riot because their processing for citizenship is taking longer than they want!! i say NO MORE MUSLIMS in our country, I’m all for deporting the ones we have, none of them work, the women just pop out babies, they can’t be employed with men, or wearing their body bags, what possible quality or enhancement do these barbarians add to our society? they bring their tribal religious hatreds with them, and are a drain on our welfare and economy! Juliar Gutless should be ashamed of herself for allowing them in!!

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