Again: Entitlement Brigades Riot in Once great Britain

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Soldiers of Allah March for Sharia: Stop the Crusaders!

Sharia march and Interview Oxford St March 25

AP spins it: LONDON (AP/THE BLAZE) —

Tens of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators streamed into central London on Saturday to march against government budget cuts, with a small breakaway group smashing its way into a bank, breaking windows and spray painting logos on the walls.

Moonbattery is more ‘fair & balanced’:

London Riots Illustrate the Decline and Fall of Britain

Liberalism is a disease that attacks the moral backbone of a civilization, rotting it into a putrescent jelly that cannot hold society erect. At that point it collapses. This is happening now in Britain, which was one of the greatest nations in history within the memory of many still living today.

Anarchists today broke away from one of the largest protests Britain has ever seen to bring chaos to the streets of London.

The Ritz hotel and Fortnum & Mason were among the buildings targeted in the capital after groups of rampaging youths intent on spreading havoc left the mass anti-cuts demonstration.

Around 500,000 ‘activists and campaigners’ descended on London this morning to protest at the Government’s drastic cuts programme.

The cuts were as inevitable as the riots. As the last great British leader Margaret Thatcherobserved, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. ”

Here’s what liberalism looks like when it reaches full flower:

The white stuff is paint. The cockroaches with the masks are the result of generations that were never expected to take any responsibility for their own parasitical existences. They are Britain’s post-civilization future, bred by the Dole.

Next comes authoritarian collectivism, a totalitarian form of serfdom.

If this could happen to Britain, it could happen to America — and it will, if the disease is not cured quickly.

The police seek shelter from the fury of the anarchist attackers. Where have we seen this before?

4 thoughts on “Again: Entitlement Brigades Riot in Once great Britain”

  1. Notice in the muslim demo vid, the number of black flags, Muhammed’s battle standard, a declaration of war. This is pure and simple sedition but the significance of this will bypass the dhimmi politicians and police, but not in the arab world.

  2. The Arab Protection Group for Nature is the funder for the protests. I am sure they are not the only ones but a few board members have had ties to Hezbollah I am also sure Hamas too. I posted this video which included the funding references to Gaza and London protests; the catch is it is in Arabic but even a translater can be found. I was virtually ignored by FBI, Interpol, and CIA of course. I even have the damn bank account number but APN openly posts it for everyone to see on their own website.

  3. Here is the video its boring but you can see its for protests and not for “funding trees”. LOL they got caught soliciting on Youtube for these protests…where is the investigation on YouTube for this?

  4. you have not clearly identified this as relevant to the muslim case. cooments flagged it for me. if so you should clearly say it in your text. otherwise not report peripheral matters and draw a long bow.

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