Almost 'balanced": Soledad O'Brien's 'Muslims Next Door'

When Soledad O’Brien interviewed the smarmy imam Rauf from the Ground Zero mosque she came across as your typical CNN sucker. This is not to say that Soledad doesn’t have it in for the people who ‘cling to their guns and their religion’ so she set out to do another hatched job on them as she would on any critics of Islam. Surprisingly, it didn’t quite work out and the bitter clingers came across better than she expected:

Lots of katzenyammer: “American Muslims are facing intolerance, bigotry, and even discrimination and violence”-  but this kind of antics can not fool the kafirs who have educated themselves about the goals of the Islamic invasion. The men of Murfreesboro may not  wear the stylish suits Soledad O’Brian’s city slickers wear back on the coast, and the women may not have their heads up their asses like the women Soledad prefers, but they sure know their stuff and stand firm in their resistance.

Likewise, the Muselmaniacs whine, the imam claims he’s a ‘Texan’ (he’s as ‘Texan’ as a zebiba boy can be) and, make no mistake, under the facade they are determined: ‘we are here, we are here to stay’ and ‘what can you do about it, kafirs: the law is on our side, and with the help of Allah we will conquer your country, by stealth and otherwise…’

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  1. CNN’s O’Brien Slants Towards Muslims, Omits Woman’s Connection to Mosque

    Newsbusters did a good report on that:

    CNN’s Soledad O’Brien’s Sunday documentary about the controversial mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee predictably leaned towards the local Muslims who want it built. O’Brien brushed aside an opponent’s concerns over Sharia law in the U.S.: “In New York City, we have a big Muslim community. There is no Sharia law [there].” She also omitted how a featured Muslim woman is related to one of the mosque’s planners (audio available here).

    Forty-five minutes into her hour-long documentary, which aired at 8 pm Eastern, the journalist noted the fall 2010 trial which asked for an injunction to halt the construction of the mosque, but instead of reporting that the trial focused on concerns that the approval of the mosque “did not provide adequate public comment and that its members will impose Sharia Law on Murfreesboro residents,” as a local newspaper reported, O’Brien spun this by playing up how, apparently, “in a small courtroom in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Islam was on trial.” She then explained that “opponents claim the facility would increase traffic, damage water quality, and provide a foothold for radical Muslims and Islamic law.”

    [Video embedded below the page break]

    The CNN host continued by introducing Lema Sbenaty (pictured at right, with her sister Dima and O’Brien), “a Muslim born and raised in Murfreesboro, [who] attended the hearing.” Earlier in the program, O’Brien labeled Sbenaty a “mosque supporter” and a “member of the Muslim community.” She also noted that Ms. Sbenaty’s father, Saleh Sbenaty, “has lived in Murfreesboro for 20 years. It’s where he and his wife Fatun raised their two daughters, Lema and Dima, and their son Salim.”

    Though the journalist hinted at Mr. Sbenaty’s involvement in the mosque project when she asked him, “When you first walked the land [where the mosque will be located], describe that feeling for me,” she never explicitly mentioned that he is a member of its planning committee. Thus, O’Brien follows in the footsteps of CBS’s Seth Doane, who also omitted this detail when he interviewed the entire family on the March 10, 2011 Evening News. As you might expect, she tossed a softball question at Saleh Sbenaty:

    O’BRIEN (on-camera): When the opposition talks about Sharia law, they talk about it coming here to America-


    O’BRIEN: Oppressing women, torture, beating- do they have it wrong?

    SBENATY: Yes, they do. A lot of things that are culture have been mistaken for religion. The Koran that I have read has never said torture was okay for anyone or beating women, you know, it was okay. None of this is okay.

    O’Brien reenforced this understanding of Sharia law in her following two sound bites, one coming from Mr. Sbenaty himself, and the other from Noah Feldman of Harvard University:

    SALEH SBENATY: What Sharia is, is a way of life. You know, I am mandated, as a Muslim, to pray five times, I am mandated to fast during the month of Ramadan, and I’m mandated, if I am able to, to go and to pilgrimage. That’s Sharia law for me.

    NOAH FELDMAN, HARVARD INTERNATIONAL LAW (on-camera): Sharia, according to Muslims, is God’s word on how you’re supposed to live your life-

    O’BRIEN (voice-over): Noah Feldman is a professor of International Law at Harvard. He’s written several books on Islam and Sharia law.

    FELDMAN: If you look across the Muslim world, you can see a lot of difference in how customs and practices operate among people, all of whom believe that they are following the Sharia.

    FELDMAN (voice-over) As a general matter, the Sharia is what you make of it, and there are plenty of Muslims who interpret the Sharia in a progressive way, so that it’s equal towards women and progressive towards women.

    Later, the CNN host aired a clip from an interview of “prominent Murfreesboro resident Sally Wall,” who was involved in the lawsuit against the planned mosque. O’Brien did her best to cast doubt on her concerns:

    O’BRIEN (voice-over): During our conversation, she [Wall] showed me a photo of a woman punished under Taliban rule.

    O’BRIEN (on-camera): And this is the cover of Time magazine-

    SALLY WALL: Exactly, exactly-

    O’BRIEN: Horribly disfigured.

    WALL: Right, and she didn’t have any ears either.

    O’BRIEN: You’re realistically worried that this could happen here?

    WALL: Oh, certainly, I am. It happened to her.

    O’BRIEN: In Afghanistan.

    WALL: I understand.

    O’BRIEN: There are large Muslim populations in the United States already.

    WALL: I know that.

    O’BRIEN: I mean, in New York City, we have a big Muslim community.

    WALL: I know that.

    O’BRIEN: There is no Sharia law in New York City.

    WALL: It is creeping in, though, I believe, and I think it will creep in as there are more Muslims coming here, because that’s what they’re taught. I think they should try to come into the 21st century.

    O’BRIEN: Meaning, do what?

    WALL: To assimilate-

    WALL (voice-over): If you would quit covering, you would find this a much easier place to live.

    O’Brien immediately followed her excerpt from the interview with Ms. Wall with a clip from the wife of the imam of the local Muslim community, who touted the apparent benign nature of Sharia law: “Obviously, I’m not oppressed. I’m married to the imam in the mosque. If anyone was going to inflict Sharia law or whatever, obviously, it would be my husband.”

    The journalist later played one more clip from Professor Feldman, who also cast doubt on the threat from Sharia law, and then tossed slanted questions towards Joe Brandon, the lawyer for those who filed suit against the mosque project:

    O’BRIEN: Should Americans be worried about Sharia law?

    FELDMAN: Our Constitution prohibits explicitly any religious system becoming the established law of our country. So, such a thing would be completely unimaginable in our country, and rightly so.

    JOE BRANDON (from trial): Is Sharia a religion?

    O’BRIEN (voice-over): During the nine-day hearing to stop the building of the mosque-

    WILL JORDAN, RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TENNESSEE COMMISSIONER: There are people out there that have all kind of beliefs.

    O’BRIEN: Twenty-three witnesses were called to testify. Not one was a member of the Murfreesboro mosque.


    BRANDON: If they practiced Sharia law, would it still be your opinion that this is a religion?

    JORDAN: I don’t know.

    O’BRIEN: In October 2010, in the middle of the hearing, attorneys from the federal Department of Justice took the uncommon step of delivering a message to the judge in the case, a reminder that according to the U.S. government, Islam is plainly a religion.

    BRANDON: We want to be allowed to ask questions. My position is how do you believe anything if you don’t question it, and the issue of whether Islam is a religion has never been decided.

    O’BRIEN (on-camera): I thought Islam was considered to be one of the three great religions, right?

    BRANDON (on-camera, from interview): Can you tell me what you base that on?

    O’BRIEN: Scholars have said that. People who study it have said that.

    BRANDON: Well, you can find an expert to testify hell’s an ice house, too.

    Should we be surprised by Soledad O’Brien’s bias when CNN itself has regularly harped on the supposed rise of Islamophobia in the United States?

    Read more:

    Lets take a closer look at Noah Feldman:

    And then we have this: Jihad is Over! (If Noah Feldman Wants It.)

    jdamn | October 3, 2008 1:45 PM
    Noah Feldman is a Muslim. Academia is full of closet Muslims who pose as token Jews, and one can ride pretty far on that ticket in academia. Muslims love them most of all, and anyone who is hated by the few legitimate Jews sprinkled throughout academia (most of us, not coincidentally, with Ellis Island names) is de facto a hero. Just like the Chair of my department, Stuart Davis, Noah Feldman, along with Mearshimer and even Bernard Lewis (I believe anyway) in his senility are all Muslims, as their ‘principles’ and statements far supercede mere Daniel-Pipes-esque dhimmitude.

    Sure-fire signs of a closet Muslim in academia:

    1) Operates on the assumption that all kafirs are as ignorant as your average Muslim, who of course lives under pervasive milieu control, does not access real media, is taught to abhor literacy, does not discuss or debate ideas, does not associate with anyone who is reasonably intelligent, and more often than not comes from a country where college ‘education’ ends at age 17, and where ‘college’ graduates believe that the earth is flat, that the moon is lamp, that the sun revolves around the earth and sets in a muddy puddle, that sperm are produced all throughout the torso (male and female) and stored in the kidneys, etc. You invariably see this arrogance even by those who are openly Muslim, even in discussions with scholars of Islam like Robert Spencer, or ex-Muslims who have done their homework and lived for decades in an Islamic paradises like Ali Sina. This is the #1 sure-fire sign of a closet Muslim.

    2) Speaks only in taqiyya, of ‘moderate’ Muslims, of ‘the Islamic State,’ but avoids discussion of Islam itself, jihad, or Sharia. When confronted about this, resorts to speaking in hypotheticals which he knows to not be true, not even hypothetically. Noah Feldman is particularly known for this, and in a patently Islamic fashion which supercedes mere academic dhimmitude, blames the West for everything, including every failure on the part of Muslim society and 9/11. All closet Muslims do this, but Noah Feldman has banked his career on it and doesn’t even try to hide his leanings like Bernard Lewis.

    3) Bends over backward to paint a rosy picture of that which he knows full-well no reasonable, decent, thinking, moral, ethical, civilized, evolved, outbred person could possibly regard as tolerable or defensible, such as Judeophobic and misogynistic hate speech by Muslims in the classroom, of stalking on the part of Muslims, of the treatment of women in Egypt, of the language of the Koran (woman = vagina, black person = slave, ‘modesty’ = pudenda, govern = suppress), etc.

    4) Studies Arabic, a ridiculously abhorrent, difficult, and totally useless language, and does not have a career in counterterrorism. This does not just apply to academics. In order to see through the acquisition of Arabic as an L2 requires 10 years of effort and serious determination, particularly given the complete lack of literature in Arabic and the non-existence of an Arab culture (an oxymoron itself), the language’s violent, cat-vomiting, goat-strangling phonological properties, its unmitigated lexical evil, and unattractiveness of the prospect of visiting an Arab land or of conversing with non-Westernized Arabs.

    5) Treats all women like idiots, particularly those who readily hand him his ass during the course of a discussion.

    6) There are way too many Arabs – not Muslims generally, just Arabs – in your department, all of them from countries whose higher educational quality ranks 119 out of 131 countries and scores 3.7 out of 7 where 4.5 is failing. These Arabs may not speak English at anything approaching a conversational level, may be obviously retarded, and may even actively terrorize Jewish students in the department. In any event, all students will sleep in the bed that the closet Muslim professor/admissions committee makes when admitting these 3rd-world- Arabs by having to attend extra Friday class sessions in order to compensate for all the time wasted on endless stupid questions by said Arabs, each of which of course takes 10 minutes to spit out.

    7) Refuses to take responsibility for his own actions (i.e., the intentional ghettoization of the department), let alone the immensely toxic, incredibly dangerous, and quite potentially deadly consequences of those actions.

    8) When confronted about the obvious violations of admissions policies and issues with being stalked and terrorized by retarded and mentally ill Arab students, will try to incite the murder of the complainant by contacting her advisor, who he knows will confront the malignantly narcissistic student, who is of course unable to handle anything that could be perceived as an insult or rejection, whom said professor of course knows personally and so is aware of the Arab student’s obvious mental illness, misogyny, and Judeophobia.

    9) Anytime you pass by his office, he is sitting there with an Arab student and they both stare at each other with characteristic dead-cow-cult-member eyes, and if you catch bits and pieces of the conversation, it is invariably an exchange between one narcissist and another, to the tune of:
    ‘See me as I want you to, not as I actually am. I think you’re great.’
    ‘I think that’s a great idea! I think that seeing you as you want me to, not as you actually are is fantastic.’
    ‘Wow. We could just sit here jacking each other off all day and discussing nothing, couldn’t we?’
    ‘I think that’s a great idea! I think you’re great!’

    10) If the professor’s subject is not taught within university’s Saudi Agenda Department, you can bet your ass he’s an adjunct professor there anyway.

    P.S., while I do think that Daniel Pipes is a dhimmi, I think that he will change his tune and publish a book along the lines of ‘What I Really Thought but Couldn’t Say While Employed in a Saudi Agenda Department’ once he retires.

  2. i don’t know if this has already been stated, but in the interview where the girls states there is a difference between culture and religion and that “beating women” is not in the koran. that is a blatant lie that should have been pointed out by CNN. the koran explicitly states that a husband should “beat his wife.” i do not know what all other lies were allowed to go uncorrected, since i’m unfamiliar with the rest of the koran. thanks

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