Arrest the The Australian Lawyers Alliance!

Litigation Jihad:

Litigation Jihad is yet another form of Islamic parasitism.

Christmas Island Arsonists May Sue for Mental and Physical Health Problems
Watch the video here and pay attention to the weasel reporting: the detention centre was not burned down, it simply ‘burned down’- can’t blame the Afghan cultural enrichers now, can we?


The Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA) (what a cool name for the Yuman Rites mafia gaming the system!) says asylum seekers could sue the Commonwealth for hundreds of thousands of dollars for any physical or mental harm suffered while held in detention.

The comments come after as many as 250 protesters at the Christmas Island Detention Centre threw rocks at federal police and burned down several accommodation buildings on Thursday night.

Authorities are reporting a quiet night on the island last night.

Barrister and ALA director Greg Barns is predicting some asylum seekers will seek compensation.

(I’m beginning to believe that nothing good comes out of Tasmania. Must be something in the water over there….– this is a strange fruitloop with equally bizarre views)

“Holding someone in detention in very difficult facilities particularly if they have mental and physical health problems for long periods of time can amount to cruel and unusual punishment,” he said.

“That certainly means that the Australian government would be in violation of those international human rights and people can take action.”

“If it is found that those people have suffered mental and physical harm and it’s directly caused by the conditions of detention and or the length of detention the Commonwealth can be liable for damages.”

5 thoughts on “Arrest the The Australian Lawyers Alliance!”

  1. Watch ’60 Minutes’ TONIGHT at 7:30pm!!!
    The MSM are finally getting COURAGE!!!

    If it only takes baby steps, well and good. It is still getting it out into the wider Australian public arena.

  2. I’ll be watching it, for sure.

    I just sent text messages to a whole bunch of friends/relatives asking them to also watch.

  3. Please spare a thought for all the lawyers out there.

    In the old days, their bread and butter earnings came from divorce, conveyancing, wills etc.

    Since the 1970s there has been no fault divorce and couples can get a DIY divorce. Similarly with conveyancing and wills. There are amazingly good DIY will kits.

    So the poor lawyers must find new outlets. Hey presto – Human Rights Lawyers, Refugee Activists, Civil Liberties Lawyers et all.

    A whole new lucrative money source.

    And don’t let’s forget the lawyers who specialise in defending those accused of terrorist offences (who we know are really alienated by our racism and are victims.)

    So Three Cheers for all these innovative lawyers, who are finding new ways to make a modest living.

  4. Actually, the lawyers out there should be quite careful. If you feed a dragon it will try and eat you, and then once those terrorised by the dragon have destroyed it (the dragon) they will come for the lawyers. Be very careful with whom you choose to get into bed with!

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