Celebrity Hicks

Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad:

Andrew Bolt

FORMER guest of Guantanamo Bay David Hicks was a surprise guest at a charity book launch this week, mixing with NSW powerbrokers.

Hicks and wife Aloysia mingled with the likes of Premier Kristina Keneally and NSW Governor Marie Bashir at the Elizabeth Bay launch of Stories From The Wayside, a book by The Wayside Chapel’s Reverend Graham Long, Hicks’ pastor.

“Caring & compassionate” governor of NSW,  Marie Bashir. Australia’s very own Helen Thomas….

“We are proud of every single person who came to the event tonight and that includes David Hicks,” a spokeswoman said.

Has he actually said sorry for teaming up with terrorists pledged to destroy the society whose benefits he now conspicuously enjoys…..

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  1. I would say anything too for 5.5 million bucks. You are right about Helen Thomas too.

  2. Next move – politics. It will be interesting to see which of the two, Labor and Greens, will win the fight to snare him. A quality candidate for either party.

    I doubt Pauline Hanson would be interested.


    Miranda Devine

    OF course David Hicks would deny the latest revelations, via WikiLeaks, that he posed “a high risk and significant threat to the US, its interests and its allies’’ according to his hitherto secret Guantanamo Bay file.

    Or at least his wife Aloysia, issuing a statement on his behalf last week, would. David and Aloysia have been rehabilitated in the eyes of some Australians, thanks largely to their patron Dick Smith, to the point where they have become sought-after guests on the social scene, adding edgy frisson to a low rent bash.
    The victims of the Bali bombings and September 11 attacks must be thrilled. For no matter how much Hicks tries to distance himself from his past, and portray himself as an accidental tourist caught in Afghanistan when the US arrived looking for terrorists, the fact is he went looking for trouble.
    Never has he apologised or expressed remorse for his mistakes, not once in his self-serving book, Guantanamo: My Journey. His version of events beggars belief.
    Sure, the Guantanamo file appears to contain numerous errors about Hicks’ history before he arrived at the US detention centre for suspected terrorists in Cuba.
    But there’s enough about his past which is troubling without the erroneous claims—such as his training at an al-Qaeda terrorist training camp before the September 11 attacks, his meeting with Osama bin Laden and association with the Taliban, his training with the Kosovo Liberation Army and the fact he was one of a handful of Muslim converts who were highly prized by al-Qaeda. Hicks plays down or omits all of this from his book, claiming he only admitted guilt because he wanted to get out of detention. “He did what he had to do to come home,’’ reads the statement released by Aloysia.
    He comes across as Mr Squeaky-clean now, but his American captors saw him as being “highly influential’’ with his fellow detainees, leading prayers and helping to organise disturbances. They wrote “the detainee’s truthfulness is low’’.
    That is something his champions would do well to remember.

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