Christmas Island too dangerous for refugees

Christmas Island centre scaled down after riots

“Scaled down’ means the Mohammedan invaders will be taken to the mainland, where armies of social workers and the ‘yuman rites’ mafia will cater to their every whim, while Jooliar and her mob of incompetent leeches see nothing than potential voters to  fundamentally transform Australia to a Socialist Republic.

THE Christmas Island detention centre will be significantly scaled down as a result of last week’s violent protests, as the government continues to be lashed by local residents who say they warned of the consequences of overcrowding at the facility. The Australian has more

Boat people – Illegal Immigrants NOT refugees

In a short period of time Labor made a huge mess by changing existing policy towards illegal immigrants – writes Greg Sheridan/thanks to Dan Zaremba & the Islamist Monitor

In the 2 1/2 years since the government changed policy, nearly 11,000 boatpeople have arrived. Last year, asylum applications to Australia increased by 76 per cent. Among industrialised countries overall there was a decline. In 2009, while the global number of applications was static, they increased in Australia by 30 per cent. With the end of the monsoon season, there have been some six boats this month alone, carrying more than 330 people in total.

In other words, they were not fleeing directly from persecution. Many Afghans who have come to Australia have never lived in Afghanistan, or at least not for a very long time. Life in Australia is infinitely preferable to Pakistan, but deciding to migrate to Australia is not the same as being a refugee. (source)

More good news:

Millions in overseas aid missing

CORRUPT officials and overseas agencies are fleecing millions from Australia’s $4.5 billion foreign aid program.

Andrew Bolt

Another boat arrives – and finds Christmas Island too tense for sanctuary:

A SECOND boatload of asylum seekers was on the way to the mainland last night as the government was forced to defend its processing policy for boat people.

Federal police officers in riot gear conducted the first headcount of people in Christmas Island’s main detention centre following riots and escapes.

The Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, said the latest batch of 57 boat people would still be processed as if they were offshore. ‘’Because of the place they were intercepted and the processing that will occur, that is what will happen,’’ he said.

Jooliar: ‘I am not a bitch’

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Tim Blair:

Sensitive Gween wif hurty feewings: Greens leader Bob Brown says he hopes the Opposition Leader apologises to the Prime Minister for speaking at an anti-carbon tax rally in front of “offensive banners”.  Andrew Bolt wonders about these touchy ‘feelings hurt’ creatures who never apologize for anything they do, no matter how they screw up. They sure know how to dish it out, though…..


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  1. * Jooliar: ‘I am not a bitch’

    In 1971, “Mr Brown” shook down Qantas.

    In 2011, “Mr Brown” is shaking down a Government.

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