Arabs Murder Jews & Shoot Barrages of Rockets Into Israel, Mahmud Abbas Whines About "Genocide"

Fatah Accuses Israel of Genocide

For Millenium Arab Muslims have been yelling “itbach al Yahood” (kill the Jews), wiped out Jews wherever they could find them, and the Palestinian rabble multiplied seven times under the 6 decades of so-called “Israeli occupation”. All the while the  community of international dhimmies transferred trillions in aid to support these murderers. Yet Abu Maazen, Arafartbastard’s right hand man, whines about ‘genocide’.

Remember: these are our ‘peace partners’- FATAH are the ‘good terrorists’. Give them a state, who could be more deserving? (INN)

Thank you, Sarah! Thank you so much:

Sarah Palin the Anti-Obama: Why Aren’t We Putting Our Foot Down & Telling the Pal’s to Quit Their Bombing of Innocent Israelis? (Video)

Sarah Palin vs Obama: Why Is It That the US Often Tells Israel That They Need to Back Off?

Pali  groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad expressed support for the bus bombing today.

Reality in Iraq:

DUNDALK, Ireland (CNS) — An Iraqi archbishop spoke of “near-genocide conditions” for Christians in his country and said those fleeing violence were straining resources in other parts of the country.  “The past is terrifying, the present is not promising, so everything is telling us that there is no future for Christians,” Archbishop Warda later told Catholic News Service.

2 thoughts on “Arabs Murder Jews & Shoot Barrages of Rockets Into Israel, Mahmud Abbas Whines About "Genocide"”

  1. Drive the Arabs out, flatten Gaza, build settlements jobs done.

    Anyone found to be planning an attack or aiding attackers cull them.

    Its about time to start treating the Arabs how they ‘should’ be treated.

  2. Agree Ironside – if the arabs cannot grow up then get rid of them. To arabs out there – this is VERY easily done!!!

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