3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: 'Slutty Muslim Ho's'”

  1. One comment said :”That’s racist”. No it’s not. This is what Muslims call us Christian women and they tell us every day they are being victims of racism and racism does not exist in Islam. Taqiyya, taqiyya, taqiyya. Put the shoe on the other foot and listen to the buggar scream “Uncle”. Cowardly, creeps. However, the naming of this program could be improved, say to “We are Muslim Bitches and we are Proud of it”. Can you imagine if they did that.

  2. Why not a sitcom starring Katie Couric called “Dhimmi Bitch Gets Raped In The City”? In the interests of diversity.

  3. NO WAY !!! ABC doesn’t have the testicles for such a daring thing.
    Only Christian women are allowed to be desecrated and slandered.
    I am sure the Obamanoids will see it never happens!

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