Detroit: Celebrating Diversity on the Ruins of Muslicultural Disaster

Census shows Michigan needs immigrants, Snyder says

Socialism is a failure, so when it fails, only more of it can fix it. You can also try to put the fire out with gasoline, but don’t tell  a socialist, he might believe you:

“We need to celebrate diversity; it’s one of our strengths. “

Detroit’s Liberal Nightmare

Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Lansing— Gov. Rick Snyder today restated his call for increased immigration in the state in the wake of U.S. Census figures released Tuesday showing a steep decline in Michigan’s population.

The governor told Muslim leaders gathered in Lansing for an annual “Michigan Muslim Capitol Day” that Michigan’s diversity is a selling point for businesses that can spur economic growth in the state.

Even with Detroit in ruins, and nature reclaiming the abandoned wasteland that was once a great city, the Dems who destroyed it continue to make out like the bandits they are:

Detroit’s City Council Still Raking It In (Moonbattery)

“If you look what’s going on with our census, we are a state with many challenges,” Snyder told participants in the yearly event to call on legislators. “We are the only state that lost population of all 50.

“We need to celebrate diversity; it’s one of our strengths. One of the things I’m proud to say I’m already encouraging, that was in my state of the state message, is the idea of more immigration, particularly for advanced degree people.”

In comments after his address, Snyder said he supports Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s call for a recount in the city of Detroit, which lost a quarter of its population over the past decade. The census pegged the city’s population at 713,777, the lowest in a century.

“I support his effort to do a recount,” Snyder said. “If the mayor in good faith believes that there were people that weren’t counted, then they should include those people, because it’s important for our numbers.

“The big message, though, for both Detroit and our state, is we really do need to focus on moving forward, understanding that we have a broken government system in many respects, without budget and tax system and challenges in Detroit.

“The good part is I believe we’ve got great leadership now to say lets move forward,” Snyder added. “Let’s leave that past behind and go to an exciting future about this focus on job creation and keeping our young people (in the state).”

Today’s event is sponsored by nonpartisan community organizations including Muslims for a Better Michigan, the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan and the Council of American Islamic Relations of Michigan, among others.

Snyder began his address in Arabic, saying “Asalamalakum” or “Peace be upon you,” the traditional Muslim greeting, and he thanked members of the Muslim community for their contributions to Michigan society and its economy.

“You’ve been a great role model for that, so I say thank you,” Snyder said.

Participants planned to visit lawmakers and brought small trays of made-in-Michigan baklava to take along as gifts.

Ahmar Iqbal, co-chair of the coalition and CEO of Ypsilanti-based clean energy company Maize & Green, noted that while Michigan’s population has declined, the Muslim community appears to be growing.

“We’re here to talk about what we can do to help move Michigan move forward,” Iqbal said of the group’s visit to Lansing. “We just want to introduce who we are as Michigan Muslims.

“We’re a diverse community, we represent a lot of different backgrounds, we represent different policy angles, we’re passionate about different issues, but all together who we are is we love the state of Michigan … and we choose this as our home.”

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  1. Hm! Town sinking into disrepair and despair … Original population running away WHILE Muslim population increasing. What the … I can’t really … hang on … oh yeah! Got it.

  2. The reason for the exodus is this; the atheists, Jewish and Christians of Detroit have abandoned the city for warmer and friendlier climates in the south. They realize Detroit has been captured and ruined by the Moslems and thusly “thrown in the towel”.
    I live across the border and I have seen the ruination.
    It started back in the 70’s.
    One of my buddies moved out of Detroit when his neighborhood was taken over by Moslems and, after having his Toronado torched, and his home broken into twice, he decided to move out to Farmington, Mich..
    Then Farmington was taken over.
    So he moved to Florida.
    Now Florida is being taken over.
    What can anyone do?
    Defeat is inevitable when Islamism creeps in, with a leftist government support.

  3. Well, look at it this way … The sooner they can turn Michigan into a real third world country, the sooner American business can begin outsourcing jobs to them and taking the jobs away from working people in this country.

  4. Comedy gold, Mullah:

    For Mr Hassoun, the greatest benefit of stronger links with the Middle East is understanding the Arab business ethic. ”It is all about trust. A contract is not necessary. Your word is enough.

    (from the article above)

  5. Let it become a sovereign nation of the third world here in the United States. It will become an excellent place for us to go for target practice, and perhaps a little fishing on the side; you know, when our ammunition runs low.

  6. What are you celebrating, Snyder the Idiot?
    If you are celebrating Islam, then you are not celebrating diversity. If anything you are helping to sign it death warrant.
    Because Islam ill tolerate no diversity.
    Muslims will kill to make Michigan all one faith– Islam.
    Islam is not diversity.
    Mulitculturalism is not diversity either.
    These two forces work together to destroy diversity by destroying other cultures.
    Detroit was destroyed once.
    With Islam, it is sure never to rise again.

  7. A lot of errors there:
    it = its
    ill = will
    Not an error: Islam is not diversity.
    And it damn well never was.

  8. diversity which undermines civilisation is stupid and ignoring history’s lessons of overwhelming inimical cultures which swallow their host will only create another kashmir problem when michigan refugees flee to become american refugees in their own land.
    the american indianw will be the worst oppressed and exploited by the new imperialists waiting in the wings.

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