Peanut Khadr's Boy

A lifelong embarrassment for the US:  Peanut Khadr goes to Cuba (AP)


ATLANTA (AP) — Former President Jimmy Carter is expected to visit Cuba next week to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro to discuss economic policies and ways to improve relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

The former president and his wife Rosalynn will arrive in Havana on Monday and stay until Wednesday on a trip under the auspices of his Atlanta-based Carter Center organization, spokeswoman Deanna Congileo said. It is not an official U.S. mission. (AP has more)

Today’s Obama/Gaddafi Message:

Sultan Knish:

For years American liberals accused George W. Bush of being dumb and unserious– only to elect a man who actually is dumb and unserious.  They falsely insisted that Bush went to war for oil. And now their Great Hope has actually gone to war for oil.  (The Second Time as Farce)