Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam Rauf says “Peter King hearings will cause another Fort Hood”


Ground Zero Victory Mosque  Imam Rauf says “Peter King hearings will cause another Fort Hood”

Shameless. Brazen:

Imam Feisal Rauf is the same guy who claimed that if they DIDN’T go ahead with the building of the victory mosque at Ground Zero, it would “cause another Islamic terrorist attack on this country.”

Muslim “taqiyya” (deception) artist, Feisal Rauf, claims the hearings, like the Danish Muhammad cartoons, which caused riots and killings around the world, will incite violence from the Muslim community, which I guess just confirms that Peter King is right.

Needless to mention that “Martin” Bashir, the interviewer, is no ‘Martin’ at all, but another Muslim Brother who got himself into the enemedia……

ex-CIA Agent Reveals: “Muslim Brotherhood” has infiltrated Obama Administration

We’ve been trying to tell you that even before the O-turd got into the White Mosque

As King hearings approach, Obama Administration reassures Muslims: “Muslim Americans are not part of the problem; you’re part of the solution”

Do you think the President of the United States would be issuing statements seeking to reassure Christians or Jews?

No, I don’t, either.

Useful idiots rally against King hearings

King has shot himself in the foot in allowing himself to be cowed by his opponents, but their fury is nonetheless unabated — which may indicate that they fear the outcome of his hearings despite the success they’ve had in defanging them. “Religious leaders rally for American Muslims,” by Sebastian Smith for AFP,

More protests on King hearings: Muslims feel “unfairly singled out” over jihadist terrorism

“Mr King’s language on this subject has often proved inflammatory…”

CAIR whines:

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations — Michigan, said the hearing “smacks of McCarthyism.”

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  1. What Imam Rauf is telling you is ‘Support Peace under Mohammedan terms or we’ll kill you’ or to put it another way ‘dont call us violent or we will violently attack you’. Which is about as close as Muslims get to logic.

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