Highlights of the Week

Marxist Schlockumentary Putz Michael Moore  (thanks to TT)

Commie infiltration:

A picture is better than a 1000 words…..

Holder has another one of these “my people, “my people” moments:

Unreal. Eric Holder Now Forcing Dayton Police Force to Hire Minority Applicants Who Can’t Pass Test (GWP)

Attorney General Eric Holder has stepped in and is forcing the city of Dayton to lower its standards so that more minority applicants can pass the test.

It makes sense.  Holder thought that since the POTUS is an affirmative-action-President and he himself is an affirmative-action Attorney General, the same should apply to these jobs.

Hmmm, what’s next? A quota for Black Panthers?

No mindless drone, he must have been a ‘right-wing extremist’

Frank Zappa hated unions with a passion:

One such group Zappa disdained above all others were workers unions.  From about the first moment Frank was composing and recording music, unions had been making his life a living hell.  Union representatives for stagehands would threaten to prevent any recording equipment from being switched on until a series of expensive special union fees were met by Zappa.  “I have experienced situations in which union stagehands were paid astonishing amounts of money for doing nothing.  In some instances, they actually degraded the quality of the live shows they were hired to work on.”  The methods that union reps operated on, Zappa said, boarded on “extortion, subjecting touring groups to interpretations of regulations that border on science fiction.”  (There is much more, here)

If you can be killed by a lowly tapeworm, then it is conceivable that America really will be destroyed from within (or below) by people like the guy on the floor:

The Personification of Liberalism Takes a Little Snooze (Moonbattery)

New Death Threats Against Republicans Uncovered Daily

Covertly egged on and organized by Comrade Obama, liberals have been showing their true color in Madison — blood red:  Typically, the hyperpartisan “mainstream” media has been ignoring this explosive story.

Those who believe in coercion — the word that summarizes left-wing politics — inevitably believe in violence. Our psychotic enemy within already controls the executive branch of the federal government. If these vermin manage to consolidate power, they will do to patriotic Americans exactly what their Russian equivalents did to “counter-revolutionaries” and “rich peasants.” If you doubt it, hear the testimony of Larry Grathwohl, the FBI agent who went undercover among Obama’s old Weather Underground friends: (Moonbattery)

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  1. Holy Crap. Had no idea Zappa felt that way about unions. He’s not alone and that story sounds all too real.

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