Israel: Gaza missiles inch closer to Tel Aviv


Islamic criminals ask government to stop police: Hamas calls on UN to halt Israel’s strikes on Gaza

Israel gets the blame:

Jew-Hatred Run Amok: UNHRC to vote on six anti-Israel resolutions

Pamela Geller:  I look forward to the next President of the United States withdrawing from the UN and tying any and all contributions to results and performance. Because this is beyond the pale. The slaughter of non-Muslims in Muslim countries, the honor killings, slavery, gender apartheid, and the mindless slaughter of their own people in Libya, Iran, Somalia, etc., is proof enough that they ought to be expelled from the the “democratic” world body — let alone sit on the a “human rights council,” no less.

And here we are, once again, punishing and marginalizing the shining beacon of medicine, technology, education, benevolence and humanity in the most hellish region on earth, Israel. What a world.

And Obama defers to these animals. He is part of the problem.

Jihadists fire rockets deep into Israel

And AP shills for the jihadists. “Gaza militants fire rockets deep into Israel,” by Aron Heller for Associated Press, March 24 (thanks to JW):

Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists again escalated their confrontation with Israel on Thursday when they fired foreign-built missiles at towns just 10 miles south of the heavily-populated Tel Aviv metropolitan region. (source)

Eight missiles fired from Gaza landed in or near the port city of Ashdod and a number of central Israel towns, including Rishon Lezion and Yavne.

Israeli responded with tank fire into Gaza. A Hamas facility in Gaza City was destroyed by the retaliatory barrage. Israeli aircraft also attacked terrorist cells attempting to launch additional missiles into Israel.

Thursday’s back-and-forth was a continuation of the escalating war between southern Israel and Hamas-ruled Gaza. The situation began to spiral out of control over the weekend, when Hamas-allied terrorists fired more than 50 mortar shells and rockets into southern Israel.

Israel has responded hard to the provocative attacks. Israeli retaliatory strikes on Tuesday killed nine Palestinians, including four civilians, whom the terrorists were using as a human shield. Many others were wounded.

In a demonstration proving that it is not Israel’s intent to harm Palestinian civilians, an eight-year-old Gaza boy wounded in Tuesday’s exchange was rushed to an Israeli hospital for emergency treatment.

2 thoughts on “Israel: Gaza missiles inch closer to Tel Aviv”

  1. Just like Jewish homes that moonbats think are far more dangerous than Mohammedan Nuclear Weapons , Jewish ‘RETALIATION’ is always far more contentious always condemned by moonbats and a far bigger story than the Mohammedan duplicitous evil treacherous strikes in to Israel that ALWAYS precedes them

  2. With all of these never ending Muslim/Arab attacks against the Jewish people what went wrong with sanity,reason and survival instincts ?
    When the first Olso peace pimps showed up on Israel’s doorstep with their land for peace scam,the wise elders of Israel should have been resolute and ready with a loud and clear response ;
    Instead we’ve had decades of whimpering Israeli rule and this slow slide into hell and Israel just can’t bring themselves to end the farce too busy trying to please the pimps instead of obeying God.
    The Israeli leadership’s weak and vacillating lack of resolve and clear vision of defeating this two headed enemy is sickening.
    Listening to a low life Ehud Barak and his defeatist murmurings should enrage the segment of Israel not under a death wish spell.
    There is no concept in Israel of defeating Hamas and Fatah because of the peace process lie.
    The West set this trap to restrain Israel for the peace lie.
    Immobilized like a paraplegic at deaths door the best Israel’s leaders can do is lie and tell the public about the firm response to terrorism they will never give to Fatah or Hamas until it is too late.
    The Palestinians know full well that they have free rein while Israel is handcuffed and restrained.
    Much like the Jews of Europe who passively boarded the trains to their final resting place.
    Jews have once again proven too stubborn to learn from recent history,too naive to wake up.
    The Palestinians know exactly how far Netanyahu and Barak will go.
    So we will see more lies of harsh responses, empty fields and building targeted while Jewish blood flows deep and free in the streets because there are no red lines in Israel ,the people stand for nothing and fall for the peace lie.
    That is their only vision unlike the enemy whose final vision is becoming a reality with the help of Jewish quislings in charge.

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