Japan: KRudd to the Rescue!

There are horrific pic’s, here. But all’s well, now that they got … KRudd!

All in a week:

Earlier this week he fixed the ME: Israelis and Palestinians “must unite” against Iran.

World awestruck over global KRudd:

Bolt:  The man is … well, there must be a medical term for it.  (There is. Its called Megalomania)

Kevin Rudd on ABC 24 this morning said “we” are working through Japan’s nuclear emergency. “We” are assembling experts. “We” are doing modelling on the possible effects. He has chatted to Japan’s foreign minister about the help we can offer.

Good God. What is this manic determination to insert himself at the centre of everything? What the hell makes him think Japan needs his help?

Meanwhile, back in Oz:

6 thoughts on “Japan: KRudd to the Rescue!”

  1. I think you are been a tough on Kevin 07 aka. Lu Kewen.

    After all look at what a great job he did as PM of Australia.

    I agree there has to be a mental disorder associated with his embarrassing grotesque behavior

  2. KRudd is not the only one wasting taxpayers money in Japan:

    Five Australians MPs have arrived safely in Tokyo after spending hours trapped on a bullet train that ground to a halt following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan. (source)

  3. So tomorrow morning, with KRudd’s help, Japan will all be fixed?

    Hurray for Kevin!
    Hurray at last!
    Hurray for Kevin!
    He’s a horse’s arse!

  4. There are reports of grave concern emanating from Japan – no reports of any looting or rioting.

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